So I was sat on my own, at midnight thinking what can I write for this stupid story, I have no memories left! And then I remembered something a lot of people probably felt too. Digimon Frontier was announced not to be shown on british television anymore, and at the time it got me so upset, knowing that that part of my childhood, that epic part, was now over. Oh and the little stall, I used to go to it and now it's a massive corporation xD I don't own digimon but if I did I'd have made sure it was still the same as it used to be so everyone could enjoy adventure :D

T.K remembered the moment Matt told him that the third season of his favourite show in the whole world was the last to be aired in their country. Since that moment he'd been crying for at least an hour, unable to stop. Matt was constantly bringing things to try and stop the crying, various toys and food but none of it even compared to that amazing show that he would never get to see again. He had lost all the hope he could have.

Two hours later his mum came home, found out why he was crying and walked off, taking Matt with her. T.K had never felt so hurt, not only had his favourite show abandoned him, so had his family. Tears streamed down his faced until a laptop was placed in front of him and a title sequence started. At first T.K was confused but he saw a familiar create and squealed with glee, clapping his hands furiously as the fourth season of his favourite show began in front of him. Matt grabbed a white chocolate chip cookie from the small stall that they went to on weekends and snapped it in two, offering half to T.K who began to munch happily. All was good again.

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