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Me: *Walk's into room* "Sora! Great to have you on the show man!"

Sora: "Thanks Blade it's good to be here!"

Me: "Just to start off Sora, which type of Key do you use more? Kingdom Key or Oblivion?"

Sora: "Hmm… I would say Kingdom Key, it just suits me so well!"

Me: "Hey, while the story is being told do you want to have a Key blade duel?"

Sora: "You think you can take ME? THE SORA HIKARU? BRING IT ON!"

Me: "Sora! Wait I didn't say g- Ow….."

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Me: *Summons Oblivion* "YOU'RE GOING DOWN HIKARU!"


Let go of me! Kairi yelled as two drunk men carried her into the back alley.

One of them leaned close to her ear. "Oh no my dear, we're just getting started…."

They started to undress her starting with her pink hoodie.

The second drunk was going for her thigh.

Kairi thought she was done for until a shadowy figure with yellow eyes pulled them off her.

And with swift speed the mysterious creature grabbed them both by their collars and face planted both of them into the ground. The dark figure was about to let out a lethal blow until Kairi lunged at it and hugged it from behind. She was reduced to tears.

"S-Sora….please…s-stop" Kairi managed to say between sobs.

The shadow figure responded in a dark voice.

"But Kairi, they hurt you….. the deserve a fate worse than hell itself."

"No Sora, I know you were trying to protect me but even they don't deserve this!"

Kairi's P.O.V.

The auburn haired girl suddenly awakened from her dream sweating bullets.

The redhead put a hand up to her forehead. "It was only a dream…."

Kairi's IPhone danced on the table. "You have got to be fucking kidding me, a text message this early in the morning?" Kairi thought.


"What the hell is she smoking? It's only 6…no, 9:00 A.M.?" Kairi said with angry and confused tone.

After a few seconds of processing…. "OH SHIT I'M LATE!"

The blue-lavender-eyed girl rushed into her elegant bathroom to get ready.

After she was done washing her face, she swiftly grabbed backpack and ran at a breakneck pace to the door.

"No breakfast for today…." Kairi thought

As Kairi kicked open the door and made her mad dash down OathKeeper St. and rounded a corner she found herself on the ground and on top of something. She noticed she landed on top of a spiky-haired brunette with eyes bluer than hers "Woops, sorry about that, I should have paid more attention to where I was going."

The brunette noticed her strawberry scent "You smell nice." He complimented "Gee, th-thanks." The auburn-haired girl replied nervously.

At this moment, Kairi was redder than her hair. She quickly got off of him and offered him a hand to which the brunette accepted.

"Hi, my name is Sora!" The brunette chirped. "Kairi" The redhead replied.

"Sorry about running into you like that Kairi, I got out of bed late and since I didn't know anybody around here, I been walking around trying to find Twilight Town's New Hope Academy."

"Hey I go to that school, and no problem, I can show you how to get there." Kairi giggled.

"What's so funny?" "Do I have something on my face?" the brunette started searching his face franticly

"No, no Sora, it's just that you remind me of me when I first moved here." Sora chuckled and put on his signature goofy smile. "Ha-ha, Kairi I really can't imagine you in my situation."

Kairi shoved him lightly "I would never turn into a lazy bum!" she joked, Sora grinned "Sure you wouldn't Kairi" Kairi glanced at her watch "Oh yeah, c'mon, we need to get to school!" Sora nodded "Right!"

As the redhead and the brunette approached the campus, Selphie came dashing out of the school grabbing Kairi's wrist. As Kairi was being dragged away to God knows where, she exclaimed "Bye Sora!"

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