Tim walked into work with a smile, four cups of coffee, and a bounce in his step. He was happy and he was excited. If today didn't make Tony snap then he would have to start worrying about Tony.

Tony looked up when the elevator dinged and saw Tim walking out, he was practically glowing and bouncing. He liked it and he smiled at Tim. "Hey Probie."

"Well hello Tony," he purred and Tony's smile froze at the look in Tim's eyes.

No, he was imaging it. There was no way Tim was looking at him like he wanted to see Tony naked and do naughty things to him. He was definitely imagining it.

"I bought you coffee," Tim smiled and as he handed it over, their fingers brushing.

"Thanks," he said and couldn't help but smile at the smile Tim wore. It practically lit the room.

Tim handed out the rest of the coffees before heading back to his own desk. Luckily the flirting between Tim and Ziva was on the minimum side and Tony didn't have to resort to glaring holes on Ziva's head whenever she whispered something that made Tim laugh or when she blew in his ear.

He was really glad because he didn't think he could watch the flirting any longer than he already did. What was that about anyway? Were they interested in each other or not? Or…oh monkey balls!…they weren't already together were they? No, no they couldn't be. They would have told him and team, Gibbs would know. No, they weren't tog-


"Huh, what?"

"I've been calling your name. You okay?"

"Yeah," he said with his charming DiNozzo smile. "Don't worry your Probie little head."

"My head is in no way little."

Tony managed to stop himself from choking at the innuendo. He looked over at Tim but he was sipping on his coffee and typing away on his computer. Tony mentally shook his head. No, he was reading too much into it. Probie just spoke and didn't mean it to come out that way.

Nodding to himself, he went back to work.

Probie kept touching him! He was ready to burst. Tim would brush past him and trail his hand across his hip, or brush their fingers against each others like when Tim handed Tony his coffee. Then every time Tony looked at him to see if he noticed, Tim was already gone or talking to Boss or Ziva on what he found.

And the innuendos. Ugh, he didn't know if Tim was doing it on purpose or not meaning to…though he was leaning towards the latter. Because, hey, this was Probie and he didn't do innuendos. That was Tony's thing.

"Tim would you go faster already," he said annoyed.

He and Tim had been out interviewing a witness and for some reason he let Probie drive. But he was quickly regretting it as Tim was going just the speed limit, occasionally below it.



"Go faster!"

"Tony," Tim sighed, "you really need to relax and realize that sometimes, slower is better."

He did it again!

Tony stared at Tim to see him looking at the road as if he said nothing while Tony was off in daydream land on thrusting into Tim slowly. Or better yet, Tim straddled over him with Tony holding his hips, and riding him slowly. Mmm, he liked that one.

Tim would impale himself on Tony's cock and ride him hard but slow. Mmm. Throw his head back in ecstasy and stroke himself as he felt himself getting closer and closer. So close.


He jumped at his name being called and realized they were back at NCIS and Tim was looking at him worried. "Are you sure you're okay? This is the fourth time today I've had to call your name to get your attention."

"Yeah," he cleared his throat and hoped Tim didn't hear how low his voice was as the heat and arousal worked through his blood. "Yeah McWorry. I'm fine."

"Well, you know you can talk to me."

"You don't have the time."

Tim shrugged as he took out the key and opened the door. "I have the time if you have the energy."

"Yeah," he mumbled as heat shot through his blood and got out the car.

They reached the elevator and Tony was trying to keep his mind on the case and not all the fantasies he's dreamt up in one day.

"I never liked riding the elevator up. It feels weird." Tony glanced over at Tim.

"Afraid of elevators now Probie?" he asked with a teasing grin.

Tim shook his head with his own grin. "No. I said it feels weird. Not like going down. Nothing feels better than going down. Don't you think?"

Staring with a gape mouth, he unconsciously nodded in agreement and tripped when he followed Tim out of the elevator.

Finally! It was the end of the day. They caught the psycho ex-girlfriend who murdered the sailor in a fit of jealousy after seeing him leave a dinner date. Paperwork was mostly done, they just had to press print, and Tony could finally get out.

His mind and body was about to combust with all the touches and innuendos.

"Are you alright Tony?" Ziva asked before he could make a run for the elevator and drive home to whack off again. They stood in front of each other.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine."

"Because you seemed distracted all day."

"No, no, I'm fi-"

"Excuse me," Tim cut in, squeezing between them as they were blocking the exit and Tony stiffened as Tim's hand brushed his cock. His breath hitched and he could have sworn he felt one of Tim's fingers trace the length of his cock. "Goodnight Tony," Tim said as he continued walking. "Night Ziva."

"I will join you McGee," Ziva said and Tony watched in stillness as both agents entered the elevator. And left him standing there with narrowed eyes.

Gibbs watched his two younger agents leave and shook his head in amusement. He knew what Tim was doing all day and didn't stop him because he never let it interfere with work. He always slipped in the innuendo when they were in the car or taking a break to eat. Never when working. And the brushes were so small that even Gibbs missed a few.

He was again surprised Tony hadn't snapped by lunch time, but it looked as if he finally did.

Walking into to the bullpen, he paused to stand in front of Tony who was still glaring at the elevator. He could see Tony's mind working and smirked when a heated look passed his face.

"Just make sure he can stand to work tomorrow DiNozzo." And he continued on to his desk, shaking his head when Tony said a quick, "Bye," and ran down the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.

Like he said, his kids were all the entertainment he needed.

Tim just finished feeding Jethro and was about to make some dinner when someone banged on his door. Frowning, he went to see who it was and was somewhat surprised to see Tony through the peephole.

"Tony?" he asked when he opened the door.

Tony pushed his way into his apartment and slammed the door shut. Tim stared wide-eyed and could feel his breath hitch as he stared at the dark predatory look in Tony's eyes, gulping when Tony slowly turned the lock.

"I'm going to kiss you Probie." He stepped forward and Tim took a step back, whimpering as his dick hardened at the wicked smirk that came to Tony's lips. "I'm going to kiss you," he repeated, "and I'm going to strip you." Again a step forward which Tim matched a step back. "Then, I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. Make you dirty."


Tony took another step and Tim jumped when he took a step back and bumped into the back of his couch. Tony smirked and snapped his arms out to trap Tim between Tony and the couch. "Then after we get some rest, I'm going to make love to you slowly, and then repeat."

His breathing was harsh and he closed his eyes briefly when Tony trailed his finger down his face and traced his thumb over his bottom lip.

"How does that sound Timmy?"

Snapping his eyes open at the name and affection and love in his voice, he smiled. "About time."

Tony grunted before crashing their lips together and wrapping his arms around his waist, pulling him in tight to his body so they were flush together.

Tim gasped, in which Tony thrust his tongue past his lips, and groaned as he wrapped his arms around Tony's neck, tangling their tongue together. The fight for dominance was short as they both knew who was in charge.

"Tony," he gasped as Tony rolled his hips and brushed their covered cocks together.

"Need you naked now," Tony harshly whispered and immediately attacked Tim's clothes, ripping and tearing them off. Tim vaguely realized he wouldn't be able to wear the clothes again. But neither would Tony as Tim attacked his clothes in the same harshness.

"You're mine now McGorgeous."

Tim blushed at Tony's way of compliment but smiled in happiness. He suddenly gasped as Tony lifted him to sit on the back of the couch, his legs wrapped around Tony's waist and Tony's lips back on his.

"Mine," he whispered as his hands traced Tim.

Tim smiled against Tony's lips before whispering, "I thought you were going to make me dirty."

As if a flip had been switched, Tony started attacking him again, his lips and teeth everywhere. Tony was like a starved man presented with a buffet and didn't know where to begin. So he went everywhere, tasting and biting and licking everything his lips could get to.


"Mine, mine, mine," he chanted to himself as he poured lube on his fingers, Tim had no idea where the lube and condom came from, and pressed a finger to his hole.

"Yes," he sighed and let his head fall back, Tony attacking his neck and Adam's apple. "More Tony. I won't break."

"Good." And he thrust in two more fingers without warning, causing Tim to scream, and thrust them in and out of him.

Tim dug his nails into Tony's shoulders as he tried to hold on, his hips thrusting as much as they could to meet Tony's fingers. "Yes!" he cried as they brushed his prostate.

Tony's smile was so dark Tim shivered. "You like that my Probie?"

"Yes…want more."

Tim moaned at the loss of Tony's fingers.

"Look Timmy." Tim looked at Tony. "Watch," he ordered and Tim followed his eyes to watch as Tony slowly pushed into him, his breath hitching as he watched them join. Tim wrapped himself around Tony with a groan as Tony finally pushed all the way in him. "Feel so good Tim."

"Move," he begged.

Tony pulled out before snapping his hips forward, their hips snapping together. "Fuck Tim. So fucking good. Gonna fuck you so long and hard."

Tim's head fell back as the lust rushed through him at Tony's words. Who knew Tony was a dirty talker and Tim liked it?

Tony's thrusts were hard and fast, pulling out until the tip was only in Tim before thrusting in balls deep. Tony was grunting in his ear as Tim gasped and moaned, leaving scratches down Tony's back.

He moaned when Tony pulled out and was about to demand an explanation when he squeak. Tony flipped him so he was bent over the back of the couch, his ass in the air and ready for Tony's cock.

Tony's hands slapped his ass.


"Always wanted to do that," he moaned before spreading his cheeks and ramming back in.


"That's it my Probie," Tony growled, his hips snapping, his hands gripping onto Tim's hips so hard. He leaned forward to nip his neck, then his earlobe, and whispered, "Say my name."

Tim tried to find balance by grabbing onto the cushions and moaned as Tony's thrust came harder and harder. "Tony."




"Fuck!" he screamed as Tony's hand wrapped around his cock and stroked him. It was only a few strokes before he came screaming, "Tony!"


He gasped as he felt Tony's cock pulse inside him, his cum filling the condom. Tim slumped as he felt his knees turn to jelly and would have collapsed on the floor if it wasn't for Tony catching him, planting soft kisses to his shoulder blade.

"My Probie. I love you."

"Love you too."

Ziva walked up the stairs leading to Tim's apartment. She was about to knock on the door when his neighbor's door opened.

"Oh," he said seeing her, "good. Tell your friend to keep it down." And with that he slammed the door shut.

Figuring he was complaining about Tim's shredder as usual, she shrugged and knocked on the door. And blinked when Tony answered the door only wearing a pair of jeans that rode low on his hips.


"Ziva? What are you doing here?"

"Better yet, what are you doing here?"

"Don't worry about it. What do you need?"

She hid her smirk as she could smell the scent of sex coming through the door and how there were a few scratches on Tony's chest. Ziva was sure if she saw his back there would be more. She always knew Tim would be a…wildcat…in the bedroom.

"I need to speak with McGee."

"He's unavailable."

"You did not kill him did you?" she asked.

"Of course not. He's breathing and alive."

"I would like to see him alive for myself."

Tony stared at her before calling back, "Probie!" and stepping aside to show the living room.

Ziva this time smirked openly when Tim's head popped up from behind the couch and his disheveled hair and gooey eyed look that screamed he just had sex. "Hey Ziva," he waved with a loose wave and goofy smile that had her smiling back.

"Hello Tim. I see it worked."

He grinned and nodded. "Yep."

Tony stepped back in between them again. "Okay, as you can see we're busy. See you tomorrow Ziva."

"Goodnight Tony." She turned before looking back. "Tim's neighbor said to keep it down."

Tony snorted, "Yeah sure," before saying one last goodnight and shutting the door.

Smiling, she whistled on her way down and got behind the steering wheel.

"Did it work?"

Ziva smiled at her Goth friend and nodded. "Oh yes."

Abby squealed and asked for everything Ziva saw as they drove away.

The End.

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