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Chapter V: Making the Deal

Coughing and spattering out nonsensical words for help, Tala tried to grab the water as if she still had her hands. Suddenly, the male wolf appeared before her, standing perfectly with the water reaching only halfway up his legs.

"You're fine." He said with a hint of annoyance at the she-wolf's silly panic.

Tala glared at him, refusing to believe him and hesitated to stop splashing. But after a moment, she slowed her movements and realized the water only came up to her chest. She sat in the water with embarrassment sweeping over her, causing her face to flush beneath her cream fur.

"Look, you need to watch where you're going." The standing wolf said with a serious tone, his expression one of annoyance and concern.

"Excuse me?" Tala replied smartly,

"You could've really hurt someone." He said, turning to walk away.

Tala's jaw fell open as she stood carefully on her still-new legs. She did not expect such a remark from a wolf.

"Who do you think you arrrrr?!" shock struck her face, not expecting an involuntary growl to escape her muzzle, and anger bubbled up inside of her, "Th-this is all your fault!"

The dark-furred wolf turned sharply to face his accuser, "My fault?!"

"Yes! If it weren't for you, you wolves, I'd be getting married right now to the most gorgeous guy alive and prove that I'm a selfless, giving person!"

The male wolf stared at Tala with his jaw open and his eyes squinting in confusion.

"I don't have time for this." He stated simply, frankly a little disturbed by the she-wolf, before turning and walking away.

Her blue eyes burned brightly in rage. Tala rushed past the wolf and stood in his way,

"You have to help me."

The male wolf groaned with annoyance,

"Clearly you're insane, and I suggest you see a shaman for help." The wolf furrowed his fur-brow and continued to brush past her.

"I am NOT crazy!" Tala shouted, but the male ignored her. She turned her head to follow him in her gaze, fear suddenly striking her gut. "Please—"

The wolf stopped. The hurt in her voice evident. He slowly turned around to look at her as she continued to talk.

"Look. I have two days until this wedding. I have to find the mountains where the lights touch the earth, or I'll never be free of this curse."

Tala lied. Sure, she was half telling the truth, but there was no curse—just her idea of a curse: being stuck with a totem she simply hated.

She tried to appear genuinely distraught through her pitiful fabrication, but the male hesitated to respond, his ears back. The only sound echoing between them was the trickling of the cold river water.

'I just want to get my hand on that wall…' she thought.

A groan escaped the other wolf's muzzle,

"Alright." He turned around and continued to walk towards the forest.

Tala's ears perked up and her whole composure changed into one of pure satisfaction as she followed the wolf with a smug look on her face.

The male wolf let loose a huge sigh and mumbled to himself, "What am I getting myself into…?"


"What are we waiting for?! Every minute we spend sitting on our tails the further that animal gets away from our reach."

Silence. Not a single man spoke at the now standing Pannoowau, the chief of the Red Clouds.

For hours, both clans had been mourning for their loss, comforting each other over the death of a loved one and the revocation of the plans for a happy wedding. The chieftains, leaders, and strongest warriors sat around an ember fire in the largest tent, discussing their plans.

The standing man turned to the sitting chief of Tala's tribe, the Fleet Foots,

"Liwanu, are you really just going to sit there and act like nothing's happened?"

"What do you want us to do, Pannoowau?"

"Avenge the death of a daughter of your clan!"

"And for what reason. Killing a killer doesn't bring back the killed, Pan."

Pannoowau hushed, his brow furrowed as a growl rose from his throat.

"Your people aren't the only ones who are suffering. She was to bind our clans together—bring peace to our land. And what about my nephew? Do you think he just wants to roll over and mourn?"

Liwanu said nothing, his eyes averted from the standing man's gaze.

The angered man's argument with the chieftain proved to be fruitless and without hope. He turned to a strong, painted man beside the sitting Fleet Foot chieftain.

"Elsu, brother—" he spoke with a more gentle approach.

The fearless leader of the Fleet Foot warriors, Elsu was a man of solemn opinion. He rarely spoke, and let his actions speak for him.

Without another word the man he addressed stood, the men around him watching in surprise, except Liwanu, whose gaze remained fixed on the ground.

"I will follow you, Pan. For your nephew's sake," his voice grumbled as deeply as a bear's.

"It's a shame," he spoke quietly with a frown. "He would have done some good for that girl's fiery spirit."

Placing a hand on the warrior's shoulder, Pannoowau nodded his head, thanking the man for his allegiance. He then turned his dark eyes to glare at the chieftain, who sighed in defeat.

"We will head out tomorrow at dawn. Take these hours to mourn. My men will gather the supplies necessary for the hunt."

Elsu turned around to face the Red Cloud chieftain, confusion clouding his hazel eyes.

"Supplies? Pan, this is only one wolf. I will send some of my men to slay it."

Pannoowau glanced downward at his totem resting on his neck: a wing-spread crow with narrow eyes. His fingers gently wrapped around the carved stone as he spoke with a menacing tone.

"Why take out one bee for its sting when you can destroy the entire hive for good."





Tala proceeded to step on another sharp rock,

"Owooo!" she cried out before dancing around on her aching paws.

The male wolf rolled his eyes along with flattening his ears.

"They're just rocks. You act like you've never stepped outside in your life."

"No, I just don't usually walk around without shoes on."

"What?" the wolf asked with confusion as he stopped, turning to face the female.

'Crap—' she winced.

"Uh, I—I mean on this terrain. I don't usually walk on this terrain. This ground's a lot…sharper." Tala kicked herself for her fantastic excuse.

The other wolf simply sighed and continued to lead the way through the forest, leaping over a fallen tree in his path.

Tala stared at the great trunk with wide blue eyes. Shaking her rump and tail, she lunged forward with her front paws outstretched only to land on her stomach over the mass. Stuck halfway over the log, the she-wolf began to wiggle around like a fish on land, whining as she did so.

The male wolf turned around and raised a fur-brow, "You have got to be kidding me."

"Hey—unff—a little help here?"

The darker brown wolf sat on his haunches, watching the scene with both annoyance and amusement.

"Just lean forward and grab onto the bark with your back legs."

Tala proceeded to push her legs against the wood and lean towards the talking male, but to no avail. She was stuck.

"Come on, are you seriously just going to sit there. Get me off!" she barked, glaring at both the wolf and the trunk of the fallen tree that she was stuck on.

"You know, for someone getting a free guide, you sure don't act grateful." He stated plainly.

"Hey, it's not my fault you're completely unbearable."

'I'm unbearable?' the male thought with a sigh.

Standing slowly, the wolf's ears flattened, finally reaching his tolerance level with the other wolf, and began to turn around,

"I changed my mind."

Tala stopped squirming.


"I don't care if you have a wedding to get to. You're on your own."

The male wolf started to walk away, his ears still back.

Her blue eyes wide with fear, she bared her teeth and barked,

"Excuse me? You can't just go back on a deal like that!"

The male stopped. Suddenly angry, he turned around quickly and barked back.

"Well I just did."

Then the male's amber eyes caught sight of something. Dangling from the female's neck, the beautiful, dark amethyst, crystal shimmered in the sunlight that filtered through the treetops. He was surprised he hadn't noticed it earlier,

"That necklace," he said, his eyes narrowing. "You're already engaged?" he asked calmly.

"Uh, yeah? Weren't you listening earlier?" Tala growled, her eyes like daggers.

Softening his expression, the dark brown wolf stood quietly for a minute, lost in his thoughts. Then, he looked up at the female with a stern gaze.

"Listen. I promise to take you to the lights—on one condition."

"In exchange for the trip," he lifted his paw and pointed at the crystal. "I want this necklace."

Tala froze.

"No. Way."

"Then no way to the lights for you." The male said plainly as he turned to walk away, this time for good.

Eyes wide, and mouth open in shock, Tala squirmed wildly on the log before tumbling over and off in a heap.

"Wait." She cried out, struggling to stand again.

The male cocked his head slightly to look at her over his shoulder.

She exhaled angrily.

'I don't have a choice. Without a guide, I'll never get there on time…'


The dark brown wolf smirked softly.

"Alright, to the plateau we go."

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