When I go around my friend's house I don't expect much to happen. I'm not saying that my life is that boring and the only thrill is finding out I had spare change in my jeans pocket, but my life is average. A little too average…

That all changed, however, when in my friends wardrobe I heard a buzzing noise.

"Maybe it's a bee?" I said to my dear friend Abbie. This probably wasn't the case, but the weird noise genuinely scared me and saying something stupid would cover up this fear.

"Yeah…" She replied, her eyes fixed on the wardrobe as she spoke, but at least she dismissed my comment. "Anyway, I keep my cosplay outfits in the top drawer."

"Fascinating." I reply trying to sound interested in her words but my mind still drifted between the bee like noise in the wardrobe and the question: why would there be a bee in the wardrobe? So it had to be something more, right? I contemplated opening the wardrobe to revealing its buzzing contents.

Should I? Shouldn't I? Buzz. Should I? Shouldn't I? Buzzzzzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Annoyance finally got the better of me.

"I'm going to open the wardrobe," I say in a very annoyed voice. "That buzzing will be the bloody death of me!"

Fuming, I snatch the wardrobe doors so wide open they nearly fall off the hinges. Abbie nearly tackled me with how badly I treated her furniture. But that didn't concern me. What concerned me was the tiny pixie hovering right in front of me. My brain did a loopty loop at how unreal this had to be. I turned to Abbie to see if she could see what I could…apparently so. Both of us looked dead on at the mythical creature with shocked expressions for at least three minutes.

"Uuummmmm…hello." Abbie spoke so timidly.

It didn't say anything.

"Can we help you?" I say after a minute silence.


It hovered there for a good two minutes and then it spoke.

"Follow me." It said in such a high voice the corners of my mouth twitched. It stared at me. I tried to contain laughter, out of politeness I succeeded. The look of this creature was amusing to me. A typical pixie. Pointed ears, very small and wings. The fact that a typical pixie is meant to be mythological was yet to be determined.

"Where to?" I ask.

"Follow me."

Then it turned around and vanished at the back of the wardrobe.

"Should we follow it?" Abbie asked.

Of course we should! A pixie just materialised out of your wardrobe! I thought.

"Might as well," I reply. "What else are we going to do?"

And with that we climbed into the wardrobe and walked dead on to the back.

Maybe we were just imagining things I thought we were probably high off life again…we do have a vast imagination after all, when we get to the back, nothing will be there. Yup, nothing. Because pixies do not exist…but then life will be boring without a little adventure…

"Hey, Abbie has this wardrobe always been this big?"

"Yeah in my dreams when I own a big mansi-"

"NO WAY!" We say at the exact same time.

In front of us was impossible. Nothing like this should exist in a wardrobe. A new world. Where did it come from though, was it always here? How did Abbie not notice Narnia in her wardrobe? I mean it's kind of impossible.

"Where are we?"

"I think I can answer that, young grasshoppers." Chimed a very spiritual voice.

From where we stood the voice sounded like it came from behind us. But as we turned around something was crawling under the dirt and sprouted right in front of us. At first it looked like a sapling but then it grew and grew to the same size as blossom tree and bloomed the richest smelling blossom flowers ever. The only thing different with this tree was the fact that it didn't have pink flowers but bright orange ones instead and the leaves also matched this colour scheme. It looked more like an autumn version of our worlds blossom trees with all the orange going on.

"You are in the Nevernever, children." It chimed

"…Ok…tree." I say, feeling a little disorientated. Pixies, Narnia, talking trees, what the hell next?

"I am the Tree of Guidance."

"So will you guide us around?" Abbie asked.

"Um, no. I'm more of a spiritual guidance tree." It said sounded a little put off Abbie's question.

"What's your name then?" I ask. "You know if you're gonna stick around and give us guidance, we need to know your name."

"I am the Tree of Guidance. That has always been my name. And I will have you know I sprout when you are in need of guidance."

"Ok we get it you're the almighty tree. Now if you're only going to pop up when you feel all guidey and whatever at least point us in a safe direction for now and leave us alone." I say feeling a little annoyed this tree can't do its job properly.

"Fine. That way." It sprouted a branch from its truck to point at a forest.

"Ok. See you later tree." I say walking off.

"Bye." Abbie said with a goodbye gesture.

So we walked to the forest. From far away it looked pretty but up close, trees almost touched the sky and blocked the sun so the ground was dead. Creatures seemed to lurk in every bush but I didn't get a chance to look at them long enough as they would shrink back into the darkness making it difficult to detect what they were. We only stood on the outskirts; god knows what lurked deeper in the forest.

"Shall we go in then?" I turn to Abbie.

"Uuhhh…as long as that doesn't follow."

As I turned around a dark shape immerged from the horizon. It came closer to us. The shadow crawled out of in front of us and in the light of the sun we saw a hunter on horseback.

"What do you think he's hunting Amy?" Abbie said to me.

"You. You shouldn't be here!" He said.

And with that he drew out a bow and arrow.

"Crap! Abbie run!"

"Right behind you!"

We ran into the forest. It was the only way to slow down the galloping horse and hide from the hunter.

"Amy! Turn left!" Abbie yelled. That was a good idea as I saw dense bushes and trees, too close together for the hunter to squeeze past on his horse but far apart so Abbie and I could run through. I turned around and all I saw was the hunter stop and stare at us through the bushes and trees. He couldn't go through, we were safe.

"Close…call…" I pant to Abbie.

I looked around at where we were and I realise that we ran into thorned bushes. Then I looked at Abbie and then at myself. Our clothes were torn. Whatever bit of skin that was exposed on my legs and arms was bloodied. Same with Abbie. My blue jeans were purple where the blood had mixed with the fabric; my jacket wasn't that bad as it was black with cartoon figures dotted randomly but it was still ruined; my face was bloody as well, according to Abbie. But that wasn't the worst. What was worse was the fact we were stranded in the middle of a forest with no way of getting out. The Tree of Guidance was looking rather useful now- note the sarcasm.

And then something rustled in the bushes.

"Crap. We're gonna die." I say sounding defeated.

"Damn straight you are."

"Crap!" I repeated.

"Now you're going to come back with me whether you like it or not." The hunter spoke with such an alluring voice I would have accepted his offer if my life wasn't on the line.

"Um, no thanks. We'll just be on our way now." I grabbed Abbie arm and started walking.

"Not so fast!" The hunter stepped right in front of us. Up close he was attractive. He was tall. His features were striking. He was definitely not human. His eyes were large and a grey shade, I liked them. But the way his voice was so calm yet so intimidating shocked me and I stumbled back a few steps.

"What do you want with us?" Abbie said sounding like she was pleading.

"To take you back to my queen."

"Not so fast Princey!"

Behind the hunter stood a tall, red headed and fearless boy about our age. I thought I heard Abbie sigh. She sounded glad to see a hero.

"Back off Goodfellow!"

"Make me." Our hero smirked.

"Fine," he pulled out a bow placed an arrow on the string. "Back off," he turned towards me and Abbie. "Or the girls get it."

"Ha. You don't have the guts!" Our hero taunted.

Wrong move.


The arrow was realised and so was a shooting pain in my left shoulder.

I fell to the floor in pain. It was tremendous. Unbearable. The pain shot through my whole body. Nothing could compare.

"Right you asked for it!" Our hero replied.

Out came a dagger. Our hero threw it at the hunter and he too was injured. Too injured to fight. He withdrew from our existence and in the distance we heard hooves beating on the floor.

"Are you guys ok?"

"We are now." Abbie said sounding star struck.

"No…not really…I could do with a doctor right about now." I said through gritted teeth.

And after a few seconds of battling with the pain I gave up and felt myself being carried away whilst hearing a very deep conversation Abbie was having with our hero. She so fancies him.

Finally breaking out of deep sleep I awoke to find that I was not in the forest anymore, but in a cosy bed in a huge bedroom. I wonder where Abbie is. The thought brought me out of the bed and towards the door. I reached my hand for the handle only to be stopped by voices talking outside the door. I leaned so my left ear was on the door to hear well. I recognised Abbie's voice at once and the guy that saved us but there was a presence about the third voice that made me think he was some kind of king or something. He sounded powerful, even through solid wood. Then they stopped. And then footsteps grew louder. Someone slammed open the door and threw me off my feet.

"Ow. Watch it!"

"Sorry, didn't see you through the door."

Then as I looked up I saw the hero from the forest. He had fiery red hair, he was tall and he kept throwing Abbie admiring glances when she wasn't looking. He was actually very good looking but not as good looking as the guy from the forest.

"Hey who was that guy you saved us from?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Oh he was Prince Ash, slimy little creature. His existence is pathetic. Doesn't deserve one!"

"Hey that's not nice! He's really hot, give him a chance!" I flushed red. What am I saying? I don't love Ash. He tried to kill me. I don't love him. I don't love him.

"I love him."

Everybody stared at me. Crap. What's happened to me?