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Chapter IV: A Bumpy Start

Birds chirped and sang as light filtered through the pine treetops of the wood. A stream babbled softly and a squirrel screeched as it leapt from one leafy branch to another.

A long groan emitted from the cream-furred wolf sprawled on the earthy ground, her back paws touching the water's edge of the stream. Her body shifted slowly as aches and pains sprung up all over from the rough ride down the rapids the night before. Her eyelids struggled to open, but as they did the curtains revealed a shining blue iris.

Sitting up as her vision began to focus, Tala opened her jaws widely letting a loud yawn escape through her new, pointy canines. She smacked her mouth a few times as she looked around, completely unaware of the new form she had taken on.

"Geez, what happened…?" she growled as she reached forward with her back paw to scratch her head like a dog would.

She stopped. Her eyes shot open in shock and pure confusion as they rolled to her right to look at her "foot". A padded paw and claws attached to a long, furry leg.

Her jaw fell open, but no sound came out. She dropped the leg down and reached for her jaw with her frontal paws to feel the teeth,

"No." she mumbled.

She felt her cream-colored, soft and fluffy ears.


She jumped onto her legs before stumbling a bit,


And then she halted her actions entirely with a gasp. She pivoted her head around to look at the new appendage-addition to her body.

Her tail wagged cutely.

A bone-chilling screech echoed through the woods and mountains causing birds to fly from their roosts and deer to look up in worry from grazing.

Her screaming-howl continued before she ran out of breath. She panted rapidly to the point of hyperventilating,

"Okay. Ooookay. This is fine; we're cool. Just breathe—" she said before wheezing in a long breath.

She began to think about everything that had occurred. What happened the night before, the spirits, the lights—the lights!

'That must be it. The lights that touch the mountain must have transformed me…but why?'

Pacing anxiously around, Tala's thoughts were interrupted as a Scottish-rugged voice hummed in her ears and a tap landed on her leg.

"Eh, miss, mind movin off me mud, here?"

Tala looked downward to her right. A chubby beaver poked at her leg politely indicating to the mud she was standing on, clearly one of his prime building tools for a dam.

The cream wolf shrieked like a banshee before stumbling sideways and falling over.

"Aah! It spoke!" she cried.

Picking herself up sloppily, Tala raced off into the woods running into a couple of twigs and logs.

The beaver watched in confusion, "What an odd lass…"

She jumped over rocks as best she could before a small stump caught her paw. Howling in shock as she flipped over, the wolf began to roll messily through the thicket. Branches smacked her face and body in which she replied with constant barks and whines.

A red-tufted woodpecker stopped her pecking to watch the odd scene play before her; other animals of the forest, a frog, a goose, even a moose stopped in their tracks as the she-wolf tumbled by like a hurtling snowball. Even a pair of squirrels laughed at the animal's silly display.

Tala continued her rolling trek until her body came to a surprising stop as she crashed into a log. A thud and worrisome crunch emanated from her impact, and a large crack suddenly shot through the side of the fallen-down trunk. Groaning in pain and dizziness, the wolf shook her head lightly to rid herself of the stars she was seeing.

"Ow…" she growled lowly, her blue eyes narrowing up the hill she just plummeted down.

Sighing, Tala leaned back against the log.


The wolf's ice blue eyes shot open at the sound, 'That didn't sound good…' she thought with a tinge of worry.

She carefully turned her head to look at the large cavernous fissure in the log she leaned cautiously against. Carefully leaning forward and away from the wooden menace, Tala sighed as she took a moment to get a hold of the situation, her crystal necklace glinting in the light. With eyes of both confusion and shock, she gazed down at her white-tinted paws. They were shaking.

"I'm…I'm a…" she didn't want to finish that sentence. Her claws gripped the earthy dirt beneath her.

She swiftly brought her paws up to her face and gripped her ears and head as best she could, squinting her eyes shut.

"I'm a WOLF!" she cried out, leaning back a bit.

Suddenly, her weight shifted unexpectedly. Her back smacked the bark of the log and the crack from before echoed darkly beneath her fur. Tala cried out as she opened her eyes in realization to what she did and tried to grab forward with her un-humanely paws. But there was nothing to grab. The fracture in the wood roared as it raced across the surface, each end reaching the side of the log within a thought's moment. The log split.

"No, wait!" Tala barked as if speaking to some divine spirit. Her body suddenly found itself falling into the crack as it spread open like the jaws of a monster.

The log broke in half and propelled from its other part with Tala sprawled on the open side, and then the rounded out wood began to pick up speed as it raced down the leaf-covered hill—Tala screaming all the way.


"Just around the falls then?" a masculine voice inquired.

Up in a stubbly pine, a brilliant red-tailed hawk pointed his wing towards the mountains as he grinned down at the wolf.

"Aye, can't miss it! 'Ave a good one." Flapping its brown and russet wings in unison, the proud hawk flew from its perch and took to the sky. Its magnificent cry echoed through the air.

Sighing contently, the strapping traveler flicked his tail and began to walk in the direction the hawk had advised. His dark-chocolate brown fur ruffled in the gentle breeze. A lighter tone of the black-brown fur, almost a dark cream color painted the bottom part of his snout down to his underbelly. The same coloring also formed an odd shape on his chest, vaguely resembling a large eagle with its wings spread. And his tail was barely tipped black, along with his ears.

"I cannot believe I got lost." he grumbled with a slight hint of humor in his words.

Birds cawed and squawked loudly as they suddenly flew frantically from their roosts in the trees causing the male to look up curiously. He stared questioningly for a moment, following the birds with his eyes, but continued on.

"I mean, what was I thinking?" he said with an annoyed look on his face.

A strange noise increased in volume at a rapid pace, but the wolf was too into his thoughts to notice.

"That's the last time I ask for directions from a mole—" the male's train of thought stopped in its tracks as the steadily rising sound of someone or something screaming filled his ears.

Turning his head to his left to look up the slanted scenery on the hill, the wolf came face to face with a blur approaching rapidly. Barreling down the hill was a cream-colored wolf on a log screeching wildly. His jaw dropped and a startled cry of his own escaped his mouth as his eyes jolted open.




Opening his eyes again, the male wolf found himself zipping down the hill with the other wolf on the log. He turned around to look at the wolf he was half lying on top of. Having closed her eyes in fear, Tala opened her eyes swiftly to see what had happened. Then their eyes met for a brief moment. His dark amber speckled golden eyes. Her ice-crystal blue eyes. They both screamed. Then their shouts were silenced as they breathed heavily and looked at each other, the trees flying by in brown and viridian blurs. But the expression of confusion on Tala's face turned to fear as she looked down the hill. The male turned his head and followed her gaze. He saw it. As the trees became sparse and parted from his vision, a clear view of a mid-sized, bulky boulder appeared. Dead ahead.

Their jaws dropped and the two wolves let out blood-curdling screams as the rock steadily approached. The tip of the log lodged itself into the bottom crevice of the boulder sending the two canine flying through the air and out of the main forest.

Chewing a large wad of some sort of lichen, a moose was grazing in the rather deep water. His ears twitched upward at the incoming sound of the catapulted wolves. He lifted his greatly antlered head and gazed up at the cliff across the lake and stopped chewing. Raining towards him was the sight of two furry figures hurtling down like meteors. The moose continued to chew, and the cries became louder.

Two large splashes erupted around the great herbivore as he continued to graze in the water for moss and the like, unfazed by the wolves' entrance.

Bursting out of the water with a sharp intake of breath, with everything but his neck and head submerged, the dark-furred male shook his head to wring out the water. He opened his eyes to the sight of both the moose and a beautiful set of falls flowing against the opposite side of the lake, their rumble echoing through the cavern. The falls the hawk had directed him to.

His furbrows raise, "Well that was quick." He mumbled.

Suddenly the sound of splashing and coughing entered the wolf's ears. He turned to see, a good distance away from him, the other wolf struggling to paddle to land. The water wasn't very deep, but she continued to violently thrash about before reaching a shallower part. Sighing almost irritably, the male wolf began to paddle to shore towards Tala.

The moose lifted his head from grazing and gazed upon the two, chewing slowly.

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