I'm addicted to the way that I feel when I think of you

The very second the door is shut behind them, Klaus has his hands back on Stefan's hips and his eyes are gleaming with bloodlust. He goes straight for the vampire's neck, and Stefan bucks against him, earning a low growl and Klaus' lips on his.

This time, Klaus purposely bites him. Blood gushes from the wound, and Klaus' eyes darken. He loves the taste of Stefan; his blood; his lips; his skin. He loves Stefan.

And finally, after nearly a century, the ripper loves him back. Without compulsion, without lies. For the first time in nearly a hundred years, he is exactly where he wants to be. And it feels so good.

Klaus tackles his shirt with vampiric speed, then shoves him down onto the bed. The hybrid crawls down over him, moving slowly and torturously. Stefan reaches up, tracing the lines of Klaus' muscles, enjoying the noises it elicits from the other man. Klaus counters it by reaching down and palming Stefan through his grey jeans. The pressure makes the vampire push his hips up against Klaus' palm, and Klaus grins.

Expertly - so expertly, in fact, that Stefan wonders where he gained the experience - Klaus unbuttons and shoves down Stefan's jeans, laughing into the kiss as he realises that the vampire has been going commando. With the hand that isn't supporting him over the vampire, Klaus takes hold of Stefan's length and earns a moan.

There's this look in Klaus' eyes when Stefan looks up at him. This passion that has nothing to do with blood. It's the only look Stefan wants to see in his lover's eyes for the rest of time. That would be enough to make him happy forever.

He feels it as his body reaches the edge. Klaus feels it too, as though he is a part of the vampire. Leaning down, he kisses Stefan soundly on the mouth. Tenderly. Then he nips at the vampire's neck, and Stefan cries out Klaus' name as his orgasm hits. Klaus revels in the call of his name, the look on the vampire's face, the feeling that it brings up within him. All that, combined with the way Stefan continues to mumble his name, has Klaus toppling over the edge only moment after his lover.

He collapses next to the vampire, hooks one of his legs over Stefan's and closes his eyes. For a moment, Stefan thinks he's gone to sleep. Then the hybrid opens his eyes and looks up at him, making a face as he meets Stefan's eyes. "Stop looking at me."

"Never took you for the post-sex cuddling type."

"If you don't be quiet, I won't be."

Stefan shuts his mouth, thinking he could quite get used to this. The warmth bubbles up from his stomach and finds even the tips of his fingers. Being a vampire is so cold. He wonders what it must be like for the hybrid; somehow, he'd always associated werewolves with heat. Fire and passion and just plain heat.

Maybe Klaus got the best of both species.

Resting his head back on the bed, Stefan shuts his own eyes. He remembers the 20's. He remembers the ripper, remembers seeing that version of Klaus who truly despised himself. He remembers being the man that Klaus looked so fascinated by. The looks that transpired between them whenever they were near each other. Being a vampire may be cold, but being in love definitely is not.

And he is - irrevocably, in fact - in love with Klaus.

To hell with the humanity of it all. He wants the ripper back as much as the hybrid does. The golden days of blood and games.

"Do you remember," he asks, despite the hybrid's demand for silence and subsequent threat, "that night in Gloria's club?"

"One of us had to," Klaus responds, a hint of boredom in his tone.

"I never had eyes for her, you know," he says, knowing that the hybrid might not like what he's saying, "Rebekah. It was always you. She was beautiful, but you. You were the man who could be - who would be - king. I never looked away."

Klaus doesn't reply. He just smiles.


Hey guys, so this is the end of this story, but I'm working on a sequel and a few companion one shot fics to this story. If I get an idea of how to continue this properly, I may, but for now this is where it ends.

More Klefan is impending though, I promise! Keep an eye on my profile if you're interested.

I really hope nobody was disappointed by this chapter. I held off posting it because I'm not pleased with it. I hope you guys are.