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"Just a second Len." I called to my twin brother as I rushed into the bathroom after a long day at the fair. I closed and locked the door behind me so he couldn't ruin the surprise I was about to give him.

I stepped in front of the mirror and revealed a worn looking me. My hair was frizzy and tangled from being whipped by fair rides all day and my make up had melted off in the hot sun. I took a comb and a straightener to the rats nest of hair until I had it perfect, with my white ribbon tied back into its rightful place. I washed my face and leaned close to the mirror to reapply my eyeliner around my eyes. Then using a fine pen I made a crecent shape above my lash lines to give my eyes a more defined shape. Digging through my make up drawer I found a tube of orange flavored lip gloss. I rolled the tip over my lips. "Len's Favorite!" I said to myself while winking in the mirror. Now for my clothes. I danced over to our closet doors and pushed them open revealing an assortment of yellows and oranges. After lots of trying on, I decided on some sexy lacy yellow lingerie and matching orange underwear. I checked the mirror one last time before heading out into our room.

It had been a long day. Me and Rin spent it out together at the fair. It wasn't like a date or anything. No way! I mean she's my sister! It was just a friendly outing between twins. That's it. Strictly platonic.
As of now I'm sitting on our bunk bed waiting for Rin to exit the bathroom. She's taking a really long time just to get ready for bed. But I don't dare to get up and go see what she's doing. Cause I know she'll be super mad if I interrupt her. So I quietly wait.

After what feels like forever the door slides open to unmask the silhouette of a perfectly curved beauty, I mean my twin sister! She takes a step forward into the warm light of the room. My jaw drops. She is wearing a orange bra that is mainly see though lace and a matching lace thong with a mesh transparent yellow dress over it all, the end of which barley makes an effort to cover her panties. Reviling her long slender legs in full.
I unwillingly stand and begin towards her almost as if I'm being pulled to her by an invisible force of lust. Stop! I scream at my body, begging it to resist. But its in vain for I continue. Rin what are you doing? Why are you dressed like that? All I can think of is how much I want her.

My plan is working Len can't resist me any longer he's finally going to take me! Len puts both hand on my face pushing my bangs back. We stare into each others eyes, no words are spoken. There is simply no need for them. Len pulls my face up to his but pauses just before our lips meet almost as if to take in the moment and run a reality check to see if he's dreaming. A small smile gradually forms on my lips and I close the gap. A chill runs through me as the little traces of doubt melt down into enjoyment. Then his lips part and his tongue slowly begins to glide into my mouth as if it were made to kiss me. Our tongues twist and twirl exploring this new found kiss.

I could feel a warm glow spread over me and in case me in a wonderland that is his body. Len's hand dropped from my face and began down my shoulders. His hand fell over the temporary tattoo we had both gotten at the fair earlier. It was of half a purple butterfly and when we stood together so both our right shoulders were touching it formed a whole butterfly. We both momentarily broke the kiss to smile then dove right back in.

All I could taste was her orange flavored lips as I moved my hand from her arms and ran them over her curvy center. I wrapped one hand around her waist and the other moved to her chest. Slowly groping her, feeling every part of her and allowing my self to enjoy it with no feelings of wrong doing. I pulled her hips into me driving my hard on into her through my jean shorts. She broke the kiss to silently breathed in. She wanted more and so did I.

My hand dropped from their original position and grabbed her butt forcing her to wrap her legs around me. I took a few step and then dropped on top of her falling on some bean bags in the corner of our room. There I continued to kiss her, not wanting to ever move. This was perfect. I was laying on top of her with her legs wrapped tightly around me holding me in place so I too couldn't get away, not that I would try. I continued to explore the cavern of her mouth. The whole sensation filled my entire body. It felt like our bodies could melt together and we would become one, if this moment could last forever.

I began to slid my hands over her curves touching each part of her. I ran my hand from her breast all the way down her thighs. I never wanted this to end. I never wanted to leave her. I just wanted to stay like this forever.

Len fell on top of me he was heavy but something about his weigh made me feel safe and warm. I could feel his sex pressing firmly against mine making me numb. Tingles ran through my body and all I could think and feel was him... all I wanted was him... everything about this moment was perfect, the way his hands felt wondering around my body and how sweetly he was kissing me. I wanted to stay here with him forever. But eventually we grew to tired to move and fell asleep side by side, my arms still holding him, as if his life and mine depended on it.

I awoke the next morning on the bean bag, arms empty. When I tried to open my eyes the light forced them shut. No one had drawn the curtains the night before, so now the morning sun was bursting through our windows. I stretched my arms out and searched for him, but I found no one...

I awoke with my sisters arms wrapped around me. I pulled free from her death grip so I could look her over in the bright room. She looked even hotter in the day time. Her shoulder length hair was spread across the bean bags, it was messy but in a hot way. Some where during the night her see through slip had been tossed aside. So now here I was, the sexist girl I had ever seen laying in front of me with nothing on but a skimpy lace bra and matching thong.

I rested a hand on her hip and though of the previews night. I though of how hot she felt under me and the places on her body that I had never laid hands on before. And before I could stop myself I had it fully on, in my hands and pumping it faster and faster. I stared at her with lust gleaming in my eyes. I wanted her. I wanted to put this in her instead of my hand. "Unhhaaa..." a loud noise broke the room, I nervously bit my lip to try to prevent more sound from escaping but when I caught site of her lips, so perfect and smooth all I could think of was having them wrapped around my member, swallowing me and sucking hard. "Uah..Haa... Rin!" I called and released. A white liquid flowed onto my hand and over flowed, slightly, onto the pile of bean bags a few inches from Rin. I got up and rushed to the bathroom. Not so Rin wouldn't see me but because I was about to vomit up last nights fair food.
I hovered over the toilet for a few moments after passing the cheap food. What have we done? Did that really happen last night? My mind raced with questions. This is sick, Twisted! What did I just do? Did I really get pleasure out of watching my twin sister sleep?

All my emotions were over whelming me. I felt sick and discussed with myself, ashamed of what we had done what I had just done! I managed to find my feet after a good 10 minus and made my way into the shower. Trying to cleans myself of these feelings of regret.
I love her... I finally came to the conclusion. We were meant to be together, I can feel it! And I don't care who thinks its wrong. So long as Rin is happy...

I was glad he wasn't there. I wanted to run, to hide. Why did I temp him? I thought to myself as I rolled around trying to find my top dress. I felt sick over what had happen but at the same time I didn't regret it. I loved it. And that though made me even sicker. I felt my stomach lurch and I rushed into the bathroom to throw yesterdays cheep dinner into the toilet.

When I finally stopped I noticed the water running in the shower, Len was in here... Crap what am I going to do? He just heard me throw up and I can't face him after last night! Every part of me screamed to run but I couldn't move, I didn't want to move. The shower curtain slid open and wet foot steps fell on the floor slowly approaching me. I wasn't sure what to do at this point so I just sat there. Frozen. I closed my eyes and waited. I'm not sure what for, I just waited. Then unexpected wet arms draped around me sliding me backwards till he was sitting against the wall his arm around my middle and shoulders. His legs were out stretched on either side of me, almost as if to put me in a cage to keep me from escaping.

"I..." his voice broke the tension causing me to jump, he hadn't spoke to me sense before I went into the bathroom last night. My mind began to rifle through the words that could possibly follow. Hate, regret, can't stand you, don't want this what is it..? "I did the same thing." he finished and I turned and looked at his face. He was smiling his beautiful smile. And I smiled back every negative feeling I had, had shattered with just this one embrace. I wanted nothing but him. Society's rights and wrongs didn't matter to me. What I feel for him feels so good it can't be wrong. But this perfect idea wont work in the eyes of the world. And no matter how good this feels it will come to a devastating end...