The Braver You Are

Well, how could I resist? I love Avalon High (both the book AND the movie), and I love the addition of Miles. He's so adorable! :)

So, yes. Here's what happens when I love something and pound stuff out when I'm procrastinating.

Disclaimer: Avalon High is the property of Meg Cabot and Disney Channel.

This is my newest guinea pig, for now. So please BE NICE! If I figure out where this is going, then maybe I'll expand it.



Name: Julie Hartmon

Grade: Sophomore

Date: 9/15/10

In as few words as possible, describe what you want to accomplish this year.

Make a difference.

Thank you for your participation! You'll be entered for a drawing to win a free Avalon High homecoming sweatshirt!

Um...was this some kind of a joke? Did they really need to know what I wanted to do this year?

But, whatever. It had only taken me two seconds to fill out the form. And hey, I could get a sweatshirt for free. Those things cost fifty bucks.

I know what you're thinking: why am I talking to you, and why did I start out with some stupid survey?

Well, it just so happens that I ended up accomplishing my goal. Sort of. Maybe. I don't know.

Things just got...really weird all of a sudden. It's hard to keep it all straight.

But I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

My name is Julie (obviously). I'm a sophomore at Avalon High School (obviously). And this is the story of how I made a difference (obviously).