Hello there! No, I haven't died over the past five weeks. I am so, so sorry. I have been neglecting writing, and my only valid excuse is my GCSE's. I started them six weeks ago and they're just consuming. So if you have read my other things, then I am so sorry (again) for leaving them! I'm going to say this now: I do not know when I will next upload a chapter. It could be never, because I've walked my way into a plot that I now do not like. So I don't know. I'm sorry.

Anywho, do enjoy this! The title comes from 'Remains Of You - Mads Langer' and you should all go listen to it right now. It's heartbreakingly beautiful!


The double-boom of his heartbeats isn't enough to distract him. He is mesmerised by the way her hair captures the light, glittering every Autumn shade of red, gold, orange and yellow. He finds himself lost in her eyes. Those green, green eyes. Patiently he stares, just watching, not moving. From the outside, this could be a picture in a child's fairytale book. The mad, brilliant, impossible man just waiting for her. And he'll wait forever.

The Doctor will wait forever.

The picture is creased where he has run hands across her face. The ink is fast fading and the colour isn't so sharp any more. Despite this it is still possible to pick out every fleck of mint and emerald green. If the way his hearts speed up is anything to go by, he can say that her eyes are his favourite thing. Even if he never sees them again, they're his favourite.

So as not to ruin the 'moment' (What does that even mean? He thinks), he remains silent. Just watching. And waiting. He is waiting for the fantastic, glorious Amelia Pond to appear. And he's waiting. And waiting still.

The Doctor knew the TARDIS to be a lonely place but never had he considered it to be this. In everything he saw there was as aspect of her. In the console, he could see her uncoordinated, lanky figure stumbling around like a lost child.

What does this do? Should I not touch that? She asks in that terrific Scottish tone.

He misses her voice.

Her hair.

Her eyes.

Her smile.

Her everything.

And it's impossible to forget Amy Pond.

So he waits.