Chatterbox Chapter 7

The Date: April 22nd 2013.

The day was unusually warm, with a pleasant breeze sweeping through the trees as light as a feather. The church was nearly full to the brim- full of Americans, Italians and Israelis alike. Tony stood at the aisle, nervous. He couldn't believe he was getting married.

"Ziva," Abby had tears streaming down her cheeks, "You look amazing." Ziva hugged her friend, smiling. "Thanks, Abs," she grinned, "Look at you, crying your head off." Abby giggled, "It's crying your eyes out, Ziva, not crying you head off. You're getting it confused with laughing you head off." Ziva release her maid of honour, who went off to the bridesmaids- Breena Palmer and Ziva's cousin's 5 year-old daughter Bina. Palmer and Ducky (the ushers) were shuffling nervously. McGee was the best man.

"Hey, kid," Gibbs smiled at Ziva, "I've got a present for you." He gave her a large box. She opened and gasped. It was a beautiful tiara, with little diamonds encrusted. Ziva was dangerously close to crying. She knew she couldn't though, she'd spoil her make-up. "Gibbs," she whispered, "Thank you." He placed in on the top of her head, on her hair, which was twisted into a bun.

"It was my mother, Marion's," Gibbs told her, "Since I had no sisters, she gave it to me on her deathbed, in case I had any daughters. I have two. I lost one many years ago, but was blessed with two more. One day, Abby can have it for her wedding. It's your something borrowed." Ziva now had tears cascading down her perfectly blushered cheeks. "Come on," the boss told her, "Don't ruin your make-up, kid."

Suddenly, the music began to play. Ziva gasped. "Oh, God," she whispered, "Oh my God." Gibbs clutched her arm tightly. First the maid-of-honour and best man. McGee walked Abby, who had a gorgeous purple dress on, down the aisle. McGee stood slightly next to Tony, and Abby stood near where Ziva would be. Next Mr. and Mrs. Palmer (plus the baby bump), followed by Ducky and little Bina.

The congregation stood up. Ever so slowly, Gibbs and Ziva began to ascend the aisle. "You, ready?" Ziva nodded. Abby had tears sliding down faster than ever. Tony looked at his bride. Like Abby, he was silently crying. He'd never been happier. This was the woman he'd loved ever since the undercover mission. When Ziva arrived at the stand, he leant in and whispered, "You look so beautiful, Zeeves."

The bride smiled.

15 minutes later, the priest shut his book. "I now pronounce you husband and wife," he drawled, "You may kiss the bride. Well what he said went out of the window, as the snogged passionately. "Get a room!" one of Tony's cousins immaturely yelled out. Several people laughed.

"Read, NinjaGirl?" Tony smiled warmly at the new . "Of course, MovieLover72."

Together, hand-in-hand, they ran out, ready for whatever the world could throw at them.

Okay, it's finished. I'm sad, I've loved writing this. If you are American, and think I've spelt honour wrong, I haven't, that's just how we spell it in the UK.

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