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The computer room of the house buzzed quietly as the computer – which was sat on an old oak computer desk and was accompanied by stacks of paperwork – ran a disk clean-up. A small red-haired boy wearing blue dungarees over an orange shirt sat on the dark blue carpet in the middle of the room staring up at the computer screen with big questioning eyes.

Izzy heard his parents go downstairs and he could see that the family computer had been left turned on and unattended which meant they practically wanted him to play with it. His natural curiosity quickly lured him over to it, without much thought, and made him push the power button on the computer stack in and out a few times and then watch what happened to the screen. The little red haired rugrat giggled as he saw the screen change into all sorts of colours and various beeping and chiming sounds echoed in his ears from the speakers. He wanted to try and work out how the computer worked but he couldn't reach the screen – all he could reach was the computer stack. He got up from his stationary position and toddled forwards until he was in front of the stack and then pulled at the heavy metal box a little so that he could crawl behind it and see all the cables that were plugged into the back. They were a multitude of colours and the shiny silver metal that they plugged into reflected them even brighter; Izzy quickly found himself becoming dazed by the spectacle. It didn't take Izzy long to decide that he was going to get inside the computer and look around because it was so shiny and pretty so he pulled the computer stack from side to side in an attempt to open it but he didn't have any luck.

He almost gave up and began to look around the room for something else to play with until he saw that his father had left a hammer on a nearby blue computer chair and remembered when his dad had smashed through things with that strange object. Izzy gurgled a little and then moved over to the chair and reached up to try and grab the hammer but it was proving to be just out of reach – no matter how hard he tried – until he did a little jump and managed to pull it off the edge. The hammer narrowly avoided smashing him in the face but as soon as it hit the ground and he was safe, Izzy was happy because now he had the magic key which would allow him to look into the box of wonder and merriment.

Izzy tried to pick up the hammer but found out that it was very heavy – too heavy for him – so he had to drag it back over to the computer stack in order to try and use it but even then he wasn't able to get much, if any, of a swing to cause visible damage with the hammer. It took around five minutes but eventually, and surprisingly, the panel fell away. Izzy didn't realise that the side panel had the screws removed due to his father having to repair the computer stack earlier, so he wasn't quite sure how he'd done the amazing feat of strength, but he didn't care because knowledge was for stinky idiots. He looked inside the computer and saw all kinds of flashing lights and cables and became quickly excited by all the colours. He spotted the biggest one, which looked extremely enticing, and decided to pull it and see what would happen.

Seconds later Izzy woke up to his mother and father shouting and crying as he lay on the ground, several feet across the room from the computer, and smelled faintly of burning. "Izzy, Izzy!" his mother screamed as she pulled him into a tight embrace and squeezed her arms around him.
"He's okay" his father breathed a sigh of relief.
"No thanks to you, don't leave your tools lying around" his mother snapped.
"I'm sorry, I didn't think…" his father mumbled guiltily.
"You should always think first before acting" she chided her husband.
"I know, I know,"
"Just think about how you'd feel if Izzy had gotten seriously injured!" she sobbed.
"He didn't so we should just calm down" he protested to her while Izzy lay in his mother's arms and felt incredibly dizzy. They both looked down at him and stopped arguing as they saw his little face; it was almost like a sedative to the adoring couple. "I just wish I'd thought beforehand and this never would have happened…" he muttered.
"It doesn't matter now. Izzy is okay." She replied kindly as Izzy smiled up at them.
"Next time I'll think first."

From then on Izzy vowed that he would always think before he acted and that he would try and learn all the knowledge that existed to prevent anyone he loved from being hurt. He learned that knowledge was not for stinky idiots.

Let me know what you think because this was really quickly written due to me being exhausted today.

I know this took me forever to release but I hope that any fans this story had will appreciate I wanted to try and choose part of my childhood that suited Izzy. I was searching for a memory for so long but the only ones I had left that even half-suited him weren't good enough and I didn't want to devalue the story by not even trying to come up with a decent plot. This isn't quite based on my childhood or any of my families but the arguing parents is. My parents would sometimes forget their differences when they saw that we needed them and that is the type of love that I want people to see. Also I think this fits Izzy well because it explains why he never wants to be in the dark again, both for himself and for others.