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Okay so I've had this planned and written in short for ages but I haven't been able to further it yet so I decided to release what I have as a taster and a prologue of sorts. It's just a prelude to the actual fic but it means that I'm still alive :)

It was a brisk summer morning. Mrs. Kamiya was walking down the pavement, smiling at those who passed her and offered a comment. She passed a tree and it poured shade onto the pram she was pushing, inside was her son; Tai and his little sister Kari, sleeping soundly as she took them towards day-care. She had errands to run today so there was no choice but to leave them here. She hoped that they would be alright. She stopped as she reached the bright brick building and looked up at the rainbow covered sign. She could just barely make out the name between all the bright colours; Destiny Daycare. It was a small building with a few staff members but it was cheap and had a play and nap area. She was sure her children would be fine.

She walked through the dark brown wooden framed glass doors and into the building. Inside the faint sound of children could be heard. There was a small entrance area with no one but a woman stood behind a brown wooden desk. The walls had wallpaper that made it look like you were in the sky. The floor was white linoleum. Mrs. Kamiya walked over to the counter and smiled kindly to the woman. "Hello, and who are those two?" the woman asked, in a cutesy voice. She had red hair, brushed behind her ear.
"This is little Tai" Mrs. Kamiya reached into the pram and withdrew Tai, prodding him playfully with her knuckle in his cheek. "And that is Kari" Mrs. Kamiya explained, sitting Tai down on the counter as he slowly began to open his eyes and yawn. Mrs. Kamiya picked up Kari and held her in her arms.
"I see" the woman giggled as she tickled Tai and he began to squirm, giggle and gurgle back. "Okay well you are all booked so you can go and I'll take them through" the woman explained, indicating the double wooden doors to her left which had a single circular translucent pane in each.
"I'll be back at-"
"Yes we know, go on. Go. Have fun" the woman chirped kindly.

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