A Girl and a Wizard

Welcome to my brand new 'Howl's Moving Castle' fanfic. You may know me from one of my 'Harvest Moon' stories or my other HMC story 'A Magical Addition'. Basically this story is a collection of 100 drabbles about Howl and Sophie from the film version. For those of you who don't know, a drabble is just a short little snippet from one scene displaying the thoughts and feelings of the characters. The drabbles will be random and won't run in a…chronological order if you will. Some will be from the movie and others from their life after the movie. All reviews are greatly appreciated and taken into account, they also motivate me so the more reviews I get the more likely I will be to update. Hopefully my updates will be quite regular but it all depends on how busy I am, that's why I have chosen to do drabbles as they are quite quick and easy to write. So on with story. I hope you all enjoy it.


He followed her through many narrow streets…she was so familiar. That face, those eyes. Of course if she hadn't been wearing that ridiculous hat he may haven gotten a better look at her.

She walked almost in a trance, her concentration focused solidly on a crumpled little piece of paper. Her footsteps echoed, bouncing from one cold stone wall to the next.

He knew the area wasn't safe for her…but he would protect her. Was she really the one? The one he'd been searching for?