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"Mom, come on, can't we get separate rooms." Jo sighed with frustration.

"We had a deal Joanna Beth Harvelle. You want to hunt, fine. But I'm sticking to you like glue."

Jo rolled her eyes. She hated that her mom still treated like a kids at twenty five, but she'd wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and her mom had reluctantly agreed. Sure it wasn't like she needed the older woman to hold her hand; she was independent enough to do this alone. But she'd learnt quickly it was a lonely job as well as a dangerous one.

And after being estranged from for over a year, a few years back, Jo had quickly come to need the connection they shared. Dean had helped her with that decision. Telling her that she was lucky to have a mom who cared so much about her, that she only wanted to keep her safe and alive. After the destruction of the Roadhouse, Ash's death and her encounter with a demon possessed Sam, she'd quickly realised that having her mom watching her back wasn't such a bad thing.

So here she was, hitting the road with her mom, fighting battle after battle in the war against Lucifer and his hell spawn, in a world that could end at any minutes. She really shouldn't be complaining.

But if Jo was honest, really honest, it wasn't hunting with her mom that was wearing her down of late, it wasn't the clingy over protective way Ellen Harvelle watched over her. It was the lack of personal time. If she was a guys, she could just head out to a bar and relax and she knew her mom wouldn't complain. But she was a girl, and although she'd been raise in a roadside bar around hunters and drunks, her mom still treated her with kid-gloves. This meant no drinking, unless mommy dearest was with her, and definitely no sex.

Of course that didn't stop her; she was far from a virgin, but steady boyfriends, bringing guys back to her room, which was impossible. It hadn't bothered her overly much before, she'd been to happy just fighting the good fight and there was always that touch she carried for a certain hunter.

But then she'd met him and something in her had changed. It wasn't anything as cliché or tripe as love at first sight; she certainly didn't think she loved the guy. But there was something between them, a mutual respect and attraction. He didn't treat her like a kid-sister as Dean and Sam tended to do. He didn't wrap her in cotton-wool like her mom. He treated her as like she was: A hunter.

Jo fell onto the end of the bed and flicked on the TV absently, not really watching it. Her mind was occupied with him. If someone asked her, why? She'd never be able to explain it; he just had something. He was nothing like she would have expected. He reminded her of Dean in some ways, sarcastic and self-confident, though unlike Dean he was truly a reluctant hero. He hated being here, he hated where it was all leading. He wanted nothing more than to dig himself a nice corner of existence and just wait for the end to come, the only thing stopping him was his brother. At least that's what he'd told her, though she never believed it, not completely. If he really wanted to, he could vanish but he didn't, he carried on fighting. He'd helped her save a seal not to mention her mom's life.

And he'd stuck around after, watching her back. Did that really sound like a man who'd given up? - Of course he wasn't truly a man, which made what was happening between them so very wrong and difficult.

The Harvelle were like most hunters, religion wasn't top of their to-do lists. Probably because they knew the truth of what was behind the fail. Hunters spouted Latin better than any priest. They could face things most religions only talked about as a way to keep the general population in check. But despite this, Jo knew one thing at heart. Having a relationship with an angel was totally going to gain her a one way ticket to the pit. – But what was worse was, she didn't care.

"I'm gonna to get some food." Ellen announced, startling her daughter out of her contemplation. "You okay?"

Jo rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yes, Mom. – Fine."

"I won't be long. Keep the door locked."

Jo made a show of looking frustrated. Ellen promptly ignored the drama-queen behaviour and left. She knew something was wrong with her daughter, but just put it down to the stress of the hunt. As Ellen headed for their station-wagon she thought that maybe they should take a break, maybe visit Bobby. With a nod she slipped behind the wheel. They'd travel to Dakota first thing tomorrow, have some down time and then get back to saving the world.

"Finally, I thought she'd never leave."

Jo jumped up from the bed and spun at the sound of the now familiar and unique English accent. "Jesus Balthazar, you scare the shit out me. I thought we had an agreement, not sneaking up." The hunter gasped, her delicate hand pressed to her chest.

The angel smirked. "You want me to go out and knock?" gesturing to the door casually, the tight thin line of his mouth curving up in a smirk.

Jo narrowed her gaze at him. "Or you could just leave." She replied with a raised brow.

They were always like this, almost from the moment they'd met, bitchy and sarcastic. When he'd told her what he was, she'd been stunned into silence, feeling in complete awe of the man. After all it wasn't every day you met an angel or that they saved your life. Of course then he'd opened his mouth, said something completely un-angel-like and her instincts took over. Lying on a rusty bed, injured and in pain hadn't stopped her telling the angel where to shove it.

She still couldn't figure how they'd gone from snapping at each other to this? Whatever this was?

"If you insist." He said with a flourish, dipping his head in an overly dramatic bow.

Jo folded her arms across her chest in challenge; she knew he wasn't going to leave, he never did. It was all just part of their dance, the one that made their relationship far from dull.

"Well?" she sent him a subtle small smile. "You leaving?"

Her reply came quickly as the angel stepped closer to her, towering over her.

"You're a bitch you know that." he whispered hotly before his lips fell onto hers.

Balthazar had no idea himself how on earth he'd ended up in this situation. What had started out as a dull routine seal prevention had swift turned into the beginnings of a relationship. – One that was more than likely going to end in tears.

He hadn't even wanted to be in that damn town, but he was a soldier doing his duty as directed by God, at least that's what he told his brothers and sisters, but in truth he'd gone because Castiel had asked him too.

He followed Castiel's order not because the angel was his superior, but because he respected him, looked up to him, like a human looked up to an older sibling. To Balthazar, Castiel was his big brother, - though in their current vessels he looked the older. – Castiel was the one angel he envied and tried so hard to be like. But Castiel had an unwavering faith that he just didn't share. He wasn't completely faithless, no angel could be but he just didn't care enough. Humanity, heaven, hell, none of it really mattered to Balthazar. Well until he'd found a half conscious hunter in a small Texas town.

Then suddenly he understood. Knew why his brother fought so hard for these humans. Why he'd placed that unwavering faith in a single man. There was so much a human could give that heaven couldn't and so much an angel was capable of feeling without the restraints of the host.

That was why he hadn't been at all surprised when Castiel had rebelled. In fact what had surprised him was how long it had taken. Balthazar had begun to see the cracks and changes in his steadfast, obedient older brother almost from the moments he'd returned from hell.

"You alright?" Jo asked gently, pulling away from the taller angel with a concerned smile.

"Me? Uh, never better Sweetheart." He replied his hands gripping tightly to Jo's waist, as if scared to let her go. It was as if this single human was like his anchor, keeping him fighting in a war he never believed in. Balthazar knew that if it wasn't for Jo and an incomprehensible need to protect her, he would have given up his duty to heaven the instant Castiel had.

Jo took a step out of his arms and folder her own. "You know you can't lie to Me." she said, tiling her head slightly and putting all her weight on her hip.

"Says who?" he teased back, trying to regain a grip on his anchor.


The man groaned, thrusting his hands into his tight jean pockets and resting his weight of his left leg. "If you must know I was wondering how the hell we ended up here."

Jo smiled and stepped back into the angels' personal space. "I've been thinking the same thing. It's totally bizarre."

The pair looked at each other with matching confusion and desire.

"How long she going to be gone?" Balthazar asked.

"She? – That's my mother you're talking about." Jo scolded, though her heated gaze and small seductive smile told the angel she wasn't angry.

He pulled her closer. "I am well aware of that sweetheart. If she wasn't I would have sent her off somewhere far away by now." His voice dropped to a seductive growl.

"Oh, really?"

Nothing more was said as Jo lifted herself to meet the angel's descending lips, her arms wrapping around his neck possessively.

The pair were so caught up in one another it was a miracle they heard the key in the door. Pulling away from Jo, Balthazar groaned in frustration. There was never enough time. He hated to admit it but he longer for a time when they would not need to hid their relationship, but Jo was scared of her mother and friends reactions and if heaven discovered what he was doing, well… after Castiel's moonlight flit they'd grown wary and over baring. So much so that he hated to think what they'd do to not so much him but Jo.

That wasn't the only reason he hadn't followed in his brothers footsteps. Something told him, maybe it had been Jo, that he could do more good from behind enemy lines.

"I guess that's my cue." He grumbled in a low voice.

Jo flushed an vexed and unsatisfied look from him to the door and back again. "No so fast, buddy." She grinned, gripping the collar of his ever present black jacket and pulling him towards the bathroom. The only sanctuary she had from her mom.

Ellen walked into the room just as the bathroom door slammed shut. "Jo?"

"I'm just gonna take a shower, Mom." The younger woman called through the door.

Ellen groaned and dropped the food on the table before falling into a chair. There would be no hot water left when her daughter was finished. If there was an Olympic event in shower taking, Joanna Beth Harvelle would win the gold every time.

"A shower? – How intriguing." Balthazar grinned.

Jo smiled as she turned to fiddle with the faucet. As the water began to rush out of the shower head, she felt the angels' hand on her waste and his body pressed close against her behind. She let out a moan of pleasure and prayer her mom would assume it was from the warm water, rather than anything… embarrassing. She really didn't want her mom thinks she was in here…doing that.

Turning around in his grip she gave him her most seductive smile. It had been so long since they'd been together, really together and right now that was all Jo could think about.

She took a step forward, which forced him back. Over and over until the backs of his knees hit the toilet seat. Smirking she gentle pushed him to sit before straddling his thighs with another groan of pleasure. Only this one was his.

Jo knew almost everyone saw her as sweet, innocent little Joanna Beth. Huh, who where they kidding. She was totally not sweet and innocent, as Balthazar had found out. She watched him bit his lip as she pushed his jacket from his broad strong shoulders till it fell to the floor behind him, next to the toilet seat.

Jo moved on his lap, in an attempt to find a comfortable position, which also happened to arouse. She pulled at his bottom lip with her teeth before moving into a deeper passionate kiss, his hands squeezing tight at her waist. The pair groaning into the others mouths as steam filled the room.

Balthazar tugged at the hem of Jo's black vest, pulling it up over her head till she sat before him in only her bra and jeans. He took a long moment to apprise her body. Jo was the perfect shape. Not too thin, with curves in the right places. She wasn't overly endowed but had the right cup size to round off her impressive figure, not to mention delight a partner.

Human bodies and the pleasure they gave and took was still new to him. Angels didn't have the same sensitivity to touch that humans did and the sight of exposed human flesh surprised him in the way it ignited heat within both vessel and grace.

The first time he'd seen Jo like this, his vessels heart had felt as if it had leapt into his throat. He'd grown fully aroused instantly.

His rough hands brushed up her flanks and he felt the shiver that ran through her.

Jo quickly followed suit, swiping the angel's gray cashmere sweater over his head to reveal the tone muscle underneath. The sight once again causing her breath to catch in her chest.

He never failed to amaze her. Balthazar was good looking, not pretty boy good looking, like Sam and Dean would be considered to be. His was the rough, rock-star good looking that usually came from years of late nights and hard living. Jo could almost imagine him in one of those classic rock band, touring the highways. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. She grinned to herself as she brushed her finger over the muscles chest and abs. No angel should be this hot. She told herself time and again.

"So…" he whispered into her ear. "…are we having that shower?"

Jo looked into his soft blue eyes and bit her lip. She was ever so tempted, but the idea of having shower sex with her mom in the next room was just, well… insane. But then again so was having sex with an angel at all.

"I…I don't think that would be a good idea." She whispered back. "I really don't want mom hearing us…." She blushed scarlet and Balthazar laughed, leaning forward to press a kiss to her already swollen lips.

"I could easily put her to sleep for an hour or so, then we could make as much noise as we want." He grinned arrogantly.

That was a far too tempting offer for Jo. She buried her face into the angels shoulder and breathed in his fresh scent. Though she wasn't given the chance to give an answer as a knock sounded on the door.


With a quite groan and an apologetic smile at Balthazar she called a throaty reply. "Yeah?"

"Just got a phone call from the boys, they need our help on a job."

Jo rolled her eyes. "Fine."

"We leave in an hour." Ellen called back.

There was silence once more as they heard Ellen moving away from the door. The angel and the hunter looked at each other with dissatisfaction.

"Don't go." Balthazar suddenly said. His features schooled and stern.

Jo frowned; she'd never seen him so serious, not even when facing demons. "Why?"

"I have a bad feeling, it isn't safe. Lucifer is gaining strength; he'll be looking for Sam Winchester. He needs his true vessel if he is going to face Michael. – He will destroy anyone who gets in his way."

Jo stroked at his cheek tenderly, her heart clenching at the sudden change in the lighthearted angel. "We'll be fine; Dean and Sam would not allow anything to happen to us and your brother will most probably be there, he'll not let any harm come to any of us, at least from what you and Dean have said about him…" she smiled warmly. "…I have to say I can't wait to meet him. Anyone who can get Dean to do stuff without threat of bodily harm and gain his unwavering respect must be a miracle worker."

Balthazar gave a quiet throaty laugh. "I know Dean certainly has Castiel's devotion." He said with a meaning full look that had Jo's gaze widening.

"Castiel's gay?" she gasped.

Balthazar laughed again. "We're angels' Sweetheart; we're not exactly gender orientated."

Jo frowned. She'd never really thought about Balthazar beyond the physical attraction. She certainly hadn't thought about whether he was a 'he' or 'she'.

Balthazar was grinning when he pressed a heated kiss to Jo's throat wiping away the thoughts of angels and their gender issues. Her nails clawed at his flanks as the flare of desire recaptured them after their interruption. Jo slammed her mouth against Balthazar's with increasing hunger. Her tongue battling with his. Jo nudged closer and felt the angels' arousal through his jeans, there was no doubt in her mind her angel was a man, with or without his vessel.

Her body had taken leave of her senses she knew as her hands made their own way to the waistband of his jeans. Their kiss fueling their desire. Balthazar's hands pulling down the straps of Jo bra.

"Dammit!" Balthazar cursed as he pulled away from the hunter and raised his eyes to the ceiling.

"What is it?" she asked breathlessly.

"I'm being summoned. – Screw it." he snapped, recapturing Jo's mouth once more. Heaven can go to hell. He thought.

Jo pulled back regretfully. "Y- you h-have to g-g-go."

"Why?" he asked angrily.

"Because it could be important." She whispered, before brushing a kiss to his throat.

"This is more important." He snapped, pulling her closer so she could feel just how important.

Jo clenched her eyes closed, biting her lips she whimpered. She really didn't want him to leave. At least not until they'd dealt with this pent-up need, but they were at war and if heaven was calling, her angel had to go. It took more strength than she believed she had to lift herself off that warm lap. Her legs little more than jelly. Her hand shot out to grip the side to stop herself falling. "You have to go Balthazar. – You know you do."

The angel leaned over the side and collected his sweater and jacket as Jo leant against the wall, trying to get her racing heart and hormones under control. He complained under his breath as he roughly wrenched the sweater over his head then thrush his arms into his jacket.

Jo knew he'd vanish the moment his had his jacket in place and gripped his hand quickly, stepping close. She could feel him pressed against her stomach, caused her lips to curve in a regretful smile. "We'll be at Bobby's…" she whispered meaningfully. "…When you're free."

Balthazar raised his chin stubbornly, but the looking in his soft blue eyes as he glanced down at her, told her Jo that she'd be seeing him again and she made a promise to herself that no matter what they were going to finish what they'd started.

"Alright Sweetheart." He whispered. "If I can get away I'll come find you."

Jo expected him to vanish the instant she removed her hand from his sleeve. She never thought he'd lean forward and press a gentle promising kiss to her lips. She couldn't have stopped the surprised goofy smile if she'd wanted to.

"See you soon, Sweetheart." Balthazar whispered close to her mouth before finally vanishing in a gust of wind that had her long blond hair fluttering around her bare shoulders.

Jo fell back against the wall, her fingers pressed to her mouth with the sudden realization that this was getting far more serious that either of them had planned.

That still praying on her mind, she stripped off and jumped into the now cold shower.