Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo listened to his date ramble on about some dog. Well, watched his date. He's stop listening when she started talking about work. Sure, Amanda was pretty, but she was also pretty boring. Seriously. She and Ducky could have a rambling match and it would be a very close call. Thank God the waiter chose the time to come give them the bill. "Thanks," he mouthed. The waiter looked at Amanda and gave Tony a sympathetic look. Tony nodded, grabbed some change and chucked it on the paper. "Keep the change," he told the waiter, "Tip." The waiter nodded, thanked him and left.

"Time to go," he told Amanda. She snapped out of her trance with glazed eyes, and followed him mutely to the car. "You know," she began when Tony started to exit the car park, "I was talking to my neighbor Tracy the other day….." Tony groaned, and willed himself to go faster, no longer caring whether he got a ticked or not. He dropped Amanda home, but she spoke again before he could rush off. "I had a great time tonight," she told him. Tony grinned, "Yeah. I'll, erm, call you!" "You don't have my number." "If its fate, I'll guess," he sped off, leaving Amanda confused and upset. A Friends moment, Tony thought.

~~~~~~~Elsewhere in the city~~~~~~~~~

Ziva David dropped on her couch. Her date, Danny had been a massive bore. All he cared about was his sister, cat and job. He went to the bathroom, and she legged it. Leaving a note explaining what she'd done. She hoped he'd understand. He'd probably get over it.

Then out of the corner of the eye, she noticed something on her laptop screen. "CHATTERBOX," the advert boasted, "FREE ONLINE DATING SITE. 18+ SIGN UP TODAY!" Intrigued, Ziva sat down, and began to type.

~~~~~~~~~~~~At Tony's place~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tony groaned. YouTube was down. No lonelygirl15 today. Then, an advert came up. For Chatterbox dating site. He clicked on the link, and began to type.

"MovieLover72," Tony decided.

"NinjaGirl," Ziva decided.