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Summary: I couldn't resist posting this story, it's set after Eclipse, Bella gets married with Edward and then disappears with the Cullens. After a year Paul meets her, she is alone and with no ring on her finger. What happened to her? Strong Bella/ Sexy Paul.

Endless night.

What I wasn't prepared for were the feelings

of anxiety that it stirred in me.

I wasn't prepared for the initial feeling of

I don't want to have to do that again.

I was scared.

Mariel Hemingway

Chapter 1.

Paul's POV

Another bar, another night, another easy fuck. He was tired; he had to admit that it was getting too boring. No challenge anymore, the girls nowadays were so easy that they were almost throwing themselves at him when he went into any place.

After the newborn war, the life of the pack had changed drastically and Paul finally had managed to get the hell out of La Push. Sam had hesitated when he had asked to leave for a while, but after making sure that no more bloodsuckers were in the area, his Alpha had relented and let him go with the promise to check with him every fortnight.

Paul was sitting at the bar when a scent caught his nostrils. He could recognize that bloody fucking scent anywhere, slowly he turned and there she was. Bella fucking Swan, human and leech-free. Where was her sickening perverted bloodsucker? And why was she still human?

He recalled the pain Jacob was in, right after her wedding to his sworn enemy, and when Bella had never returned from the honeymoon and her death had been announced all of them had assumed that she had been turned. Paul took his beer and unhurriedly walked to where she was sitting.

Slowly he sat near her and when she looked up she gasped. "P-Paul?"

"Well spotted leech-lover, care to enlighten me about why you're here all alone?" He said watching her seriously.

Bella paled considerably and then looked down at her own drink; Paul took a sniff and realized it was just a coke. "I don't want to talk about it."

Paul rolled his eyes; it figured that she would be difficult. She had been a pain in the ass of the whole pack since Jacob had phased. "When's the last time you talked to Jacob?" He sneered, wanting to see her reaction.

At her stricken expression he knew that she hadn't talked to him since her wedding. He glanced at her hand and there was no ring. He was intrigued now and he enjoyed tormenting her. "He thinks you're a leech. I wonder what he'll say when I tell him that you aren't."

Her eyes met him. "Please don't." She whispered.

Paul now was wondering what the fuck had happened to her. "What happened Bella? Where are the Cullens?"

"I left them… they don't know where I am. I took another name." Bella finally said.

"Why? You married him; you all disappeared after your wedding. We thought that you got your happy ending." He taunted her, now he really wanted to find out what happened and he knew that he wouldn't relent until she talked.

Bella seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then her eyes hardened. "I don't have to tell you anything." Then she stood up and walked towards the exit.

Paul smirked, so the little girl had finally grown a backbone. He stood up and followed her; he caught up with her when she was opening the door of a blue car. He stopped her by grabbing her little arm. "The hell you're leaving leech-lover! I put my life at risk for you, so I think you fucking owe me an answer."

Bella looked at him warily. "Hop on then, we'll go to my place."

Paul watched her for a long moment; he knew that he was setting himself out for trouble. Bella fucking Swan was not someone he wanted to get involved with again. She brought death and destruction with her. However, he cared for Jacob, albeit slightly, and he thought that the little Alpha deserved some closure. He would find out what the fuck happened and then he would leave hoping to never to see her again. He went into her car and let her drive.

No words were exchanged during the drive. When she parked near a little bungalow, Paul got out and waited for her at the door. Bella walked slowly and she had a sad nostalgic smile when she reached him. "I had almost forgotten how quick you are."

Paul sighed, she was like a disease, and if you let yourself catch her then you would be forever stuck with her. He stayed silent; he wanted answers and nothing else. He looked around and he noticed the place was clean and nice.

Bella walked to the kitchenette and put on a teapot. "Take a seat Paul, I'm making some tea."

Paul sat on the sofa and watched her moving around, it always took him by surprised how she was so clumsy everywhere and then she mastered the kitchen.

She made two cups and handed him one, then she settled in the armchair next to him. She folded her feet under her and took the cup with both hands. "I'm always so cold." She whispered. "Paul, before I tell you what happened… can I ask a favor from you?"

He nodded. "You can ask, I'll think about agreeing though."

Bella smiled. "It's really heartwarming to know that some things will never change." She took a deep breath. "Will you promise me that whatever I tell you tonight will stay here? I don't want anyone to know."

Paul watched her seriously, he wondered what had really happened to her and he was unsure about promising her anything. "Listen Swan, I'm not Jake or your leech so cut the shit. I won't promise a fuck to you, start speaking."

Bella bit her lips. "I don't want Jacob to know… but I understand where you're coming from. I'll tell you what happened and then you will think about whether you want to tell him or not."

Paul sighed, and was already regretting his choice to follow her there. He stood up abruptly. "I have to go; I don't want to get involved with your shit another time. I'm fucking tired of your little goody-two-shoes façade. Goodbye Swan, I hope to never see you again."

"Paul… I'll be here if you ever want to talk." She said, but Paul ignored her and run out of the door.

He started walking back to the bar, where his motorbike was. The coolness of the night was calming his feverish mind, he hated Bella with a passion but at the same time he was curious to know. Why was she there alone? Why did she run away from the Cullens? Something serious must have happened.

Paul stopped and cursed. He fisted his hands and started trembling, he could not phase right now, he wasn't able to mask his thoughts and he didn't want anyone to find out about the leech-lover.

Slowly he turned and went back towards the bungalow; he watched the door for a long time. Going inside and listening to her story would change his life; he could feel it in his bones. He was scared because he didn't want to get involved with her, but at the same time he knew he couldn't leave without knowing.

He knocked and when she opened he knew that he was doomed. There was no going back now.