His Probie



From the moment he laid eyes on one Timothy McGee, he's wanted him. He's wanted to get little Timmy naked and never stop having his way with him until Tim was all panting and dirty.

Just thinking about a naked, panting, and clinging Tim underneath him had Tony squirming in his seat.

He was special, his McNerd, with his genius mind, incredible focus, open and big heart with tons of love. And even after working with NCIS for years and seeing what they have, he's still kept his innocence; believing that there was good in everyone, encouraging the other three on the team that believed everyone was hiding something to give someone a chance. Tim brought a sense of calmness to the team and he knew that he wasn't alone on being thankful that Tim was on the team.

Tony, however, never made a move on his teammate. Not in the seven years they've worked together. Talk about control, though there have been plenty of days he was ready to throw Tim on his desk and have his way with him, Gibbs barking orders to stop and head-slapping him be damned. Instead, he just stuck with keeping him close and metaphorically pulling on Tim's pigtails, as Abby liked to say. He never called Tim by his first name—afraid what would happen to his control if he did—and only called him by McGee, any McNickname he could make in the moment, or his personal favorite…Probie.

Tim was his Probie, no one else's.


So when Phil McCadden, the local Norfolk police detective that he hit it off with from the beginning, called Tim McSlim after Tim asked about his NutterButters, he glowered but kept silent.

Ziva frowned at him as she, along with Abby and probably all of NCIS, knew about his affection towards Tim. And it was obvious she was waiting for him to say something to McCadden about giving Tim a McNickname. Just like the last time he went off on someone who thought it was okay to call Tim a McNickname.

However, he stayed silent and continued to tell Gibbs about how he and McCadden—didn't feel right calling him McC any longer—went out for a break.

Tony didn't see that happening again in the future with this guy.

Ziva watched it play out and new a bomb was about to explode…going by the name of Tony.

Gibbs ordered Tony and McCadden to go run an errand, and when Tim offered to go along with them as they made their way to the elevator, McCadden looked at him with a smirk and said, "We got this Probie. We don't need the help."

The look on Tony's face would forever be in her memory. From the moment she joined the team, right after Ari and the death of Kate, she knew something was between McGee and DiNozzo, though it was one sided. Tony loved Tim, and has not said anything about it. And everyone knew, except for Tim. Even Holly, the escort that has been helping them in the last few days could tell how Tony felt.

Not wanting Tim to witness Tony blow up on McCadden, Ziva spoke up. "McGee! I need your help."

Nodding, Tim turned away from the two other men and came over to help her do some searching on her computer.

Tony was radiating anger as he and McCadden stepped on to the elevator. The nerve of this guy calling his Tim Probie. No one did that but him! Him!

He tried to hold in his anger—he was given a warning the last time someone called Tim a McNickname because Tony had threatened that agent's life—but McCadden kept talking.

He chuckled. "Probie," he said shaking his head, "thinking we needed his help."

Snapping, he flipped the switch to stop the elevator. He said it again! He turned to the detective. "Listen McCadden, no one, and I mean no one, calls McGee Probie but me! He's my Probie, not yours or anyone else's! If I ever hear you call him that again or any kind of version of his last name, well, you won't like it. Ask the last agent who thought it was okay. Do we understand each other?"

McCadden stared at him surprised before nodding. "Yeah, sure man."

"Good," he grunted and turned the elevator back on. "And McGee is one of the best agents I know, so he's very capable of helping us with anything if we needed it. Let's go," he ordered once they reached the garage.

It was night and they were all sitting at their desks, finishing up their reports when the phone rang. "DiNozzo," he answered.

"Oh hey there McCadden…Oh really was that tonight? Yeah it slipped my mind." Like hell it did. Damn near strangled him when he almost called Tim another McNickname when they had been in the car. "I got tons to do you know? Us NCIS geeks…just closing out the case." He listened to the detective ask to hang out another time. Like that was going to happen. "No I don't think there's going to be a next time Phil." And with that he hung up.

"…That was McCadden?" Tim asked from his desk.

Tony shrugged, inwardly smiling at the hint of jealousy in Tim's voice. Made him giddy with hope.

"Did you dump him Tony?" Ziva asked from her desk and Tony wanted to strangle her, yet at the same time hug her for the way she distracted Tim after McCadden called him Probie. "Has your man-mance come to an end?"

"I never had a man-mance." If he did, it'd be with Tim.

"You had a fling," she enunciated and not wanting to admit that that really had been a fling, a bromance fling, he scoffed.

"Guys don't have flings, we hang out," he stated as he opened his drawer and grabbed the NutterButters he got earlier.

"Things were hanging out?" Ziva asked with disgust surprise while Tony decided to ignore her confusion and walked to Tim's desk. "That is disgusting."

"Hey," he smiled. "Cookie, McG?"

Tim looked at him with surprise and light in his eyes that had Tony wanting to kiss him. "NutterButters. That was really nice, a peace offering?" Tony shrugged with a little smile and began to walk away when Tim kept talking. "Feel guilty don't you?"

He turned around and walked back to his desk. "I won't apologize."

"I don't expect you to," Tim said and started huffing on his coffee.

Ugh! He hated it, why the hell was he doing that? It was beyond annoying. "You're doing that thing again. You're huffing on your coffee." He was sure Tim was doing it on purpose with the look he was giving him as he stared at him the whole time.

But Tim simply said, "I'm just sipping from a cup."

"You're annoying."

"You're juvenile."

Deciding he didn't deserve those cookies, Tony snatched them back up. "Why do I even try?" He walked back to his desk and looked back over to Tim as he huffed on his drink again.

Sure, it was annoying as hell and drove him nuts, but it was Tim and he loved him. He loved everything, the good, the bad, and the plain annoying.

He went back to work with a smile.

A/N: I love "Guilty Pleasure". Tim and Tony were such a marrie couple and I loved how Tim got so jealous. :) It was so adorable.

Obviously the episode was the inspiration but so was the cute youtube video by 19andrea91 called McGees nicknames! Most of them were by Tony and I started wondering how Tony would react if someone tried to call Tim something like he does.