So the flame of my Loki obsession has been well and truly fanned by Tumblr and here is what has popped into my silly brain because of it.

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"Thor told me you demand my presence"

Ever since his crash land to Earth Loki had done nothing but wander around the S.H.I.E.L.D facility moping or annoying everyone and yet somehow maintaining his snobbish attitude.

"Take a seat." Darcy offered while she flicked through the trailers at the start of the DVD she'd put into the TV in what served as a living room.

Loki picked up the DVD case and saw that it was one of those Earth moving pictures he had once seen during a stint on Earth in the 1920's.

Darcy disappeared into the kitchen and returned with popcorn, Coke and Jack Daniels.

"If I see you moping around this facility for one more day I'm going to shoot myself, so Jane suggested a movie night since Thor's being going crazy over them since he got back. Seriously you should see the bill he's worked up with Amazon it's impressive."

Loki's patience with the girl was getting thin and the fact that she's brought up his brother had raised his hackles no end. Also the fact that even this insignificant youth had noticed his loneliness was a bruise to his pride that he'd never had expected.

The title appeared on the screen; (500) Days of Summer.

Oh great a story about summer and flowers and all things feminine this girl will probably gush over.

The narrator explained that it wasn't a love story, which gave Loki a bit of hope, instead it was a story of boy meets girl.

"So what did you think?" Darcy was bubbly with excitement having claimed this as her favourite movie at lease once every fifteen minutes in between scoffing popcorn and guzzling coke. She could feel the sugar high coming on and hoped it wouldn't piss off Loki.

Throughout the movie he'd sat practically like a statue and made the occasional remark but not actually giving any indication whether he liked it or not.

"I like that it wasn't too romantic but I don't know why he got as upset as he did. And frankly I don't understand the dancing when he had sex. That was a bit much."

"Maybe it had been a while. Anyway you can't complain, when was the last time you got lucky?"

The God of Mischief blushed and looked incredibly awkward and Darcy immediately regretted the shit that had just spewed from her mouth. Even though she had known about him since the Destroyer hit New Mexico she had only met him a few times, talked to him even fewer.

What followed was an awkward array of apologies and attempted explanations and finally silence.

"I have an idea; let's take the rest of this bottle to the roof."

"So when you get bored you just come up here in the cold and make yourself intoxicated?" Loki was dubious to the point but it was a clear night and Darcy was growing on him even though her annoying comments still grated on him.

"Well this way I don't have to bother with people." She took a swig of her JD and coke and leaned back to fully appreciate the view.

"So do you miss Asgard?"

Loki didn't know how to answer. One the one hand it was his home; on the other it was where he found out his life had been a lie.

"Still thinking on that one."

The response left them both in silence for a few minutes. It hadn't really occurred to Darcy that this immortal would have a soul or would even be pining for something. As far as she was concerned here was the douche who had tried to destroy everything. In fact yes so what if it was the most interesting thing that had happened during her internship it was like being in a scary movie without the relief of the bimbos dying.

"Thinking on it, that film wasn't too bad." Loki broke the silence.

"Oh really?"

"Yes really. I mean there have been hundreds if not thousands of terrible romances in this realm it was nice to see one that didn't have a happy ending with bunnies and all that drivel."

"Hold it, hold it; what romance movies have you seen?" the smirk on Loki's face said it all, "You douche you've been watching my DVDs!" Loki laughed outright at the sight of Darcy's outrage, "I knew someone had tampered with my organising system."

"What system? It was a mesh of everything."

"Well I knew where shit was. You shouldn't go through a girl's private stuff." Darcy blushed thinking about what he could of found; her secret CD collection, her small but filthy collection of erotic literature, one of her specially sculpted bras meant for girls with stupidly large boobs or worse of all, her mouth-guard.

Loki smirked, he hadn't found anything incriminating but that was possibly the most fun he'd had since arriving on Midgard. Darcy was juvenile, frustrating and he could barely understand half of what she said; but she had waited to meet him before making judgments. Her fantastic curves and pretty face were an added bonus of course.

"You're not nearly as creepy as I thought you would be." Darcy leaned her head on his shoulder and smiled in a dreamy sort of way.

"Well that's about the best I can expect I suppose." Loki tried not to tense but this sudden contact was unexpected and he didn't do well in these situations. He felt the need to breath through his mouth because her hair smelt intoxicating.

"Right we better go. If Jane finds me asleep on the roof again I'll never hear the end of it." Darcy huffed herself up and headed to the skylight they had walked through.

"Wait; sleeping on the roof 'again'?" Loki followed wondering exactly what shenanigans this strange girl got up to.

"That, oh God of Mischief is another story for another time. Goodnight."

Loki raised his arm for a goodbye but she was already in her room for the night. He stood there in silent contemplation before noticing that his hand was still raised.