A Brave New World

Chapter 6b


Alex fell to the floor, out of breath, after being kicked in the stomach by one of the guards. He could barely contain his rage, how dare Jared do this to him. This was his realm, wasn't it? Doubt began to swell in his mind as he thought back to hearing the old adage "You can't feel pain in your dreams." Struggling to hold the vomit back he stood up slowly, and stumbled over to an abnormally low bench bolted to the side of the wall.

Several seconds later, Alex heard a casual exchange of words between two of the stallion guards followed by the slam of the jail door, as the larger grey stallion left. He watched as the other guard approached the bars of his cell. "So another human, eh?" The guard remarked casually.

"Yeah? so what?" Alex replied, barely able to finish his sentence, before the white stallion seemingly morphed into a beautiful, but arrogant, looking mare.

"So, Trixie has hiding in Ponyville under the guise of one of Celestia's guards ever since her defeat in the Everfree forest. She saw your humiliation in the town square, and wondered if you would like in on her plan to get revenge. Trixie assures you, that it will be more than satisfying," Trixie finished with a nasty grin.

"What did you have in mind," Alex asked, as he thought about what he was going to do to Jared when he escaped. He barely heard Trixie, as he thought about Jared's warm blood flowing through his hands.

"By the end of this Jared and her highness's star pupil will lay dead at our hooves," Trixie morphed back into the white stallion "Trixie will be back for you later." She calmly exited the cell block, and was replaced by the mean looking grey stallion that had been watching him earlier. He grunted, reclining his head back against the cold concrete wall, and slowly slipped into light sleep.

Alex was woken up several hours later, by a rather loud clanging on the bars of his cell. "Wake up," The grey stallion commanded, glaring at him.

"What?" Alex responded angrily, noticing that several other guards had entered the room while he was sleeping.

"By decree of the princess you are going to see justice in Canterlot," The grey stallion replied, with the hint of a smile on his face "They will be your escort."

"Try anything and we have orders to kill you on the spot," The large stallion in golden armor interrupted. As the stallion finished his sentence, a chain snaked its way through the bars and wrapped itself tightly around his wrists, making his hands feel somewhat numb.

Alex walked slowly out of the Jailhouse, with guards on either side of him, and was forced into a small carriage. He noted that it had bars on all sides of it, but they looked like they were meant to fit a pony, as he could barely stick his hands outside of it.

I must apologize about the long delay. things have been rather chaotic for me lately, anyway this is a short chapter but ch. 7 will be up soon. Thanks for reading