Chapter 5

While life seemed to be ending for DJ, a light from a chopper came over him as the AM General sank more. The chopper lowered down and DJ grabbed the foot of the chopper. The chopper ascended and the AM General sank beneath DJ's feet. He watched from the sky as its final pieces sank into the lava. The chopper went over to the barnyard and let DJ down. He went over and hugged Rosey.

"Oww!" said Rosey. "You're hot!"

"Thank you, dear." said DJ.

Rosey smiled. "No pun intended."

DJ's smile faded into sorrow.

"But seriously, nothing could make me feel better than to see your face and know I'm okay." said DJ and began to cry.

"There, there." Rosey said, comforting DJ.

Miller came up to DJ and Rosey. The military chopper's propellers began to stop spinning.

DJ looked at him.

"I love you, brother!" DJ cried and hugged him.

"I love you too, little brother." said Miller.

They got done hugging.

"It's time for the next phase." said DJ.

"Which is?" asked Miller.

Helicopters flew over the lava and released water the equivalence of pool fulls.

"All fire trucks open hoses!" shouted DJ.

All did so.

Later, the lava turned into rock.

DJ walked over to the blockade and saw the rock. He touched it and found it was close to cold.

"Rock's nearly cold." said DJ. "I'm gonna check Ben's hill."

He went to Ben's hill and checked the vent. Everything was cold and cleared up.

DJ walked back and spoke.

"It's over." said DJ.

Rain poured.

"We're trapped." said Peck.

"When family is all we worry about, we can never be trapped." said Daisy.

"It's getting a little wet out here." said Rosey. "You wanna live?"

Miller laughed, putting his arm around Daisy's neck.

"Yes." said Miller. "Why don't we all get inside?"

"You have my vote, bubbs." said DJ.

So, the crew went inside.

After 1 major blow, the prepared Montanists knocked the volcano off the map.

Mount Ben's Hill: Extinct


You've just read the prequel to thebarnyardlongshot's The Civil War Of Barnyard. Up next, get back into the present and prepare for the return of the trucks' horror! Maximum Farmerdrive: Trucks 2 is next!