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'these are thoughts'


Everything was very hazy with the edges blurred in black. The raven haired man was standing in front of a bed dressed in black nin pants with a simple white t-shirt. He could see the figure of someone standing in front of him but he couldn't see their face, his dream blocked out the image of the person's face with black.

"Who are you?"

The person stepped closer to him, he could tell that whoever it was that they were considerably shorter than him. The figure barely reached his chin.

His question was answered with the sound of light and melodic laughter. The voice sounded suspiciously familiar.

Sasuke tried to adjust his eyes to the darkness but it didn't help. He was growing frustrated because he still wasn't able to see who it was.

"Who are-" A finger was placed on his lips to quiet his speech. Small and pale feminine hands came out from the surrounding black, one hand coming to rest on his chest. The finger was removed from his lips on to have the thumb trace his bottom lip. Next he felt the figure press against his front.

His breath hitched when he felt breasts and obviously feminine curves molding against him. He tried to grab and still the hands that were touching him but he was unsuccessful. The hands only pushed his chest, forcing the backs of his knees to hit the bed and causing him to fall back on the bed.

The figure kept advancing closer to him until it was seated in his lap. He just sat there and let the figure do what it wanted. It was clearly a female but he wished he could see the person's face. Hands suddenly lifted his shirt above his head leaving him only in his black pants.

He flinched when the warm hands traced patterns all over his chest and moved to his abdomen. He felt hot. The patterns her fingers were tracing left trails of fire in their wake. The lower her hands ventured the more he could feel his breathing becoming shallow. He swallowed when he felt small fingers unbutton his pants.

He wasn't sure why but he wanted this to keep going.

He stifled a gasp when the curious fingers outlined his member through his pants. He could feel himself hardening more with every touch she gave him. She was driving him crazy, he could feel her nipples poking through her shirt when she moved herself to press flush against his chest. He heard the laughter again but this time her lips were right beside his ear.

Her palm was rubbing him intentionally now, moving up and down his length. He tried to thrust up into her hand but that only made her stop moving her hand. He growled low in his throat when he couldn't get what he wanted. His cock throbbed painfully in his pants. He wanted release so badly but the faceless figure wasn't letting him.

He almost cried out when he felt the hand slip into his boxers and grab his length. He bucked into her hands from the feeling of contact on the bare skin of his arousal. He bit back a groan when her thumb teased the head and spread the leaking pre-cum over it. His eyes shut tightly and he grit his teeth when he felt her hand grip him firmly and give a harsh stroke of his erection. It felt so good, he didn't want it to end.

The hand's slow strokes brought him so much pleasure he thought he would die. He suddenly imagined the hand to be Sakura's. He wished it was her who was pressed against him, that she was the one stroking him with small, soft hands, bringing him such intense pleasure. The idea of Sakura being so naughty had his cock hardening even more. He was panting by now, he could feel the beads of sweat trickling down his neck.

The pace of the hand slowly began increasing, robbing him of breath, moving up and down his erection.


His eyes that had fallen shut under the onslaught of so much pleasure immediately snapped open. His eyes widened as he saw the face of the figure to be Sakura. He tried to call out her name but a particularly harsh pump of his erection had him trying to hold back a moan. He was so close.

"…Sak…ura.. please." His raspy voice begging for her to bring him to release.

As soon as he said the words the edges of his dream started fading to black and the feeling of her hand stroking him slowed. His hips thrust in desperation. He tried his hardest to keep his dream, he couldn't be left like this! But his efforts were useless as Sakura's face faded into the darkness and he no longer felt the heat of her body pressed against his. The feeling of her hand wrapped around him disappearing all together.

He opened his eyes to find himself alone in the navy blue walls of his bedroom, lying on his back in his bed with no Sakura. He closed his eyes, groaning out loud when he felt his erection pressing against his pants.

"Fuck." He wanted to break something, this had been the fifth time he'd woken up in the middle of an erotic dream involving his pink haired team mate. Frustrated, he sat up in his bed and ran a hand through his messy locks. He always woke up right before he'd finally reach climax, and was left with a throbbing arousal, feeling all hot and bothered.

Sasuke was never the type to have wet dreams about any woman but since the incident, a little over a week ago, of finding her in her bed only wearing lingerie he'd been plagued with thoughts, images, and now she was even in his dreams. The image of Sakura in her lacy green panties and bra suddenly flashing in his mind.

He pinched the bridge of his nose as he felt his member twitch in response to the image. This was all her fault! He had never before had this much trouble dealing with his hormones. Hell, during adolescence he hadn't even been curious about the opposite sex. Whenever he'd gotten morning erections he just waited till it'd go down by itself or take a cold shower to fix the problem.

He couldn't remember getting hard from any other situations and he was generally disinterested in women. They all threw themselves at his feet and all of them were annoying. Women of all different kinds had tried to seduce him but he'd never been aroused by any of them.

But god damnit. Fucking Sakura had him losing his damn mind. He didn't know what it was but she could make him feel hot just by looking at him. She was fucking distracting as hell and it was begging to be a problem. He knew she was attractive, her exotic features and fit physique and he also knew he wasn't the only one who had noticed her. He'd never admit to it but even before the incident, he occasionally found his eyes lingering on her developed body and feminine curves. Sasuke did so discreetly of course.

The last several mornings of waking up with a pulsing hard on he'd simply ignored it and gotten up to take a cold shower. It would take him twice as long to shower because it seemed like his body didn't want to cool down, but he patiently waited till his erection would disappear.

He'd never before touched himself and his pride wouldn't allow him to stoop to such poor level of self gratification.


He sat there in his bed and all he could focus on was his throbbing arousal. It was like it had a heartbeat of its own. He honestly couldn't take it anymore, he was denied release every single time and it was killing him. She teased him even in his dreams! He shifted on his bed slightly but immediately stilled and sucked in air through clenched teeth. The movement had caused the fabric of his boxers to rub against the tip of his member. And it had felt incredibly good. He bit his lip trying to push down the instinct to repeat the action.

Instead he closed his eyes and tried to meditate his arousal away. Dark eyes snapped open when images of Sakura reaching behind her back and unhooking her bra filled his mind. Anytime he closed his eyes he'd see her… licking her lips, biting on a nail, smirking seductively at him.

'Fuck. This needs to stop.' No matter how hard he tried, it felt like his skin was getting hotter. With no blood left in his head he couldn't concentrate on anything. At this point….. he couldn't resist temptation any longer.

He laid back down on his bed with his head falling back against the pillows. He struggled with himself, he didn't want to do this! But he knew that a cold shower would no longer alleviate him of his needs.

Oh..how hard Naruto would laugh at him if he knew what Sasuke was about to do…..

The dark haired man took a few deep breaths before moving his right hand to rest on his stomach. He lightly smoothed over the pale skin before slowly moving lower to rest on his hip. He teased the skin there, rubbing his thumb over the sensitive skin. He let out the breath he'd been holding and made himself more comfortable on the bed.

It was odd, how his own rough hand could feel so nice against his skin. Since he'd never previously explored his own body he was surprised to discover that he was in fact, quite sensitive. He looked down at himself and saw his hand resting right above the tent in his boxers. He was curious now, he'd heard many conversations between men about how great masturbation was. There were also times where Naruto would enthusiastically explain how good it felt and how much he loved it.

He'd previously been disgusted…. But he was starting to see that they might have been right…

Hesitantly he pressed his palm to his clothed erection. He almost moaned at the feelings of his own hand. 'Feels so good' He slowly rubbed his length over his boxers. He hissed, eyes shutting, he was consumed by the pleasure. He needed more.

He moved his hands to pull his boxers off, fabric brushing against his sensitive skin, his erection sprung up once it was released from its confinement. He looked at his member, hard and pulsing, the head was colored bright red. He hissed feeling the cool air hit the warm skin of his arousal.

He took a deep breath before he wrapped his hand around his erection. He fisted the covers with his left hand while a choked moan made its way out of his throat.

"Kami." He gripped himself firmly before moving his hand down his shaft. Why had he never tried this before? It felt fucking amazing. He moved his hand over himself up and down and even moved to tease his tip with his thumb. He gave up trying to hold back and moaned as he teased his slit with his thumb.

"Aahha.." Pre-cum was leaking from his slit, thumb spreading it over the head of his member and it was making a nice lubricant for his stroking. Closing his eyes he imagined it wasn't his own hand touching himself, that it was a smaller, softer hand gripping him.

Teeth caught his bottom lip when he imagined Sakura teasing his cock with her hand, that it was her bringing him this divine pleasure. The heat that had long since pooled in his stomach was becoming tighter, forming a knot inside him. The pace of his hand increased faster and faster. Pre-cum dripping down his rigid cock before his pumping hand caught it and rubbed it into his skin.

The dark haired man was lost in pleasure, moans tearing their way out of his throat with each delicious pump of his erection. He imagined Sakura kissing her way down his chest, nipping at the skin of his hips before reaching his member, the way emerald eyes would look up at him through dark lashes, lips pulling into a smirk before a bubblegum tongue would flick out to lick the tip of his arousal.

His skin was on fire, he could feel his cock pulsing, the knot becoming tighter and tighter in his stomach. Moaning, he threw his head back, fist pumping his erection furiously while his hips thrusted into his moving hand. More images of Sakura flashed through his mind, he pretended it was her stroking him. He was teetering on the edge of orgasm, gasping he moved his hand even faster up and down his cock.

"Ha….aah.. N-nn…" So close.

And then suddenly he felt the ball inside him explode, his balls tightening, and thighs tensing. He cried out as orgasm ripped through his whole body, hips arching off the bed while his hand continued to stroke up and down his cock. Spurts of cum shot out of his slit, cum landing on his chest and covering his stomach. Strings of the pearly liquid kept coming out of his rigid member as his hand dragged out his climax. His furious pace gradually slowed as he came down from his high. He continued milking himself until the last spurt of cum shot out of his cock.

He was left breathless as his very first orgasm had rocked through his body, muscles still spasming from the intense pleasure. He dropped his hand from his member and wiped his sticky hand on his thigh. His torso was completely covered in his thick white fluid but it didn't matter. Sasuke was in euphoria, he couldn't believe that masturbation felt this good.

Catching his breath, he was bathing in the aftermath of his orgasm, feeling boneless and happily exhausted.

"No wonder Naruto loves this."

After a couple minutes Sasuke finally lifted himself from his bed and went to go shower to clean the dried cum off of his chest and stomach. With the warm water spraying on his skin and washing away the evidence of his previous activity he let himself relax. He finished with his shower and dressed himself for training. He sighed thinking of how he was going to deal with Sakura.

This was getting bad… He'd dreamed of her every night and if that wasn't enough. He, Sasuke Uchiha, had just masturbated to images of his pink haired teammate sucking him off. He struggled to figure out why she had such an effect on him. Last week everything was fine.

'But after seeing her in her underwear I'm reduced to this?' Surely this was only temporary and he'd eventually get over it. He just couldn't understand why she had affected him so drastically. He had seen women in less clothing than what he'd seen her in, not to mention Sakura had been completely innocent and sleeping.

'There's something wrong with me.' The fantasies that had been playing in his mind ever since the incident were nothing but inappropriate and dirty. Maybe he was so attracted to Sakura because she was innocent. She was pure. He didn't know why but it made her even more appealing to him.

He shook his head to dispel his thoughts before he focused too much on thoughts of Sakura. He left his apartment and made his way over to the Team 7 training grounds to meet for training. He arrived to the field and nodded to Naruto and a suspiciously early Kakashi. He narrowed his eyes when Kakashi closed his orange book and turned his one eye to look at Sasuke.

"You never did say what happened the other day." From the corner of his eye he could see Naruto holding back a laugh. Atleast Naruto hadn't told him.

So Kakashi was so curious that he'd come early for training? He contemplated how long he could keep the secret from the silver haired man. Before he could think of a reply to his sensei Sakura made her appearance.

"Kakashi-sensei? This must be a miracle. You're here early!" Sasuke turned his head to see her walking over to them.

Shifting his dark eyes back to the silver haired man, he smirked when he saw the frustration on Kakashi's face as he was interrupted for a second time by their only female teammate. The lone eye promised that he wasn't finished.

Naruto on the other hand was delighted to see that Sakura was wearing her hair in a messy bun instead of the usual pony tail she wore. He was sure Sasuke had never seen the show Sakura put on when she took her rubber band out of her hair. He hid a smirk thinking about how he would effectively put his plan into action, this was a good preview of what was to come.

It was midafternoon by the time their training session had finished. They were all exhausted as they rested in the shade of a tree. Naruto had patiently been waiting for the right moment to get Sakura to take out her hair. Sakura was sitting cross-legged beside him while Sasuke was seated a couple feet in front of them.

He had already caught Sasuke glance at Sakura almost unnoticeably once or twice already so this was definitely going to get his attention. Currently his best friend was leaning back on his hands and looking at the sky but that would change. He turned to Sakura who was taking a drink of water from a bottle and decided to go on with it.

"Sakura-chan can I see your hair band for a second?" He was hoping she would comply with his request even though it was rather strange. But she only turned to look at him with a confused stare.

"Naruto? Sorry but why do you need it?" She had better not be difficult about this.

"I just want to see it!" Naruto was determined for this to work, from past experience he knew how hard it was not to stare when she fiddled with her hair.

"No Naruto, I'm not giving you my hair band. You don't need it." She turned her head away from the blonde and lifted her water bottle back to her mouth.

Even though she had refused he wasn't going to give up. He resorted to messing up her hair instead so that she would be forced to take out her hair and fix it again. He grabbed her bun and started pulling at it in an effort to mess it up.

"Naurto! Stop ruining my hair! Stop it!"

He was successful in his efforts but he also earned himself a smack to the head from Sakura. She was glaring at him with her hair falling out of the bun, strands of hair messily framing her face.

"Uggh! What is your problem idiot!"

Sasuke had turned his head from the sky to look at the two when Naruto had caused the commotion. Naruto hid a smirk when he noticed Sasuke's eyes fixated on Sakura, he'd accomplished two tasks simultaneously.

He was quite pleased with himself.

Sasuke watched Sakura roll her eyes at Naruto before lifting her right arm to reach behind her head, fingers pulling out the elastic. His eyes widened when she pulled the elastic band from her hair, releasing pink tresses as they fell down in waves. She closed her eyes and shook her head left to right freeing her hair. Pink hair cascaded down her shoulders and reached her hips. She looked… hot. He watched as her waist length pink locks slowly bounced while she moved her head. She opened her green eyes, bangs attractively falling into them. She moved her right hand to her mouth and captured the hair elastic with white teeth.

She then raised both hands to run her fingers through her hair, nails brushing bangs away from her face. The movement also had her unintentionally pushing out her chest. Sasuke swallowed when he saw her sigh and close her eyes, hands moving through her hair, nails scraping against her scalp to get rid of the kinks. Her hair looked amazingly soft and he found himself wanting to run his hands through her locks. Dark eyes couldn't tear their gaze away from the sight of the pink haired girl massaging her scalp.

All he could picture was her sitting on top of him, pink tresses teasing his chest as she leaned down to connect her lips with his. More locks falling around her to create a curtain as she closed the distance between them, his own fingers tangling in her silky locks as he pulled her closer… or her pushing her bangs out of her face with her hand while she rode him, hips moving up and dow-

His thoughts were interrupted when Sakura let out a delighted moan from the massage she was giving herself. He stiffened when the sound reached his ears. Of course it wasn't in any way sexual but Sasuke couldn't stop replaying the wonderful sound of her moan in his head. How would she sound when he fucked her? When she orgasmed? Would she scream his name while he pounded into her?

He needed to stop his thoughts before he got a hard on. How? Did she have to be so damn appealing all the time? How was he ever going to concentrate on anything if she insisted on being a tease. He wanted to hear her moans as she clung to his shoulders, legs wrapped around his wai-

"Mmhmm.." He quickly looked away from her before he lost his composure. He resisted the urge to groan and bite his lip at the sensual display she was putting on in front of him.

'Does she do this on purpose?' He refused to lift his eyes from the ground for fear of his body reacting to her innocent actions. 'God. This is so unfair.'

Naruto barely held back his laughter when he saw Sasuke's reaction to seeing Sakura take out her hair. He watched dark eyes widen before longing flickered across them. It was even funnier when his best friend heard her moan. The man had tensed while his eyes dropped to her lips. He knew exactly what Sasuke had been thinking…. He couldn't blame him either. Sakura had the nasty habit of moaning and humming when she massaged her head and making it sound unbearably sensual. He'd discovered this habit of hers when they were 15 and ever since he would disappear if he ever saw her reaching for her hair band. Not looking at her didn't help because he could still hear the sounds she made.

Truly, she was a dangerous force to be reckoned with. One would think she'd been trained as a seductress to be able to turn any innocent action to become sensual. She aroused men so easily without even meaning to.

He looked beside him to see her tying her hair back up into a bun securely at the back of her head. Looking back at Sasuke he could see the obvious frustration in his body language and he looked like he was trying to burn a whole through the ground with his glare.

The blonde smiled to himself, this was only the beginning.

He sincerely pitied the man Sakura intentionally seduced.