A Mother's Death

Characters: Kouji and Kouichi.

Summary: What if Kouji and Kouichi's Mother dies, leaving Kouichi to live with Kouji, Their Dad, and Their Step Mom. How will Kouichi deal with a new place, a new school, a new mother, being with their dad and His brother Kouji? No pairings. No swearing please!! PLEASE, OH PLEASES REVIEW!

Kouichi was standing in his old room in witch is now empty, in his good clothes. It had been a few hours since the funeral of his Mother. It had been about a week since her death. About 2 months since going to the Digital world.

* * * Flashback * * *

"Mom I'm home." Kouichi said, as he walked in the door, With Kouji. Noticing their Mother not up. Kouichi called out to her, "Mom, Mom." They started their search and found her in her bed, not responding. They called 911 and she was rushed over to the Hospital. Where they pronounced her dead. That night, Kouichi stayed at their Dad's house. That night Kouichi cried onto Kouji's shoulder.

* * * End of Flashback * * *

Kouji walked into the room. With a concerned look on his face and said, "What's wrong? Bro."

"It's hard to believe that Mom is gone."Kouichi said, As He started to cry.

"I know." Kouji paused and said, "At least we can heal from it and be happy. I think that is what she would have wanted from us. Is to be happy, that's all. I'm glad to have known her while she was still alive."

With that Kouichi stopped crying. They went out of the room, out of the apartment, down the elevator, out the doors, over to their car and got into it. For Kouichi it is out with the old and in with the new. So they got to their house and got it all in. Then they went and in roll Kouichi in their school System. Register Him for his classes and found them.

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