I stared down into her hazel eyes absorbing her beauty. Our face's drew closer and our lips met with a kiss that filled our entire being's. My body ached for her. I loved her. I loved her with a power so strong I couldn't stand the though of ever letting her go. We fell away from each other as our kiss broke. I watched as a smile spread over her soft lips, a devilish smile. She wanted me too and it made me giggle. At that moment we both, simultaneously turned, and ran for the school.

We pulled open the doors and bolted down the hall our feet gliding on the clean white floor. Rin slide open the door to the music room and I ducked in pulling her along with me. She somehow manged to slid the door closed and locked it before we hit the floor of the empty room. I rolled her over onto her back and used my fingers to gently brush the hair from her eyes.

"No regrets Rin."

"No regrets..." I sealed her lips with mine and we kissed in the shadow of the grand piano.

My hands begin to run about her body, exploring it once again. Only this time I felt each curve with no though of wrong doing. All I wanted was her. I wanted to feel her around me. I wanted to feel every part of her body under my finger tips.


Len's kiss was filling but not even close to enough. He had his hands gripping my waist while straddling one of my legs with his. He had intentionally placed his keen between my legs and had already began to inch it closer and closer to me. Every time he hit me with his keen it caused me to let out a small moan, but then he pulled back leaving me to have to rock my hips to get a little bit of relief. He suddenly pulled away from our kiss.

"Do you want me Rin?" he spoke. I was hot, and desperate, I couldn't get enough of him from just his kiss. But I wasn't about to let him no that. So I just turned my head away shyly giving him my cute puppy dog eyes. He placed the tips of his fingers at my belly button, "Say it Rin," he demanded and as he spoke he started dragging them slowly down to play just under the waist of my skirt. I couldn't help but to move my hips into him hoping to acquire his touch down there. "Say you want me." Len drove his knee up against me holding my arms down so I couldn't squirm against him anymore.

"I want you Len!" I yelled surprising myself and him. "...Stop teasing me..." I said and reached for the top button of his shirt, undoing it and then another and another. I sat up forcing my way onto his lap. "Or I'll start teasing you..." I said with my lips pressed to his ear.


She nibbled the lobe of my ear in a sweet loving way that was driving me crazy. Slowly she began to lick down my neck and then proceeded to slid her tongue over my chest as she reviled it, button by button. The slowness of her movement was unbearable I wanted to grab her by the hair and force her down, but I knew that was what she wanted, she was trying to break me and I wasn't about to give her the satisfaction.

I leaned back against a wall, unable to support myself any longer. A moan escaped my lips. I prayed and hopped that she wouldn't stop, that she would take me in her mouth finally. But she stopped just after undoing my last button, the one on my pants. She came back up giggling "It wouldn't be teasing if I went all the way." she said all the while tracing the out line of my long and rock like hard on through my pants. Forcing me to want her more and more. She dipped her fingers into my boxers brushing just over my tip. Finally she pulled them down slightly. She then took me fully into her hand, making feel as if I was about to burst. I could feel her, moist, against my leg as she slowly grinded her hips on me. Turning me on even more if that was possible.

Opening her mouth she started to lick me from the base all the way up to the tip, stopping to twirl her tongue around my tip taking her sweet time. I couldn't take it any more, at last I grabbed a handful of hair and forced her over me, pushing myself deep in her mouth. I fell back, a moan filled the room once again coming from my lips. As she moved I fell forward over her again.


Finally I broke him, satisfied at my accomplishment I moved him in and out of my mouth. He put his head down on my shoulder griping my arms tightly in his hands and girting his teeth. He can't take much more I though. Then I released his member and whispered in his ear in a sly tone "Now do you want me?" but instead of a response he ripped my shirt off over my head and pushed me over, laying down on top of me.

"Len..." he nipped at my neck and then continued to kiss my body going, lower unhooking my orange lacy bra as he moved. His tongue sent an unbelievable sensation of chills though my body as it slid over my skin. His mouth made its way to my breast and he began to twirl his tongue around the tip. I let my head fall back onto the floor and my hips push into his. A soft moan escaped my lips, making Len's eye's fill with pleasure. Seeing my reaction he sucked the whole thing into his mouth, driving my crazy, causing me to squirm underneath him. I just wanted him and I couldn't take the teasing any more. "Len..I need you..." I repeated when ever I could get enough air to talk. "Len... now I- ahh hunn... Len do me! Do me now please..." I watched a smug grin appear on his face.

"What was that Rin?" he lowed his head down pulling my skirt up and out of the way he licked me through my underwear. "I Didn't hear you." my hips pushed forward into his mouth.

"Len I need you..." he began to work his finger tips under the edge of my panties. Carefully he began to slid them down. With every deliberately slow tug I grew more and more impatient. Finally he pulled them over my knees and ripped them off swiftly. I gasped for air, but was cut off by his mouth. His kissed filled my body momentarily distracting me as he got into position between my legs. Moments later I could feel something warm and hard against my opening pushing for entry.

We entwined our fingers, lacing them and squeezing hard as we anticipated the amazing feeling that was to come next. In that moment nothing mattered everything was still, serene, quiet. All I could hear was Len's hot breath breathing into my ear. I could feel the moisture beginning to gather on my neck and his throbbing member as it slowly began to push its way into me feeling like a long awaited dream that had finally come true. His trust become more deliberate and faster, forcing the tension in my body to tighten. Together at once this feeling washed over us consuming my mind and body, it built more and more till it was over flowing then finally it released. Len pushed deep inside me one last time and fill me with a hot liquid before collapsing on top of me exhausted.

"Len..." I tried to speak. Then Slam! A door opened. Adrenalin over flowed our body's. With hearts racing we both simultaneously rolled under the piano. I quickly garbed for our clothes. A door on the opposite end of the classroom had been opened and a single pair of foot steps had entered the room. Len wrapped his arms around me laying down on my back.

"Shhh... I don't think they seen us." he whispered in my ear. We laid there Shaking, waiting, watching. Fear flooded our minds. We knew that if we were caught our parents would separate us. I couldn't tell if it was me or Len who was shaking so violently, perhaps it was even both of us. The pair of feet made there way to a filing cabinet where sheet music is kept. They took out some papers and left shutting the door behind them.


I rolled off Rin's back, letting out a huge sigh of relief, thanking god that we where unseen. We both began a nervous laugh and then looked at one an other still giggling slightly. Rin looked so pretty when she laughed. Her beautiful smile lit the room. I raised my hand and rested it on her check. "Your so beautiful Rin..." I spook in a soft tone, filling the room with my love for her. Rin scooted closer to me and hit my four head with hers. "owe!" I smiled and she kissed me. It was a sweet and tender kiss that felt so right. "Let's go home Rin before we get caught."

"Ya lets" We both sat up on our knees and began to button each others shirts all the while laughing at how foolish we were. Once dressed we got in her car and drove home to finish our magical night in the safety of our own room.