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Terribly sorry it's so short, I lost my muse and ideas so I thought I'd post a basic idea which I can build on when I get some inspiration.


The woman picked up both children and carried them through the ominous wooden doors. Behind them was a colossal array of colours in the form of soft play areas, wallpaper, paint, toys and so much more. Tai's eyes became wide while Kari's stayed as docile as usual. There were already six children sat in there and they were all playing separately except two – both blonde – they were little boys. Tai wandered over to the kids on his own as soon as he was placed down while Kari sat on the ground and began to suck her thumb.

Tai sat down in the middle of all of the children playing separately and picked up an orange hand whistle. He pulled the plunger down with ease and then held it tightly as he pushed it back up and a toot burst out. It drew every child's attention which Tai didn't mind. He pulled it back and did it again and all of the kids began to move closer to watch. The woman giggled and walked out, back to the front desk, leaving them to their own devices.

Tai tooted a third time and by now all the children were in a circle around him. Tai pointed to the table with juice boxes on with his whistle and nodded to the other kids. One of them, a young red haired girl, came over to his side and hugged him. "I like you" she chided before releasing the hug.

"I like him too" the youngest of the blonde boys shouted, determined not to be left out.

"You smell" a little brunette giggled
"No he doesn't" the older blonde brother growled back. As the argument escalated there was a gurgling and a giggle from slightly further away. Tai turned to see his sister, Kari, clapping her hands joyfully and smiled. He tooted the whistle and started to walk towards her, they wanted juice.

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