I Married a Beast

My name is Kubozuka Youiko and this is my boyfriend Leo Aoi, the future owner of a large company and the man who will inherit a large sum of money.

Leo has been misunderstood a lot by his looks, and because of that, he looks like a man eating mammal

But if you get to know him you will know his childish side, but whenever he sees blood he turns into a

Wild animal and because of that I must always stay by his side to stop him.

And because of that I developed some feelings for him….

"Yuiko, let's go home together" Leo shouted cheerfully

"O…Okay" Then Yuiko put her hand on her chest and felt something weird.

While Yuiko and Leo was walking Yuiko kept on looking and looking at Leo and said

" Hey, Leo which school are you going too?"Yuiko asked with a nervous voiced

"Hmm, Toki-san said that I will be having my college studies in America, how about you Yuiko?" Leo asked her with a curious look.

"I will be entering the school close nearby our house." Yuiko said with a painful look on her face.

"Ehh? Then we will be separated again, no I don't want too." Leo shouted and hugged Yuiko tightly.

Then Yuiko blushed and said with a painful look" Leo, we might not see each other after graduation so it might the best for us to break up."

Then Leo let go of her and shouted" Why?"

"You're going to America after graduation, right? So that means we might not see each other for a very long time, it's like a long distance relationship. And maybe if you go there you will find another woman better than me." Then Yuiko run away

And there Leo gripped his hand, as he went home with a sad face.

Graduation Day…

" Thank you for attending this school, and we hope that the knowledge that we have share with you, will help to go to college." The principal said with a loud voice.

They all stand and bow.

They got their certificates, and when Yuiko went outside, and there she saw Leo standing looking at her. Then Leo walked towards, as touch her face and said " Yuiko, what you said before is it true? "

"Yes it's true, now go to America with Toki-san" Yuiko said with an angered manner

Then Leo grabbed her hand and said" I will be leaving, but not forever, and when I did you will have to marry me."

Then Leo took his necklace and gave it to Yuiko and said " This is my first favorite necklace I will give it to you, this will prove that I will come back for you."

Yuiko cried as she shouted" Leo you Idiot"

20 years later….

The sound of the plane …..

" I'm finally back from Japan" Leo whispers.

As they walked Leo asked Toki-san "Toki-san where is Yuiko, have you told her that I was coming today?"

"Yes, Leo-sama, but unfortunately Yuiko is busy working"

" Then we'll surprise her."

As they went to the office of Yuiko, Leo saw her long Brown, then Leo run towards her and there he said" Yuiko remember or promised?"

"L…Leo you've grown, how are you?" Yuiko said with a nervous voiced.

"Answer me." Leo glared at her.

"Yes I remember it, twill we continue it?"

"Of course." As Leo kneel down to like a knight, as he putted the ring into her ring finger and said "Will you marry me"

"A Yuiko nod her head, as cries from happiness.

The Beast who feared by everyone , I never thought that someday I might fall in love with him , and spend the rest of our lives together.

Sorry if it's a little confusing, I' m a little sleepy while I was working at this story