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Summary: Eighteen years ago, twin babies were born in the Malfoy manor. Changing the perspective of a very old and powerful family. They were sent away when they were still young by their father to be protected from their world, and known as dead to everyone else. Celestia Arabella Malfoy, also known as Isabella Swan, vows to return and help her family after Edward leaves. But only to find many suprises when she gets there...

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Chapter One

"Congratulations Lucius." The pale handsome man says to one of his most loyal followers. Smirking in amusement at how the other man was usually so well-groomed and orderly. But now, his long blonde hair seemed in a great disarray, clothes and cloak wrinkled, green eyes wide and joyous, all hidden behind a poorly masked facade of indifference.

"Thank you my Lord. I cannot tell you how honored Narcissa and myself are to have you in our home for this glorious event." The pale man replies, trying to tear his eyes away from the two newborns being held by their mother. A rare smile lighting up the face of this usually hard-faced man, as the baby in the emerald green blanket gurgles and looks up at him.

"Of course, Malfoy. It's important to me to meet my future followers. They do will do great things under my rule." He smirks darkly looking hungrily at the two blonde children. Lucius feels weird sense of panic in his chest. "Their names?"

It is the beautiful blonde woman that answers this time. Keeping her adoring gaze at her children.

"Scorpious Alexandre and Celestia Arabella Malfoy, my Lord." The dark haired man smiles.

"Welcome to the world Scorpious and Celestia. You are the first of the new generation of future death eaters. When the time comes, you will be very great allies in the fight for a new and better world." He reaches over and after a moment of speculation, touches both babies on their left forearms. Ignoring their cries of pain, he leaves without a look back. Leaving behind the parents in a state of bewilderment and fright.

"Lucius, what are we going to do?" Narcissa whispers looking down at her children's arms, branded with a sign of their master. Each with a unique but different sign from what Lord Voldamort usually used to brand his followers. Celestia had a beautiful emerald snake curling from the base of her elbow to the tip of her middle finger. Where it playfully licked her miniature fingernail, making her giggle and put her fingers into her mouth. Scorpious' held a powerful miniature green dragon curled around his whole left arm. It stretched it's wings out showing elaborate designs of green and black on its mighty wings. It stretched its head back and let out a mighty silent roar, releasing a small cloud of 'fire'.

"WHAT ELSE NARCISSA? THEY ARE MALFOYS, AND.. we have always served Lord Voldemort." He says harshly. Celestia looks up at her father and smiles, her beautiful icy blue eyes crinkling around the edges. A terrible feeling of dread awakens for the first time in his stomach. Knowing that one day his children will be in danger, and in danger of losing their child-like innocence. His voice softens as he looks at Scorpious, chuckling as his son tries to hit the dragon on his arm. Only, of course, to hit his arm, and give out a frustrated cry. The tattooed dragon, frightened, flies through the surface of his body and lands on his face. Outlining the surface between his left eye and hairline, cheek, and most of his neck. He looks around at his arms, and not finding his new playmate pouts.

"I don't want them to live this life Lucius." She whispers, looking at her children. Fear and worry present in her usually confident voice. Images of her future children harming others and killing under their master causing her to shiver.

"They won't. I will figure something out." He says wrapping his arms around his wife, and smiling fondly at his children.