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Arthur couldn't breathe.

His father was just…lying there.

Arthur wasn't quite to the 'acceptance' stage.

So many things weren't said. So many things weren't done. Uther had wasted most of his life caring for a traitor. A murderous traitor. A witch. A whore. A liar. A thief. Arthur had never gotten that much love.

Uther didn't want him to be weak. Arthur knew that. That's why Uther distanced himself.

That's why when Arthur was little and had bad dreams, Uther wouldn't let Arthur into his bed.

This was all just a horrible dream, a sick joke.

Arthur needed his father more than ever. He needed to know if he was going to be a good king.

He needed someone to hug him, and tell him everything was going to be okay.

He needed to escape the dream.

Sobbing, he lay down next to Uther.

He dreamt away the fear of being a king, the pain of loss, the hate of his sister.

But he couldn't dream away the truth.

He couldn't dream back his family.

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