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Chapter 8.......

"Well.....alright Darien....please follow me. Scouts,"she spoke to the four women,"make our other guests at home."she walked ahead, Serena and Darien following.

The four stood watching them go with there mouths hanging open, shocked that he was actually going to do what they thought he never would.

"So you ladies are the guardian of the princess."Malachite said softly, his eyes on Mina alone.

"I've heard about your strength."Neflyte smiled at Lita, causing her to blush.

"Your powers are known throughout the universe."Jediet stepped closer to Raye, admiring her dark looks.

"And your beauty."Zoisite winked at Amy.

"So what may I help you with?"the Queen, Serena, and Darien all sat in the meeting room.

"Well, to put it bluntly, you have something that I want."Darien said simply, his hands folded behind his back.

"Oh.....I see."the Queen's back was stiffening, her demeanor repsonding to the coldness in his voice."And what may that be?"

Oh my God, Serena thought, paling in fear, he's going to-

"I've come to ask for your daughters hand in marriage."he said, glancing at Serena, then looking the Queen in the eye."I want her to be my wife and I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to have her."

Serena sat absolutely still, staring at him in shock, her skin turning even whiter then normal. Queen Serenity looked him up and down, standing also.

"Your asking for much."the Queen said quietly."But I would like to know what caused this please."

"I love her. I fell in love with her the moment I met her, which happened to be a year ago."he went to Serena and took her hand, holding it between his."We met on Earth."

The Queen stared at Darien, then her daughter."Serena....or of you explain this."

Serena couldn't find her voice so Darien spoke up."She teleported to Earth and we met and fell in love. You have to let us marry because I took her virginity."

"Darien!"Serena gasped, jumping up and trying to move away, but he wouldn't allow it, grabbing her and putting his arms around her, holding her firmly.

"Its the truth."he continued."And there's no way you can seperate me from her. I will do anything to keep her."

"Really?"the Queen said slowly, raising an eyebrow."Well, I'm going to have to refuse anyway. I'm sorry Darien. Come Serena."

"NO!!"Darien shouted, putting Serena behind him."I'll take her by force if I have too!"

"Darien, please, calm down."Serena whispered, her hand on his arm.

"No I won't calm down!"he was furious now."I love her! And if you won't give her willingly, I'll take her by force!"

"You do know what your risking?"the Queen asked calmly."Are you sure you want to be at war with the Moon?"

"I know exactly what I'm doing!"he said.

"Very well. Serena,"the Queen looked past him at her daughter,"is this why you've been acting so sad the past year? Because of him?"

Serena swallowed, hiding a little behind Darien."Yes.....I'm sorry mother, but I fell in love with him."

A sudden bright smile broke out across the Queen's face, surprising them both."I can see the two of you really love each other, so I'll ask only this. When would you like the wedding?"

"What?"the two blinked in shock.

"Did you really think I would deny my daughter the one man she truly loves?"she laughed out loud."I only wanted to test how much you really loved her Darien. The two of you have my blessings."

"Oh...mother, really?"Serena squeeled, jumping on Darien and kissing him."I want to marry as soon as possible!"

Darien held her to him, smiling at the Queen."Thank you, your highness."

"Well now, I'll leave the two of you alone."she turned and left the room.

"Oh Darien,"Serena had her hands buried in his dark hair, kissing his face all over,"I love you, I love you, I love you!!"

"Not as much as I love you."he leaned down to whisper,"And now your truly stuck with me because I'm never letting you go!"

By: SailorPerfect

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