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I'd Give Anything

The crackling of the fire echoed swiftly across the wall of red hand prints sprawled out like stories in a large book across the clay rock. A dark shadow suddenly covered a small fraction of the wall as a figure stepped in front of the fire and blocked its glowing light. Reaching a dainty hand out to touch the rock, the form's body relaxed once her fingers made contact with one of the red prints on the wall. She gazed downward at the crimson marking that was positioned amongst a hundred others, but there was something about this one that was different…


A voice called out, but the girl still remained still with her hand tracing the print.


Chapter I: The Tail Begins

Wind rushed through the forest like a great tsunami as it shook the entirety of trees and shrubbery alike. Sitting carefully in a great sequoia tree, a tan girl waited quietly with her eyes glued to the far-reaching scenery. The blustery gust blew her dark brown hair around like crazy, but the teenager remained still and patient as her blue eyes continued their eager watch.

"Tala!" the voice called again, this time more urgently.

Turning her head swiftly downward, the watchful scout spotted another girl on the ground at least thirty feet below her. She must have noticed her lucky hold on Tala's attention because she continued to yell up the tree while cupping her mouth.

"Do you see them yet?" she shouted eagerly.

"No, Makki, no sign of'em."

Groaning with frustration, the black-haired girl, Makki, turned and began to pace around the trunk of the great tree.

Tala smirked at the other girl's reaction, but returned to her owl-like pose in the tree after taking an inhale of breath. Minutes of silence passed with the occasional sound of the eagle's call, and Tala was now leaning against the tree with her arms crossed. Suddenly, a dark spot appeared on a hill less than a mile away through the brush of the trees' tops. Hopping towards the end of the thick branch, the tan scout squinted her cerulean eyes in attempt to rid the spot of its blurry state. Focusing as hard as she could on the object, the blackness finally formed into a large group of people travelling across the green hill in Tala and Makki's direction.

"I see them…" Tala managed to mumble as she gasped in surprise and excitement.

"What?" Makki called up in an irritated tone.

"I see them!"

Climbing down the tree at an incredibly fast rate, Tala's feet hit the ground within minutes, and at that very moment she was off. Her face full of shock, Makki squealed in delight before whooping a shout and racing off right behind her friend. Running like a pair of deer in the dense forests of the land, the two girls jumped into full out sprints as they head towards their village on the edge of the river.

When the Earth was young

and the air was sweet

And the mountains kissed the sky

In the great beyond, with its many paths

Man and nature lived side by side

Calling out with a loud cry, a majestic eagle hovered over the rushing waters of the river as it dove down and retrieved a salmon in its mighty talons. Its wings beat stridently as it soared over the girls racing along the rocky edge of the rapids. A smile spreading over her face, Tala cupped her mouth as she cawed up at the beautiful creature before laughing with her friend.

In this wilderness of danger and beauty

Lived three brothers, bounded by love

Their hearts full of joy

they ask now for guidance

Reaching out to the skies up above

The village was bustling with activity as men strung up tents of great size and hung lanterns throughout the multiple pathways. Mothers were helping their daughters dress and gussy up with paints and ornaments; all of the younger daughters gossiping like birds in a flock. Unlike the 'over-dramatic' girls, the teenage boys were just painting their faces while laughing about how bad each other were at dancing.

Great Sprits of all who lived before

Take our hands and lead us

Fill our hearts and souls

with all you know

Show us that in your eyes

we are all the same

Brothers to each other

In this world we remain truly

brothers all the same

Gracing across the open plains with her walking stick, the shaman woman, Tanana, made her way back from the mountains as she passed through a large her of deer grazing. Lifting their great horned heads, the deer watched the older shaman calmly as she fed one of them a branch of berries with a sweet smile on her face. She then patted its head gently before carrying on, a small totem buried in her mitted gloves.

Give us wisdom to pass to each other

Give us strength so we understand

That the things we do

the choices we make

Give direction to all life's plans

The sound of hard breathing and excited shouting caused a few heads to look up and wonder what the commotion was about. Running like mad into the village, Tala and Makki spouted over and over the news of the arrival of the other tribe,

"The Red Clouds are here! They're heading this way—" Makki shouted which resulted in everyone around to whoop and holler, and the young adults to rush to get ready.

After avoiding a collision with a group of adults, Tala ducked into her own tent quickly as she swiftly threw off her coat and began to dress into her dancing clothes.

To look in wonder

at all we've been given

In a world that's not always as it seems

Every corner we turn

only leads us to another

A journey ends, but another begins

"Come on, Tala! Tanana's here, and the others will arrive soon." Makki grinned as she poked her head inside her best friend's tent.

Tala quickly wrapped a beaded necklace around her neck before struggling to connect its two ends. She was now dressed in a deerskin dress with warm, fuzzy boots that had fangs tied on leather straps.

"Alright, alright—give me a second!" a snap sounded from the necklace and the blue-eyed girl leapt to her feet and out the tent's entrance, "Let's go!" she shouted with a smile.

Great Spirits of all who lived before

Take our hands and lead us

Fill our hearts and souls

with all you know

Everyone was gathering at the cliff peak where the great fire now crackled in harmony with the beating of the tribal, skin drums' bellowing. Men and women wearing ornamented animal masks and carrying feathered batons danced around to the clapping of the villagers sitting down, and the members of the other tribe went around greeting their long-time friends.

Tala and Makki quickly sat down amongst the other girls who were all dressed in beautiful attire giggling and nattering near one side of the gathering place. Everyone was mainly talking to Tala in conversations filled with smiles and laughter, but suddenly a group of boys from the other tribe walked past, silencing the girls immediately. Watching the handsome figures with wide eyes, some of the girls looked away blushing, but Tala and the center-girls continued to stare with gentle grins.

One of the gentlemen, a tall man with a muscular physique, gave a charming smile and a wink to the girl of attention—that being Tala. A fit of tittering erupted from the lovely teenagers as the blue-eyed girl merely blushed and returned the man's smile with a sweet one of her own.

Punching her playfully in the arm, Makki laughed at Tala's reaction, earning her a good glare from her friend.

Show us that in your eyes

we are all the same

Brothers to each other

In this world we remain truly

brothers all the same

Brothers all the same

As the music of the two tribes came to a hush, all of the dancers fell into a bow before the wall of their ancestors. Everyone had now gathered around the fire to sit and watch as the ceremony began, and the shaman woman started her introduction. Her long white hair flowed over her shoulders in an organized fashion, and was braided in the back into the hood of her large pelt-fleece. The gentle features of her face presented a kind and warm feel about the woman, and her never-fading smile brought even the saddest of children into a state of happiness.

Raising her arms to grace her hands across the wall, Tanana spoke in a hoarse, yet soft voice,

"When each of us comes of age, the great spirits reveal to us a totem, that helps guide us through our lives."

The shaman woman grinned before preaching out in front of the fire,

"Some use guidance through their totem. Others—wisdom. And some of us, even love."

Her little accent on the end made the crowd chortle softly, including herself. Taking a pause in her speech, Tanana sat down in the center of the gathering and called out with a serene yet stern voice,


Standing swiftly yet coolly, the young girl of age walked up to the center of the crowd and lowered to her knees in front of Tanana with a smile on her face.

"You nervous?" The older woman inquired with a grin.

"A little bit." Tala replied, biting her lower lip in excitement.

"Don't worry—it's a good one!"

The positive comment made the young girl beam with delight as the promising thought of a fox or an eagle becoming her totem swarmed in her mind.

Pulling out a bundle of cloth, Tanana continued with her speech,

"Tala. I have been to the mountains where the light touches the earth, and the great spirits have revealed to me—your totem. To become a woman, your actions must be guided by one thing…"

Shifting on her knees in eager delight, the girl's grin spread widely across her face in anticipation.

"Your totem is—"

'This is it…the moment I've been waiting for—dreaming of! I finally get to become a woman and receive my totem—!' she thought as Tanana unwrapped the final piece of cloth around her soon-to-be totem,


The shaman sang with a voice so full of enthusiasm it actually took a minute for Tala's true reaction to settle in. Silence hovered around the young girl's ears as she looked down at her totem, a rock carved into the shape of a wolf.

"W-what?" the words stumbled straight out of her mouth as she took the small figure from the older woman's hands.

"Yes, Tala. Your life shall be guided through compassion."

Leaning her face closer towards Tanana, Tala whispered with a perplexed look on her face,

"Um, what does that mean?"

Chuckling from the girl's folly, Tanana kindly explained while also sharing her attention with the spectating tribe members behind Tala,

"Your totem is a guide of 'giving' and 'care'. You must give in order to receive your womanhood."

The shaman handed the girl the carving with a look of pure happiness, while Tala's expression still conveyed disappointment. Holding it in the palm of her hand, her azure eyes looked it up and down before speaking in a confused tone,

"The wolf of giving?" the blue-eyed girl spoke to herself as she frowned at the carved piece of rock with an eyebrow raised.

She turned her head to send a look of confusion towards the crowd, only to see her friends trying their best to hold in the laughter growing from the pits of their stomachs, while Makki merely shrugged with a grin on her face.

Groaning, Tala turned back towards the still speaking shaman woman with her brows furrowed. Tanana slowly took the totem from the girl's hand and placed it around her neck on the leather string attached to the tip of the stone wolf that formed a necklace,

"Tala—compassion is one of the most important of totems. It reveals itself in unexpected ways."

Tanana placed her gentle hand under the young girl's chin and lifted her troubled face,

"Let it guide you, and one day you'll be a woman, and place your mark on the wall of our ancestors—"

Looking up in awe, Tala lain her eyes on the great rock wall covered in the crimson prints of the hands of her ancestors and far beyond. Standing with Tanana to approach the great wall, the shaman woman softly took hold of the girl's wrist and rose her hand in the air, which created an eruption of cheers and whoops to bellow from the crowd. Tala smiled at the people of her tribe, but soon the smile merely faded into a look of gloom. The brilliant light of the fire danced beautifully across the lifeless form of the girl's totem.

*Great Spirits performed by Tina Turner

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