Love is blind, some say. But others say that only love takes away our blindness.

Pad would certainly agree that this was true of his experience with Melody. He could never see her until he fell in love with her. All he saw was a weird girl with a selfish, belligerent personality and the worst taste in clothing imaginable. The ridiculously broad rim of her hat seemed to symbolize how far her mind was from anyone but herself. He looked at her and saw a redneck freak, nothing more.

It was when the elder was murdered that Pad's eyes were opened. Such incongruity was not unusual in his dealings with Melody. Seeing her reaction to the elder's death, Pad was almost overcome. She was so warm. So compassionate. So strong and full of spirit.

So totally badass.

Even had Pad missed the rest of it, the way she made Hartmann run off with his tail between his legs all by herself would have caught his attention. And he wasn't sure whether it was that kickass spell she slammed him with or the angry look in her eyes that had Hartmann shitting his trousers. That look would have sent anyone with a brain in their head running for the hills.

That was when he fell in love with her. Basically. He wasn't actually in love yet, but he was falling, so it was only a matter of time before he reached love. And not all that much time, either.

At any rate, from that moment on Pad was no longer blind, at least not to Melody. He could see now that however rude she might be, Melody had one of the biggest hearts of anyone he knew. He could see her incredible bravery. He could see her sparkling eyes, so full of life. He could see her soft smooth skin, her long legs, the dainty way she clasped her hands.

He could see that she wasn't just a redneck freak, but a beautiful girl who had had to make her own way through life.

Mind you, he didn't like everything he saw. In fact, as time went on, he saw enough that he didn't like for his brain to build quite a convincing case that Melody was no good for him.

The trouble was, Pad's heart cared that she was no good for him about as much as his taste buds cared that chocolate was no good for him.

Author's Notes:

Thanks for reading this far. As of the writing of these notes, I have well-developed ideas for four different stories about Melody and Pad, so if this fic has less than five chapters(prologue plus four stories), rest assured, more is on the way! Otherwise, feel free to drop me a line to inquire.

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