Harry Potter woke with a start, pressing his hands over his ears in order to drown out his Aunt's shrieking. He had a terrible hangover and she was just making it worse. His head felt as if it could explode at any moment and he felt bile slowly rising in his throat, but he managed to swallow it back down. How much had he drunk last night? He didn't even remember coming home and there was no telling what time that had been.

He rolled over and looked at the clock. It read quarter to twelve, much too early for any human being to be awake. Especially one with a hangover. He was going back to bed for a few more hours and sleeping this horrible feeling off. Screw the woman screaming at him through the door. He was not getting up for anybody.

Over the summer, he had stopped listening to a word his aunt and uncle said. He went out when he wanted and came home when he wanted. He carried his magical possessions around the house. He watched the television, used the computer, and ate out of the fridge. He refused to do all of their chores and cook their food any longer. He had spent fifteen years obeying their every command, cooking their breakfast, and wiping their asses. He was done.

At first, they appeared to be shocked at his new found streak of rebellion, but they quickly saw the perks of it. Now they had a real excuse to punish him. A real excuse to beat him. They didn't lock him in his room or starve him anymore, but that didn't stop his uncle from hitting him every chance he got. That was why Harry had spent more time out of the house this summer than he had in his entire life. That and the fact that for the first time in his entire life, he had made friends in the Muggle world.

Friends who liked him for who he was, not because he was famous. Friends who did not pity him for the things that had happened in his life. Friends who were happy to just hang out with him, no stupid adventures included.

He must have dozed off once again because it was half past three when he rolled over and looked at the clock. He was shocked that his aunt had not tried to get him up again. Usually, she made a point of screeching at him until he finally couldn't stand it anymore. He rolled out of bed and crept down the stairs, going to sit in front of the television. Dudley was watching some stupid movie about cars that could talk, never taking his beady little eyes off of the screen.

Rolling his eyes, he went to sit at the kitchen table. It was no better in there either, where his aunt was cooking some kind of meat. He felt his insides churning as he put his head down on the table and began muttering to himself. "Don't puke. Don't puke. Don't puke." He had already puked all over the hallway last week. His aunt had been pissed, shrieking about her house and about how the freak had been drinking.

After what had felt like hours, he was finally able to convince her that he had just acquired a bad case of the stomach flu and she had seemed to believe him, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to fool her for a second time.

He shot up as a plate was slammed down in front of him again. On it were two pieces of toast. Harry looked up at her, raising his eyebrow. "It will take away the nausea." She informed him, turning back to the stove. He had to pinch himself to make sure he was not dreaming. His aunt was actually doing something nice for him?

"Since when do you care about my well-being?" Harry asked.

Aunt Petunia snorted as she began pulling seasoning out of the cabinet. "As if. I just don't want you vomiting all over my hallway again." She said, stirring the pan on the stove.

He took a tiny bite of toast, hoping he would be able to keep it down. "I already told you, I just had the stomach flu. It's not going to happen again."

"Keep lying all you want boy. I'm just waiting for the day that the cops drag you up on our doorstep. Don't you dare think for a second that we would bail you out of jail. It would do you some good to sit in a cell until those freaks decided to come get you out."

Harry finished his toast before flinging his chair backward and mumbling "fuck off" under his breath. "Just wait until your uncle gets home, boy!" She shrieked after him.

Yeah, that's what she thought. He was going to be long gone by that time. He hurried up the stairs and took a hot shower before retiring to his room. Hedwig was waiting for him on the edge of the window sill, a roll of parchment tied to her foot. He slowly untied it and gave her an owl treat before opening his letter.


So I've got some great news! We're rescuing you from the Muggles early this year. Mum and Dad worked it out with the Ministry and everything. You get to spend the rest of the summer with us! Thank Merlin, I don't know how much more of Phelm that I can take. Honestly, I don't know what I ever saw in her. Mione is also coming early this year. This summer's gonna be wicked! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that Charlie has a new boyfriend. You'll never guess who it is...CHO CHANG'S BROTHER! It's a small world. Anyways, can't wait to see you mate. Somebody should be around to get you in a few days!


Harry tucked the note away in his night stand, sighing as he did so. He should have been more excited that he was leaving early to spend the summer with the Weasley's, but he wasn't. It was the same thing every year. He hated not being allowed to wander off of the property and while Ron was his best friend, he hated never having any privacy. He did not want to go to the Weasley's at all this summer, but he also didn't want to hurt Molly's feelings. What the hell was he going to do?

Deciding he would worry about it later, he changed his clothes and ran down the stairs before his aunt could notice he was gone.

He walked the thirteen blocks to Andy's house quickly, keeping his wand up his sleeve the entire time. Just because he was in the Muggle world didn't mean that the Death Eaters wouldn't be able to find him here and attack him. Or the Dementors, for that matter. He shuddered as he recalled last summer when Umbitch had sent the Dementors to attack him.

He pushed the door open and walked through the house quietly, knowing that the others were probably still sleeping. While he had made many new friends over the summer, Andy was by far his closest friend. They had met at the park one night when Harry had gone there to escape his uncle. It was after a particularly bad beating and his back was all cut up from being thrown into a glass mirror.

He had removed his shirt and began to pick the glass out of his wounds, thinking that he was alone. Andy had come up to him and he had lied about what had happened, allowing him to help him just the same. After his wounds were treated, Andy had produced a bottle of vodka and some cocaine. It was the first time that he had ever gotten high or drunk. The feeling he got was indescribable. He was able to forget about his pain and just be.

Later that night, he had told him the real reason for his injuries. Andy had been very understanding, telling him that he hadn't had the best life growing up either. They had ended up walking back to his apartment and he went home in the early morning hours. He had been coming back nearly every night since.

Andy had introduced him to an entirely different world. One where drugs and alcohol played one of the biggest parts in his life. One where he could be his complete self, without having to keep up an appearance. One where he wasn't treated like a child, despite the fact that he was only fifteen and everybody else was at least nineteen or twenty.

He was also the first person that Harry had ever come out to. He was high out of his mind on acid one night and had just randomly blurted out that he thought some guy on the television was hot. He had immediately expected rejection. Disgust. Anger. He was not completely ignorant of the world and he knew that most guys hated gay guys, but for some reason they loved lesbians. It made no sense to him, but that's the way it was.

What he had not been expecting was for Andy to immediately accept him and inform him that he was bisexual, but preferred men over women. He quickly found out that some of the people he had become friends with were homosexuals as well, but they didn't talk about it in front of him because they didn't know how he would react.

Finally, no more hiding. No more pretending to like girls. No more feeling like he was alone in his preferences. No more hating who he was. Andy had helped him learn to completely accept himself and not care what others thought. The world would never be rid from homophobia, but he could learn not to let it bother him.

Something Andy had said to him once would always stick with him. "The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind." As soon as he got back to the magical world, he was planning on coming out to the people closest to him. If they could not accept it, he didn't need them in his life.

He walked into Andy's room to find him dead asleep, just as he had expected. "WAKE UP!" He screamed, dive bombing on top of Andy. He ignored him and wrapped the blankets around his face, trying to go back to sleep. "UP UP UP!" He yelled, continuing to jump. After a few minutes of this, Andy finally sat up and squinted at him.

"What time is it?" He asked groggily

"Almost seven." Said Harry. They usually went to the bar around eight or nine.

Andy immediately got up and began walking around the messy bedroom, picking up clothes to wear as he went. "Are the others up yet?" He asked. Andy also had two room-mates, Megan and Chad. They were pretty cool and Harry had grown close with the both of them. He shrugged and walked out of the room, leaving his question unanswered.

He heard the bathroom door shut and the shower start. Knowing they were all going to take forever to get ready, he lay back on the bed and pulled a tiny baggy from his pocket. "Hey guys!" He called. He got no response, but he heard somebody shuffling down the hallway.

"Yeah?" Megan appeared in the doorway, running a brush through her long brown hair. She was always playing with her hair, doing things to it in order to make it longer. Megan wanted to be like this girl Sami from a show they sometimes watched called Jersey Shore. She spent hours brushing her hair and taking vitamins that were supposed to make it longer. He always giggled to himself when he saw her doing so, immediately thinking about how simple it was in the magical world.

He held up the bag of cocaine and she sat down on the bed without another word. He reached under the bed and felt around until he came up with a magazine. He smirked to himself as he saw that it was a men's addition of Playboy.

He dug around in his pockets for something to snort out of, finally producing a rolled up dollar bill. He reached his hand in the bag and spread a decent amount of coke out on the magazine. Quickly, he used his Muggle id card to spread out two perfect looking lines.

Leaning down, he put one hand over his other nostril and snorted the substance up his nose, ignoring the burning feeling. Once he had snorted the entire line, he passed the dollar bill over to Megan who did the same.

He leaned back and closed his eyes, waiting until the others finished getting ready. He completely lost track of time as the high began to kick in. Before he knew it, they were piling into the car and driving to the club, blaring Ke$ha the entire way.

They had no trouble getting into the club as the bouncer recognized them immediately. The group began to split up and Harry made a beeline for the bar, eager to get his night started. He pulled his fake id out as he walked, ready to present it. Once he saw that it was Lance working, he slipped it back in his pocket, though.

"Hey Harry, what can I get for you?" Lance asked him.

He pondered his answer for a moment, trying to figure out what he was in the mood for. If he was sober, he usually just stuck with a Cosmo or something of the sort. When he was high as he was now, he preferred something stronger. He also had to take into account whether he wanted to be hung-over in the morning or not. "I'll have a vodka and gin tonic." He finally said. So much for not having a hangover.

A few hours later, Harry found himself lost in the sea of bodies occupying the dance floor. He was currently at the end of a grind train, grinding on some girl. A body pressed up against him and he grinded back against it, knocking back the rest of his drink as he did so.

The train dispersed and he turned around to see who he had been grinding on. Harry was surprised to find out that it was a guy, considering this was not a gay club. He was even more surprised to find out that the guy was hot.

His hair was short and black and it had the same tousled look to it as his own, only it didn't look ridiculous on him. His eyes were a deep blue color. He had his lip pierced, a small silver hoop sticking through it. He was wearing a pair of ripped up jeans and a button down shirt. A trucker hat was perched on his head, facing forward. No, hot didn't even begin to describe him. He was absolutely gorgeous.

To his surprise, the guy started grinding on him again as Get Low came on. He went along with it, closing his eyes as he allowed his body to move against the other mans. A pair of warm lips suddenly connected with his and for a moment he forgot to breathe. When he finally came to his senses, he began moving his mouth against his. He slipped his tongue in the guy's mouth, hoping he was not about to get shoved away. He'd kissed plenty of guys while clubbing, but they often came to their senses and pulled away at this point.

A moan issued from the other man's throat and Harry pulled away, grabbing his hand and leading him into the bathroom instead. He locked the bathroom door behind them and hopped onto the sink. For the second time that night, he produced the little baggie of cocaine. He offered some to him and they poured a small amount in their hands, not even bothering to snort it through a dollar bill or something of the sort.

He made sure the baggie was safely in his pocket before grabbing him by his shirt collar and pulling him forward. "What's your name?" He asked.


Without bothering to answer, he pulled him even closer and crashed their lips together. Evan moaned into his mouth and he wrapped his legs around his waist. Evan lifted him off of the sink and slammed him into the wall, using his muscles to hold him up. He moaned as lips found their way to his neck and began sucking just below his left ear. His erection began throbbing in his pants and he could feel the other man's pressing against his thigh. He reached down and unbuttoned his pants, fumbling with the zipper for a moment. Pulling the man's hard length out, he began pumping it up and down in his hand. After a few minutes of this action, Evan finally hit his peak, crying out as his fluids shot out in thick bursts.

Harry felt himself sliding down to the ground as he was let go. Disappointed that the favor was not going to be returned, he turned to go, but was immediately slammed back against the wall again. Hands undid his pants in a past motion. He watched as Evan slowly lowered himself down. He wasn't going to do what he thought he was, was he?

His question was answered a moment later when he took him in his mouth. He cried out and thrust upward, never having experienced such a wonderful sensation in his life. Evan bobbed his head up and down in response, taking all of him in his mouth. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Was the only thought he managed to get out. This was nothing compared to jerking off. This was fucking heaven.

Evan swirled his tongue around the head of his cock before taking him in his mouth once again. The pleasure was overwhelming and his mind went completely blank as his orgasm overtook him. He allowed himself to cum in Evan's mouth, only slightly embarrassed as the other man swallowed every drop of it.

"That was…wow." He said as they began fixing their pants and shirts. Evan only smirked at him before turning and exiting through the door. He took a moment to catch his breath and followed, looking around the room for his friends. He finally located Hanna and Megan sitting at a table by the door.

He made his way over and took a seat at the table, lighting a cigarette in the process.

"Who was THAT?" Hanna asked.

"Who was who?" He asked, feeling his words beginning to slur. Weighing only ninety five pounds, he was definitely a light weight. Three drinks plus the coke was a lot for him.

Megan slapped his arm as he picked up her drink and took a huge gulp. Uv Blue and Mountain Dew, one of his favorites. "Don't play stupid. I saw you two come out of the bathroom."

"That" He smirked "Was Evan."

"Um details. Now." Hanna demanded. He lit another cigarette and launched into the story.

After another three hours of dancing and drinking his ass off, the club was finally beginning to close. It was getting light out as Andy, Megan, Chad, Hanna, Matt, Amber, and himself all squeezed into the car and began driving back. He usually went home around this time, but he told them he'd just go back with them for a little while. He definitely needed to sober up.

They all entered the house and spread out across the living room except for Amber and Chad. They were both extremely drunk and had mysteriously disappeared into his room. Matt and Megan were busy arguing over what movie to watch and Hanna had ran into the bathroom looking as if she were going to puke. Meanwhile, Andy was sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table. He pulled out a tray and began rolling a few blunts. Harry lay across one of the couches, trying to keep his head from spinning.

"Valium or Xanex?" Andy asked, holding up a pill in each hand.

"Valium." Harry said. He hoped the pill would help him calm down so he could look presentable when he showed up at the Dursley's. Andy crushed the pill up and added it to the blunt before sealing it and taking a hit. It went around the room until it finally reached him. He sat up and sucked on it hard, holding the smoke in as he passed it over.

They smoked two more blunts and watched a Harold and Kumar movie. By this time, everybody was beginning to pass out with the exception of Amber and Chad, who were loudly having sex in the next room. He checked his watch and was shocked to see that it was almost nine in the morning. "I better get home." He said, standing up and only swaying a little bit.

"Want me to take you?" Andy offered. He nodded and put his shoes on.

"BYE AMBER! BYE CHAD! HAVE A NICE MORNING!" He screamed as he headed out the door. The loud noises stopped coming from the room immediately and everybody cracked up laughing.

As they drove to his house, Harry filled him in on what had happened in the bathroom earlier that night.

"That was the first time you did anything with a guy, right?" He asked, sounding weird.

"Yeah, why?" He asked.

Andy pulled the car to a stop at the end of the road. "Nothing." He said a little too quickly. Harry frowned. What was going on? He thought that he would be happy for him.

"See you tonight." He said, leaning in to give him a hug as usual. Andy hugged him back, quickly letting him go. He got out of the car and began walking toward number four, wondering what the hell that had been about. Andy hadn't seemed jealous or anything, just extremely disapproving. Oh well. He'd ask him about it later on if he remembered.

Harry walked into the house and quietly crept up the stairs, trying to go un-noticed. "Not so fast, boy!" His aunt's voice rang out from the living room.

"What?" He grumbled, not moving from his spot on the stairs.

"Somebody is here to see you." She spat out. He could tell by the tone of her voice that she meant a witch or wizard had entered the home. Shit. He had known they would be coming from him at some point, but he hadn't thought it would be this soon. Nor while he was in this state.

"Be there in a minute." He called back down the stairs. He knew that probably pissed her off even more, but he did not care. He sped into his room and grabbed a can of air freshener off of the ground, spraying himself to cover up the smell of cigarettes and weed. He quickly shuffled into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. His pupils were extremely dilated, but there was nothing he could do about that.

Praying they would not notice, he thundered back down the stairs and into the living room. "Sorry I took so long I-" He stopped talking abruptly as he looked straight into the eyes of his hated Potions professor, Snape. He had always had a way with luck.