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The days leading up to the arrival of Rogue and Co. had Darcy all in a tizzy. She'd stocked the fridge with Pop tarts and other glorious junk foods, the photo frames were gleaming with ridiculous pictures and had scrubbed the bathrooms until her back was near broken. Totally worth it.

Thor, Jane and Loki all steered well clear while Darcy was on the rampage. Everything had to be perfect and awesome and full of win. She'd found a few bars in town that didn't suck which would be good for a night out. Her phone was practically grafted to her hand, updating and reblogging and texting constantly, thanks to Jane's pull with Fury she even had a kind of driving service if they got stranded.

Loki watched her run around with an odd sense of amusement. He forgot how strange she was, her customs and how excited she got over silly things. He was truly glad she would be seeing her friends, since she'd found out they were coming it was almost as if she was lighter, glowing from the inside. However it also meant he'd have to share her, oh it hadn't been long and he didn't love her but she was his. Thor had Jane, Loki would have Darcy, it would only take time.

A few days earlier Jane had sought him out in the library. This was indeed unusual for they had never spent any time alone together in all his time on Earth. Either Darcy or Thor would be around, acting like infants and generally easing the tension. But no, this time it was only the two of them and the atmosphere could have been cut with a knife.

"What exactly are your intentions with Darcy?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Screw your bullshit Loki. You might have your brother thinking you're sweetness and light but I know different," her tactic was brash at best but she had balls, not every woman would take on a God with only determination behind them, "She's only 23 for God's sake and you stringing her along will not end well." Of course everything she said had been correct. Bugger.

"I have only honourable intentions I swear."

"Yeah course you do, but frankly I wouldn't be surprised if she jumps your bones before you realise just what you've gotten yourself in for." She smirked at him. SHE was smirking at HIM. Something was definitely wrong.

"Exactly what do you mean?"

"You've never seen Darcy around friends her own age have you? Oh you poor bastard. So like I was supposed to say, have you two had sex yet?" back on Asgard a woman would blush and make excuses in order not to have to speak of such things. Oh how much he had to learn of the women of Midgard. He swallowed a few times and tried to suppress his embarrassment.

"Of course not! Do you think us animals?" Jane laughed openly at him.

"Come on Romeo it's quitting time."

From then he'd been wary around Jane and her all-knowing gaze. Thor's banter occupied a lot of his time, he'd forgotten how ridiculous he could be and how they brought out the best in each other. Darcy was too busy to speak to anyone but she still invited him to watch movies with her, it was just hard with her texting and over-excited demeanour. Neither of them mentioned the cheek incident; it wasn't worth muddying the waters when she was so happy.

In an odd moment of silence and calm Darcy was sitting at the kitchen table having a coffee and reading her favourite Belle de Jour - complete with half naked Billie Piper holding a riding crop on the cover- when she heard something that caught her attention. A few years ago Rogue, Darcy and Kitty had assigned songs to each other in an odd 'this should be my theme tune' moment.

My girl's ready to take control

She just blows my mind.

The music was coming from the front, Jane peaked her head out to see what was happening but Darcy was already half way out the door. Even Thor was surprised by the sudden movement and Loki was just disappointed that he'd missed a chance to spend time with her yet again since the cheek incident. The apartments were attached to the side of the actual S.H.I.E.L.D facility so a couple of agents had come to see what the commotion was about. The guests were in a beast of a jeep, blasting She's A Genius by Jet. Rogue was leaning out of the window grinning like an idiot. She didn't even bother opening the door she just threw herself out of the window and raced over to Darcy's open arms to receive what could only be described as a glomping tackle from her best friend. They flew into the dusty New Mexico ground and Kitty followed suite jumping onto the pile, followed by a skinny white boy with blue hair and a young man with skin the colour of chocolate, blonde hair and athletic physique. Only two of the group didn't participate; a young man, lean and slight with silver-blonde hair and an air of undeserved superiority and a girl who looked strikingly similar but with jet and scarlet hair and an aura that screamed 'Don't fuck with me'.

"You crazy bitch I thought you'd never get here!"

"Yeah we had a few dramas at the Mansion but we're here now and I do not plan to waste a second."

"Well what is thy bidding my master?"

"It's a disaster! We're in freaking New Mexico. Boys you wanna help with the bags and we'll see what we can do for fun around here?" Rogue had a natural ability to give orders and after so many years of obeying them from the likes of Jean and Scott it was a nice reprieve. The S.H.I.E.L.D agents were all to happy to help the infamous assistant to the even more infamous Tony Stark, a name she dropped at least twice a day, mostly in Starbucks.

After the brash welcome Jane, Thor and Loki al came out to meet the notorious Xmen. Rogue thrust her hand out to all of them and introduced herself, followed by Kitty (who went weak at the knees for Thor), Kurt who decided to shun the traditional handshake for a fistpound and Evan who asked if either of the Gods were into extreme sports. Wanda and Pietro only mentioned their names before Pietro left for his room and to find out where the library is. As soon as her brother left the mutant became calmer and more relaxed, she even smiled at Darcy and gave her a one armed hug.

"I'll explain the whole debacle later right now I need to shower the sand out of my ass." This was greeted with a few 'Hell yeahs' from those who weren't used to having sand in their extremities.

The rest of the day was spent unpacking, catching up on random gossip and complaining about the little annoying shit that shouldn't really bother anyone. When the sun started to set Rogue, Kitty and Wanda made a big show of being tired and going to bed, which finally gave Darcy some time alone with a miffed-looking Loki.

"I'm sorry I've been so damn busy this week. Kinda feel like I've abandoned you."

"You've been without your friends for a great while. I would be an ass to expect to take priority over them." he was slowly realising how petty his frustration had been. He was such a buffoon sometimes he wondered why she bothered with him half the time.

"Still, I'm sorry," she ruffled his hair and he only smiled at her, "When they've gone back to New York I'll buy you a milkshake or something." She beamed and laughed. It was infectious and giggly; like some magical nymph. Before he realised it he was laughing too, slowly edging his way closer to her until in a fit of daring he reached out to her soft waist brushing her with his fingertips. In a few moments his hands were on her waist and she was smiling up at him, happy and confused. By all the Gods in all the heavens he wanted to kiss her, ravage her, make her his totally and completely, to never let her leave his bed and worship her like the Goddess she was. Instead he kissed her head, just above her hairline, and started a vicious tickle fight.

Darcy heaved away from him and for the second time that day she fell on her ass with Loki on top of her making her squeal in a mix of childish delight and frustration. Oh what she would do to if they were naked. The frustration in her pants was debilitating but he her friend and Rule One: she didn't fuck her friends. Falling ass over tits for them was a different matter entirely.

"Brother, Lady Darcy you seem to have tripped." Thor looked like the cat that'd swallowed the canary his grin was so wide. If Loki was actively seeking out Darcy in this manner he would soon be beck to his pre-world domination ways.

Darcy all but scrambled up out of Loki's hold and threw herself into her room without so much as a 'by your leave'. Thor held Loki's gaze with a raised eyebrow before crashing into himself in a fit of laughter. He pulled Loki into a standing position before giving him one of his back-breaking shoulder pats and an affectionate man-hug.

For the rest of the evening Darcy listened to the Stone Roses and read The Help until she realised that it was 11:17 at night. She'd missed dinner and any more chances to make a fool of herself with Loki so throwing on some Superman tank-top and sweatpants ensemble and crawling into bed she decided to call it a night. She lay for a few minutes in the empty quiet, not even bothering with her iPod to send her off to sleep. There was a sound which wouldn't let her drift off, some kind of whirring; probably just her imagination.

"You're slowly becoming boring you know that right?" a half-phased Kitty had literally poked her head into Darcy's room from the adjoining apartment. Luckily this was a semi-regular occurrence back at the Mansion whenever she'd needed something or had a sudden brilliant idea, so Darcy didn't scream or cause any alarm. She made some muffled harrumph and rolled over. Kitty stepped fully into the bedroom, "Listen carefully my young Padawan." They stayed perfectly silent. The whirring sound became slowly recognisable and she looked Kitty in the eye.

"Midnight margaritas!"

Kitty immediately phased them both back through to Party Central aka the adjoining apartment where Rogue and Wanda were debating the ratio of tequila to salt while Kitty handles snacks and refreshments which was basically taking the lids off jar of dip and emptying the Doritos into a bowl. When the snacks were out and a Hulk-sized jug of Margarita was placed in the centre of the table (complete of course with glasses and tiny umbrellas) Darcy took a moment to appreciate that they had taken time to plan a night and include her. She'd been without them for far too long.

Wanda lit up a cigarette, "Darce don't be pissed at me about being a loner when we arrived. No one else talks to him because he's a miserable troublesome fuck and frankly I'm all he's got."

"I figured as much, no hard feelings." Forgetting her empty stomach Darcy took a swig from her cocktail, letting the sour salty liquid slip down her throat.

"So tell us what it's like having two Gods as roommates." Rogue was smirking; she'd always had a sense for a person's weakness which came in handy working for Tony Stark.

"Yes! My god I would just stare constantly. I mean even the pale crazy-looking one is hot." Kitty was momentarily forgetting her own boyfriend at home.

"Must be something in the water."

Darcy shifted in her seat, "Yeah they're hot. Thor has Jane and they're crazy in love and Lokiā€¦ well Loki is Loki."

"You love him." Kitty was as wide eyed as a child discovering Disney, "Oh em gee you're totally in love with him!"

"What? You've been reading too much Twilight." Darcy wasn't in love with Loki but there was definitely something brewing under the surface.

"Okay ladies enough God-Talk, I suggest Ring of Fire and maybe Scroll-Shot." Rogue slammed her glass down in the style of Thor. Scroll-Shot was a game they'd made up after discovering Tumblr. Basically you scroll threw the posts n your dashboard and whenever you see some glorious homoerotic subtext, be it Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural whatever, you take a shot.

After exactly 27 minutes they were all drunk. Some genius uploaded a mega-post of all things homoerotic and media-based and after that there was little need to continue.

"Awesome idea alert!" Wanda was apparently the most fun when on the sauce, "Darcy can we get on that roof?"

"Wanda you're a freaking genius, follow me!"

A few minutes later they were on the roof with Doritos, wireless iPod dock and for some reason the empty liquor bottles which Kitty was hugging with all her might. The conversation began to dwindle, Kitty fell asleep on Wanda and Rogue was lighting up another smoke leaning on Darcy.

"I've really missed you Darce."

"I've missed you too, what's happening with Remy these days?"

"Ha! If I knew I'd tell you," Rogue took a long drag, "I should probably demand to know where I stand, but whenever I get the balls to do it he gives me this look that melts me and I can't bear to do anything that will fuck it up."

"Are you happy?"

"Very. Are you? I know you have that Loki guy scrambling for your attention but are you doing ok, really?" Her eyes were bleary but she smiled and offered Darcy a cigarette, if they were getting into this discussion she'd need it.

"Loki's great. I mean he's a freaking God which is better than half the other douchebags I used to waste my time with."

"You mean Pietro?"

"Don't go there. It's just even he has more responsibility than me and I will probably never get the chance to leave because from what I've picked up S.H.I.E.L.D don't let you just quit. And to put insult to injury nothing can ever happen between me and Loki."

"Well why the hell not?" Kitty lifted her head up and looked confused as if she could sense her idealistic view of true love was about to be insulted.

"He's a God, literally, and I'm just a human. I mean we're what they occupied themselves with when they got bored of their perfect lives on Asgard and wanted to down-grade. Anyway I've seen one of those Asgard girls and they are whey ahead of me. So basically he's out of my league."

"Dude, no one is out of your league." Rogue's face was brimming with compassion and sincerity.

Within a few moments everyone realised how tired they were and slowly albeit clumsily made their way down from the roof; Wanda, Rogue and Kitty stumbling towards their apartment, smiling and waving their goodnights to Darcy before shutting the door, leaving her alone in the comforting dark.

Or at least she thought she was alone. Loki melted from the darkness and strode up to her, his brow furrowed under the glow of the nearby streetlamps, she smiled in greeting but that only increased his clear annoyance.

"After knowing me so, you think I am so vain?"

The mixture of alcohol in her system, her empty stomach and Loki's foul disposition brought on a headache.

"How long were you listening to us?"

"I heard you on the roof and came to ensure your safety, I heard what you said, your opinion of yourself and of me. How can you be so derogatory?"

"I clearly mustn't have as high opinion of myself as you obviously do."

She stormed towards the door of their apartment before Loki grabbed her arm and swung her to face him. He held her by the elbows and pleaded to her with his eyes.

"If the world were fair you'd be a goddess. I mean it. You managed to pull me out of myself when no one else could. Can you even understand how incredible and wonderful that makes you?"

Darcy looked like his words would make her cry, her eyes did water and she had to blink away whatever was coming. Loki made a tactful move to put his arm around her and leading her through the main door, down the corridor and dropping her off at her bedroom. She was half sleeping on him so he laid her on her bed and went to rest in his own room.

He had about 10 minutes rest reading Alice in Wonderland before there was a knock on the door. Darcy let herself in wearing only shorts and Muppets tank top. She didn't speak a word, only walked over to him and leant forward. Loki's senses were instantly invaded with her. She smelt of alcohol, faintly of cigarettes and her usual personal scent which continued to intrigue and frustrate him. Visually he was trying with all his Godly might not to look down at her bosom. She'd taken her make up off so her face was slightly flushed.

She smiled and reached out to touch his jaw line. Loki's breath catches in his chest and she gently pressed her lips on his. It was even more fleeting than when she'd kissed his cheek. By the time Loki crashed back to reality she was out the door and back in her room and he heard the firm click of the lock on her bedroom door. He contemplated going to her, it would be a simple spell but she'd had a long day. They'd deal with it some other time.


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