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As Sora's climactic battle with his clone rages on, the opposites strike each other with fierce blows, the both of them almost being equal in strength. Supposedly gaining the upper hand, Sora managed to use his magic to trap Aeon in some sort of an alternate landing right in a dark city that looked similar to Twilight City, except it seems like it was put in reverse... In the city he encountered his predecessor, Anti-Sora and they engaged in a battle all across the central square, Anti Sora making a mockery of his successor as they fought, pushing him into a blood-lusted state. With massive amounts of rage rushing through his veins, Aeon managed to overpower and completely dominate his predecessor. When the time came for the final strike, Anti Sora disappeared before Aeon could plunge Total Eclipse right into his heart. Now taking up the Reverse-Sora mantle and realizing his purpose, Aeon manages to escape the alternate dimension but Sora suddenly crashed into him, fighting him in what is known as the nexus, a seemingly infinite realm of white that serves as the bridge between the two dimensions...

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Chapter Twenty Four: At First Light

I'm grindin' until I'm tired

You say you ain't grindin' until you die

So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide

Lookin' to find a way through the day

The life of the night

Dear Lord you took so many of my people I'm just wondering why you haven't taken my life

What the hell am I doing right?

What the hell am I doing right?

I'm grindin' until I'm tired

You say you ain't grindin' until you die

So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide

Lookin' to find a way through the day

The life of the night

Dear Lord you took so many of my people I'm just wondering why you haven't taken my life

What the hell am I doing right?

Na na na na na na na, it goes around the world

Na na na na na na na, it goes around the world...


A camera came on after a bit of static, revealing a blonde-haired female news reporter wearing a black jacket with a white blouse underneath, a black skirt, and black knee-high boots, holding a microphone up to her mouth. In the bottom right hand corner of the camera screen were two golden trumpets that intersected each other, forming an "x."

Behind the reporter, beyond the checkpoint installed by police forces was a colossal purple cube with the heartless insignia on all four sides, inside it was industrial complex owned by one of the world's most prestigious research and aerospace engineering conglomerates, Galaxia Incorporated. Galaxia is under the management of it's founder, president, and C.E.O, Aaron Sharpe. The complex had recently come under siege by a platoon of heartless. The security forces stationed there took heavy casualties but eventually fended off the raid. Collateral damage was medium but it's getting worse by the second. The air reeked of death and hydrogen sulphide.

"Hello, this is Diana Wilson from the Twilight Herald reporting to you live from the heart of Twilight City. Behind me is one of Galaxia Incorporated's many industrial complexes. Currently, we are receiving reports that the inside is teeming with puddles of a blue chemical substance called Neo-Digoxin. The chemical was in testing before this huge conflict started. During the battle, the chemical was accidentally spilled from the containment units. Whether it's unstable or not is unknown. Scientists were evacuated and Hazmat teams were sent in to deal with the crisis, but we haven't heard from them since. The Twilight Military Police states that the situation is under control-"


Diana turned around only to see a dark green vapor rising into the sky from inside the complex. As the smoke ascended up into the sky, a loud beastly roar was heard, followed by a crackle that sounded like thunder. Karkand could be seen rampaging around the complex inside, firing rays out of it's stinger and setting buildings ablaze.

"Everyone stay back!" One of the police officers shouted.

The wind started to pick up, and of course, it gave the women who decided to wear skirts today a very hard time. Some of the wind spiraled into the complex and combined at the main gate and a blue swirling vortex materialized. After a few moments, Aeon came falling out of the portal and crashed into the ground. Multiple spectral keyblades followed him out of the portal and when he saw them coming he rolled out of the way, the weapons stabbing into the ground where he once lay.

After the keyblades disappeared, Sora came flying out of the dimensional rift and landed on the ground not too far from Aeon, who was rising to his feet. The tired combatants panted heavily as they exchanged glares. This short resting period granted them the chance to take in the area around them.

The complex that they were fighting in was shaped like a hexagon, after you got past the gate and the decorative stone fountain there was a black road with white lines that went straight towards the administrative building, other buildings were line up off to the side. There were also other pathways that branched off from the main road, leading to parking lots that were strategically placed near work stations such as research buildings, chemical plants, cafeterias, and proving grounds for field testing of theories and experiments.

The clone and the original continued their battle, as they did, a bigger conflict occured around them. Men clad in Hazmat suits, armed with M-16 were behind improvised barriers and battling the Heartless horde alongside the security guards. A black tank was treading on the main road, it's main cannon slowly rotating, the barrel was aimed at both Aeon and Sora, ready to fire a high-explosive round.

Distracted by the fight, Sora fired a stream of electricity at Aeon.

Before it could even hit him, the latter generated an orange dome of light around him. The tank that was in the distance fired at the two, the round bounced right off the conjured force-field and went straight back towards the tank, sending the whole vehicle up in flames. The orange barrier soon dissipated, before the two could cut to blows, a huge explosion was heard, they both looked towards the now burning chemical plants, Karkand standing near it, bright, magenta scars all over it's skin and a cerulean aura radiating off it's body.

A black ray of light was suddenly shot up from the beast and collided with the ceiling of the violet geometric solid that encased the whole complex. At that moment, both of the keyblade wielders sensed an abrupt fluctuation of energy.

Aeon looked over to his left and noticed a man clad in an orange Hazmat suit aiming his M-9 assault at him.

"F-Freeze! O-Or I-I'll shoot!" The scientist officer said. Anyone could tell that he was very inexperienced with firearms just by the way he was holding the gun. His legs were shaking, his body paralyzed by fear.

Smirking, the clone simply dashed over to the scientist at speeds faster than the poor man could react, not threatened by his gun. Once he got in range he casually knocked the out of his hands and grabbed him by his suit, hoisting him up into the air.

Sora immediately dashed toward him, "Let him go!-"

Aeon turned to Sora and put the scientist the scientist in front of him as a human shield, his keyblade right at the man's neck, "Ah, ah, ah~! One more step and he's dead~!" He sang.

Sora came to an abrupt stop and growled at him, having no choice but to stand down for the time being.

Aeon nodded then looked at the scientist, "What's happening? Tell me! Tell me now!" He ordered, shaking the man, his patience dying away by the second.

"P-Please don't hurt me! I'll talk!" The scientist gulped then continued, "The Neo-Dioxigine that the scientists were testing here has been proven to be unstable! Whatever that thing is...i-it's going critical!"

Aeon gasped when he heard one of his favorite words, "Critical you say?" He repeated then thought to himself, a demonic smile forming on his lips.

The information that the scientist had given Aeon had put him in a good mood. Such a good mood in fact that he decided to let go of the scientist, allowing him to run away unscathed.

Sora noticed his demonic smile and beamed at him, "What is wrong with you?! Do you want the balance to be broken?! Listen, there's no need to do this! Earth doesn't have to be taken over by Heartless!"

"You know nothing about balance." He replied before launching into the air and flying off at a breakneck pace towards the unstable arthropod. As he flew, he felt something tugging on his leg and he looked back to see Sora holding on to him.

"I'm not letting you do this!" He shouted in protest.

Aeon shook his head, taking pity on his ignorance, "One day you will realize what I'm doing. What I'm doing for the both of us- for humanity!" And with that he kicked Sora in the face, causing him to let go. He increased his speed, breaking the sound barrier and leaving behind a sonic boom that nearly deafened Sora.

"Ahhhhh!" The caramel-haired boy screamed in agony, falling onto the roof of a chemical building, his ears ringing and his vision blurred for a split second. Eventually, the pain subsided and he sat up, using his elbows to support him. He looked at the blue pillar of light and noticed scarlet electricity streaming upward.

He slammed his fists on the ground and levitated himself into the air. He then launched himself backwards then executed an aerial U-Turn and went booming straight toward the light. Coming up over a building or two he saw Aeon standing there on Karkand's back, grasping the hilt of Total Eclipse, it's steel buried into the large heartless' thick skin.

Blue liquid was spilled from the opening in the chemical plant. Leaking out onto the ground upon which Karkand stood. The toxin had already made contact with the arthropod's many legs, the blue substance embedding itself into the legs. A cascade of black energy waves were being generated by Total Eclipse, another one being brought out after the previous one dissipated.

As Sora neared the scene, he was so focused on reaching his clone. Everything else was blurry but the image of his opposite sharpened. It was like time slowed down, the only things in motion were the black waves, the scarlet lightning, and himself. A field of ebony and silver surrounded him as he got closer and closer until he was in reaching distance of Aeon-

There was another mass fluctuation of energy, the black waves suddenly turned orange and quickly went into reverse, being forced back into into the very essence of Total Eclipse.

Just as Sora was about to crash into his clone, he was suddenly blinded by a massive streak of orange light-


A massive burst of kinetic energy was exerted from the keyblade: the resulting explosion, so vast, so powerful, that it devastated the whole area on an unprecedented scale. The ground shook with extreme vigor, some of the earth being kicked up by the sheer force of the bang and hurled in random directions. Buildings were reduced to rubble, stone walls that formed the hexagon collapsed.

The cube that encased the complex was also shattered by the sudden discharge. The police officers and the news folk at the checkpoint in close proximity were already running away from the blast at a full sprint.

There was one woman in particular who was running away with her baby in her arms. As she dashed through the streets, her foot suddenly brushed hard against rubble and she fell forward. With the baby now beneath her, she looked back and saw the orange outburst of energy get closer and closer until it had claimed her and her one month old son.

Miles away from the blast, at the now burning central plaza, the Twilight Marines, Army, and Police forces were still locked in fierce combat with the heartless regime when suddenly, the shadows' highly sensitive antennas picked up a low pitched sound that even the most heightened of ears couldn't detect.

The dark legion started to fall back into the thick smoke, the riflemen providing cover fire as they retreated.

"That's it! Keep up the suppression fire on those cock-suckers!" A random major shouted, the grunts around him firing volleys of bullets at the retreating shadows. Some of of the ebony skinned soldiers turned around again to shoot back but flinched as the bullets whizzed by, throwing off their aim.

At that moment, the leathernecks (another word for Marines) felt like they were in their element again. Always on the move, an unstoppable force, always leading the way, the first to fight.

The tip of the spear in any offensive.

"Alright boys! This is our final chance! The final advance! The final push! Otherwise we're fucked!" Jason announced as the Marines rallied near him, entrenched in their positions.

While some of the troopers charged forth like insane devil dogs, others decided to play it smart and use the damaged vehicles, debris, and other devastated structures to their advantage.

As the brave men and women went forth, a duo of AH-6 scout helicopters suddenly swooped in low and performed merciless strafing runs on the retreating Heartless, their mounted mini-guns spinning 'round and round as the enemies in the street below were mowed down by the powerful projectiles, their bodies being ripped piece by piece- limb from limb.

"That's right! You better run!" Reiji shouted as he fired his M249 SAW from a prone position, providing cover fire for his advancing comrades; he emptied the entire belt-fed clip in only a few seconds and simply chuckled, "Aww, don't be sad Heartless! I've got more!" The blond gunner said while loading more ammunition.

Xintas was sitting right next to him, reloading and watching his blond brother in arms shoot over the wrecked car, "Hey man, I know killing is our job but can you at least save some for the rest of us?"

Suddenly, a giant Heartless crashed down onto the battlefield from the top adjacent stock market building, the shock-wave from the impact knocking down a group of Marines. As it stood up, the super-vascular shadow measured approximately 14 feet tall, sharp, curved blades sticking out from it's forearms.

Some of the infantrymen managed to crawl away, but that was before the Super Shadow took notice.

"A-Ahhh!" One of the men screamed as he fired his F-2000 from the hip, the bullets embedding themselves into the fiend's chest but not having any effect.

The projectiles did nothing but merely annoy the monster, causing it to let out a loud roar and bring his foot down on the insignificant human.

A grenadier looked at Xintas while pointing at the angered shadow and said, " Then quit yer' yappin' and light that thing the fuck up!"

And 'light that thing the fuck up' they did. A rocket was fired at the giant but he simply grabbed it and chucked it back at the missile team who fired it at him. He then tried to take a step further but a random armored truck rammed him right into the side of a bank.

Out of the vehicle stepped Yuki and Clayton, who watched as a massive amount of enraged Marines ganged up on the fallen giant.

They shot him, bludgeoned him with the butt of their rifles, and one of them even attached his combat knife to the barrel of his rifle and used it as a bayonet to stab the monster in it's left eye. It screeched in response and tried to shove the rifleman away but he simply took out the bayonet and kept stabbing at it's face with unrelenting brutality.

An Army sapper ran over to the monster and began to plant explosive charges on it's back, "C-4 Planted!" He shouted, running away from the truck alongside Yuki, Clayton, and the other Marines.

Once they got a good distance away and hid behind a an overturned fire-truck, the sapper took out a detonator from one of the pouches that were festooned onto his rugged ballistic vest. With the push of a button, both the truck and the giant went up in flames, parts of the vehicle splurged out along with the heated shrapnel.

"Wow, for once I'm glad that you drove." Clayton remarked while peeking around the corner of the fire-truck and marveling at the wreckage, impressed by Yuki's aggressive driving skills.

The elite female operative scoffed and glared at her British-accented friend through her reflective visor, "And just what is that supposed to mean, Clay?" She fumed. (To all my female readers, please don't kill me).

At that moment, the gunner realized the unintended sexism that came with that comment, "Umm-" He tried to explain himself but noticed a squad of army soldiers run by,"H-Hey! You lads look like you could use some extra firepower!" He called while catching up to them.

The blue-haired operative sighed and loaded her pistol before brandishing her prototype Keyblade that was magnetically attached to the back of her armor.

The battle line had already pushed forward, Soldiers and Marines alike running through the smoke while police forces stayed behind with medical units to care for the wounded and lock down the plaza so that the Heartless wouldn't be able to escape the city by using the Twilight Bridge that was surprisingly still intact.

Yuki looked up, only to see an overhead F-18 Hornet pass by, flying at a dangerously low altitude while being pursued by a Heartless fighter. Higher in the sky soared a multitude of mighty C-130 airplanes that braved the Anti-Aircraft fire that was being shot at them.

She adjusted her helmet's built-in communication system to pick up on air traffic-

Phoenix 3-6 this is Raven 2-1 actual! We have multiple bogeys on me and I can't shake em'! Requesting assista- Wait! Th-They're breaking! Crap, he went up through the crowd layer! Does anyone have eyes on?

I see him! Check on your portside!

Command this is Phoenix, my sensors are detecting massive energy fluctuations in the vicinity- Shit!

Phoenix what's going on?

M-My engines! They're failing! I-I can't pull up!

Phoenix 3-6 eject now! I repeat! Eject no-


Suddenly, a wave of orange electricity tore through the sky, spreading electromagnetic radiation throughout the air. As it passed, Twilight Air Force jets could be seen falling right out of the sky while Heartless jets were unaffected. (Heartless jets are piloted by the use of dark magic, not by fancy computer systems.)

Back up on the front-lines, the Marines had lost alot of momentum and were eventually halted by a random Heartless ambush on their right flank. A whole platoon troops tried to charge in but were cut down by the wall of intense machine-gun fire that came from an elevated position.

The infantrymen scattering to cover when the duo of AH-6 helicopters that were above their heads had fallen right on top of them, the sharp, black rotors suddenly detaching and whirling around violently, slicing up the ground and any infantrymen that stood in it's path.

Reiji managed to roll out of the blade's path before it could hit him. Panting, he turned over so that he was on his back and he noticed his fellow Marines running the opposite way, electricity lighting up the darkened skies as helicopters and jets fell from the heavens and onto the earth, causing explosions all over the battlefield.

"E.M.P! In-fucking coming!" A Staff Sergeant yelled while motioning for the troops to get the hell out of dodge.

As the blond gunner sat up, out of the corner of his eye he noticed some kind of large fireball headed straight towards their theater of battle. He looked to his left and saw that it was not a fireball, but actually a hulking AC-130 airplane that was set ablaze, currently being pursued by Heartless fighters that relentlessly fired their mounted Gatling guns at the massive aircraft.

Clayton dashed over to him and took off his helmet, revealing his battle-scarred face,"Lying down on the job are we? C'mon, we've got to get out of here! On your feet, Marine!" He exclaimed while holding out a hand to help him up, the other holding his mini-gun

Out of nowhere, a shadow suddenly pounced on his back, jutting him forward but he simply ran backwards and slammed the shadow right into a random street pole. As the heartless slid off his back, he turned around and blasted it apart with his mini-gun.

A burly heartless that was more his size managed to tackle him down to the ground from the side and relieve him of his gun. As the two rolled around and tussled, Reiji managed to get up and aim at the scuffle but couldn't get a clear shot. Clayton managed to gain the upper hand and finally mount on top of the creature, releasing a combat knife from it's strap around his right thigh and driving the sharp object right into the beast's chest.

Clayton smirked as he watched the fiend die. He pulled the knife out then stood up, turning to Reiji, "Ha, I guess he wasn't so tough after a-"


He felt a sharp pain in his chest and looked down only to see the a black fist forced right through his stomach his stomach, an almost endless wave of blood flooding out from the opening.

He heard a wicked snicker before the fist was pulled right out of his stomach, discharging vast amounts of crimson that spilled onto the ground. Feeling cold and damp, the operator fell to his knees and was booted forward, his face meeting the dirty sidewalk.

The dark specimen that Major Dragneel thought he had killed, held his bloody intestines in his palm. Just as it was about to relish in it's victory, the monster was cut down by a whole barrage of bullets.

Reiji was still suffering the trauma from the gory scene that he just witnessed, so he looked to his left only to see Jason standing there armed with a Magpul PDR, smoke coming off the barrel, indicating that he was the one who fired.

Xintas ran over to them, shouting, "What are you guys standing around for?! We've got to get hell out of-" He came to an abrupt stop when he noticed Clayton's corpse, blood pooling around it.


Before they could lament for their fallen comrade, they noticed the ground around them being illuminated by orange light and they looked up, seeing that the source of the light was none other than the burning AC-130. The three soldiers had looks of extreme fright on their faces as the aircraft swooped down and crashed into a blue and white hospital building that was in front of them. As the structure slowly toppled over, the trio tried to make a run for it; there was another rumble and it made Colonel Blake trip and fall to the ground, his helmet coming off and rolling around until it came to a complete stop.

There was nothing Xintas and Reiji could do to get out of the path of destruction or rescue Jason. The dust had already blown over them and the wreckage caused by the building quickly came after.

Back at the complex, ash was fell from the sky, looking like black snow. Metallic structures that stood firm were now reduced to scrap-metal that occupied the rubble. Burnt corpses of security guards and Hazmats were scattered all across the charred battlefield, the foul stench of death radiating off their bodies and filling up the already contaminated air.

Like a zombie rising from it's grave, a gloved fist suddenly burst through a mass grouping of rubble and it held onto the nearby stone and metal until the body that it belong to thrust out of the ground, the human being none other than Sora.

He looked around, panting heavily as he stood up and took in the terrifying and gloomy environment around him.

The dark-haired boy dragged his feet as he shuffled down the hump and walked among the wreckage, he tried his best to not look at the degrading corpses of the innocent people who he could have saved-

The people who he failed to protect.

Hellish fires were consuming the buildings on the horizon, grey smoke pluming into the night sky. The silence was interrupted by the sounds of gunfire and artillery in the distance.

Sora noticed that the cerulean pillar of light had now turned bloody scarlet and was piercing through the thick layer of clouds.

Suddenly, the sound of a slow heartbeat fell upon his ears.




Suddenly, a human silhouette appeared in front of the pillar of orange light, trekking along the shattered plane, after-images lagging behind the shadow. The specimen brandished a long, black keyblade that had a skull for a keychain and ancient writing on the blade. At the tip was sharpened to a point that it gave the keyblade a more "sword-like" appearance.

The humanoid sported rugged armor of an ebony color, the mysterious person had a masculine physique, indicating that he was obviously male. The mysterious man wore a helmet with two prongs attached to either side and a cracked visor. Attached to the back of the individual's armor was a black tattered cloth that seemed to be from the grave, the dark fabric billowing in the wind.

The forlorn keyblade wielder slung his menacing weapon over his shoulder as he went from corpse to corpse, peering down at each body for a few moments before moving on to the next. Sora felt his own heartbeat intensify from the figure's close proximity. A sudden chill streamed through his body as the phantasmal knight stopped to look at him.

The cerulean-eyed lad stood there, paralyzed by an unknown force. He stared at the man's blood red visor, feeling as if the specter was staring into his very soul. And without warning, the mysterious keyblader trudged off in a random direction, slowly fading away into black mist-

There was a light tremor that rocked the damaged earth violently, a massive black sphere rose out of the large depression that the keyblader was heading toward, the orb being caged by purple chains that entangled the object, all of them connecting to a flashing heartless insignia that acted as the lock.

Sora felt his healing factor kicking in, healing his wounds although it wasn't as effective as healing magic. He could have cast the healing spell but he wanted to use the energy to help him get mobile again.

With the power surging through his veins giving him a second wind, he ran towards the light, pumping his legs as hard as he could. As he rushed across the shattered battlefield, he felt his very essence being drained by the sphere.

Piece by piece his armor faded away into black and white shards, leaving him clad in only his regular clothes, still in his Anti-Form.

A minute passed before he arrived at the great depression, sliding down the incline, he saw Aeon standing there with his keyblade raised up towards the floating sphere, supplying it with a huge amount of unstable dark magic. He leaped straight at the emerald haired keyblade wielder and tackled him to the ground.

Aeon struggled violently, making it difficult for Sora to keep him pinned down o the ground. Just as Sora was about to impale him, he knocked it away and punched Sora right in the jaw before grabbing him by his jacket and head-butting him. He managed to overpower the brunette and turn them over so that he was now mounted on top of him.

The extremist struck his opposite's jaw with two punches before summoning his keyblade bringing it down upon his face-

Sora managed to summon Two Become one just before Total Eclipse could hit him. The two were locked in a contest of sheer willpower and strength. Aeon tried to bring the blade closer as Sora tried to push it away. Battle fatigue upon both combatants, their willpower driving them onward.

'The sphere! Push him into the sphere!'

H-He's too strong... I don't think I can-

'Don't give me that bullshit Hikaru! You can't let this asshole just push you around! And do you have any idea of how much unstable dark magic Karkand is packing?! The whole damned planet would be in a major shit-storm if that thing goes ka-blooey!'- Anti Sora inquired.

'For once...Anti is right.'

'And just what the hell is that supposed to mean, goody two shoes?

'Never-mind that. If you don't stop him here and now then this new era that Aeon is talking about will actually be more catastrophic than the earth being taken over by the Heartless. The darkness manifested within that thing could explode and produce a massive wormhole!'

Gathering strength from within, he managed to push his nemesis back but the latter just leaped straight at him again. Sora responded by launching himself straight at Aeon and crashing into him, both of the warriors plummeting right into the sphere.

They passed through the outer wall of the sphere like it wasn't even there.

The inside was chilly and gloomy, the very energy manifesting around the battling duo made them very uneasy. Floating in the center was a large, ebony pulsating organ that had characteristics similar to the human heart. Right now it was beating at a steady pace.




Speaking of floating, the interior actually had gravity that was more intense than the gravity outside but it didn't effect Aeon since he had ability of flight which allows him to defy gravity and move around but Sora quickly dropped to the ground since he couldn't fly in his Anti-Form.

He felt the darkness eating away at his very body, sapping away his energy. The sheer pain forced him to fall to his knees and hunch over, his hands placed on the the floor to stop him from falling over.

Aeon chuckled and descended so that he was floating right in front of struggling meta-human, "We may have the same abilities but mine have always surpassed yours. Just look at you, writhing in darkness while I have mastered it completely!" He gloated.

Black matter swirled around him and he curled up into a ball, converting the ebony into scarlet before be expanding his arms and legs yet again, a flux of orange and black electricity illuminating the whole area around him for a few minutes before finally disappearing.

Just need to absorb it... do what I did with Karkand's stinger- Sora thought.

'Karkand's stinger was one thing but this- this energy! You can't control this! If you let this enter your body it will eat away at your life force and then it will circulate to your heart and finally kill you! Listen, I have held off Anti from taking over your body but if you let this into you... there might be no turning back...' - Aros warned.

If it can help me beat him then I have to try...

'Don't say I didn't warn you...'

The radiant power of light that surged through his body was suddenly suppressed and tainted by rage and hatred. He felt the chills that rushed through his body and shook him all the way down to the very bone, the searing pain caused him to fall to the floor, his body convulsing violently.

Memories of his childhood suddenly flashed through his brain and they replayed over and over and over again. One of them was when he had first transformed into what he was now.

"Ngh! Ahhhh!" Screamed Sora as he writhed in extremely agonizing pain.

It was beautiful Friday afternoon on Destiny Islands, the birds were chirping and colors of orange and red spilled out from the sun that was currently setting over the calm sky blue ocean. An elementary school bus drove down the street and the kids enjoyed a spectacular view of the ocean on the right-hand side. The bus turned left and drove into a neighborhood known as Comet Grove. The yellow transportation vehicle went by rows upon rows of houses until it stopped stopped in front of a blue and house that was two-stories high. The mailbox near the front yard hard the word "Hikaru" engraved on it.

As the bus door opened, an 8-year-old Sora had hopped off the steps and waved goodbye to the bus driver as the bus sped off. Today was a day of success for him because in Math Class he got a C+ on his test, much better than all the F's he obtained before.

Just when he was about to walk up to the house he noticed that there was a black van parked near the mailbox, there was an emblem on the side of it that had three white triangles that came together to form a bigger triangle and in the middle of those triangles was a circle of the same color.

He took a stared at if for a moment before shrugging it off and triumphantly marching up to his house's door and got a pair of keys out of his pocket to open it. As he walked in and closed the door behind him.

When he turned around he had seen lamps knocked off their tables, windows crack, and some furniture turned over.

Suddenly, he heard screaming and the shattering of dishes coming from the kitchen. Quickly, he rushed past the foyer and the family room to get to the source of the disturbance.

As he peeked around the corner he saw his father, Cyrus, locked in fierce hand-to-hand combat with three men that were clad in body armor. The trio wore black berets and balaclavas that shrouded their faces, making them hard to identify. Underneath their tactical gear that consisted of body armor, pistol holsters and belts festooned with ammo pouches, they wore grey combat shirts, finger-less gloves, black paramilitary pants, and black boots.

His mother, Akira was sprawled out on the tiled floor next to the kitchen table, knocked out cold.

One of the commandos was standing back and watching with his arms folded. It was obvious that he was the leader of the three because he wore an insignia on his left shoulder that consisted of yellow blue chevrons and a rocker underneath, indicating that he held the rank of Staff Sergeant.

The two operatives that he was in command of had pinned Cyrus up against the refrigerator, one of them kicked him in the gut, knocking the wind right out of him.

"Alright, alright. That's enough." Said the Staff Sergeant.

The soldiers that flanked Cyrus backed away but still gave him a grim look. A tell-tale sign that they wouldn't hesitate to hurt him again in given the chance.

The leader watched as the spiky-haired blond grasp his stomach in pain. He grunted in pain but lifted his head up so that his ocean blue eyes would meet the sergeant's hazel ones.

"We didn't come here to kill you or your family, Dr. Hikaru. All that we want is the Mutagen and the formula so that Mr. Richards and his research and development team can continue their scientific research."

Dr. Hikaru growled in response, "Research?! You think I don't really know what goes on inside those labs?! They aren't conducting 'research'! They're making DNA for a meta-soldier project! It's for the military, not for science! Project Black-Watch was a success but now they're trying to take it a step further! If they start producing this powerful meta-human army then it could break the Nuclear Deterrence, and if the government goes to extremes, it could possibly bring us into a World War 3!-"

"That's enough out of you, Doctor. Just hand over the Mutagen and we will be on our-"

The scientist suddenly lashed out at the commando on his right, lunging at him with a right jab.

But due to his advanced close quarters combat training, the operative was able to perceive the attack grab his fist with ease. He then gave the arm a twist then circled around the doctor so that he was at his backside. He then grabbed him by his spiky blond hair and rammed his face right into the refrigerator, restraining both his arms so he couldn't fight back.

The sergeant's communicator that was etched onto his chimed in and he answered it.

Raptor 5 this is Olympus, has the package been secured yet?

"That's a negative, Dr. Hikaru is actually being quite stubborn at the moment."

There was a bit of rumbling on the other end and the dulcet toned voice had been replaced by a more business-like and impatient one.

Well, get what you can out of him! And make it quick!

"Roger that." He turned off his communicator and looked at Cyrus, "Alright doc, spill the beans or we'll spill your guts-"

Cyrus snarled and replied, "You're not getting anything outta me... I destroyed the mutagen and the formula is locked away in the vaults of my mind."

Suddenly, Cyrus broke out of the hold and shoulder-charged the commando right into the nearby counter, knocking him out with a loud thud. After that was done, he took a Desert Eagle pistol out of the man's holster. Just as he was about to turn around and aim the gun at the two special operatives, they had already pulled out their own pistols and shot him in the head, brain parts and crimson substance spilling all over the kitchen and some even getting in the sink and combining with the water that was already in there.

"DAD!" Sora screamed, tears running down his eyes.

His sudden scream had startled the three operators and they turned around only to spot a weeping Sora who's head was hung low as his tears dropped to the floor.

"I'll handle him." One of the operators said while walking over to him. "Alright kid, time to-" The moment he had put his hand on Sora's shoulder, he felt cold chills radiating off the kid's body.

"W-What the-"

Sora quickly grabbed the soldier's hand and proceeded to bite his fingers off, his body began to turn black and dark vapors began to wisp off of him. His innocent ocean- blue irises disappeared as his eyes glowed a menacing gold.

At that moment, the memory had blacked out but more memories came in concerning the aftermath of the whole situation: one of them was of him in a bathroom.

He had found himself panting heavily and he went over to the sink to turn it on and dump some water on his face but then he noticed his hands were bloody but he didn't know why.

He glanced at the mirror but then resumed what he was doing though he still couldn't help but feel something was odd so he did a double take and saw a shadowy version of himself, the glowing yellow eyes staring into his very soul.

He heard faint voices debating in his head and he couldn't hear the whole thing clearly but there was one word the stuck out more among the rest.


After that memory had phased out, another rushed in, showing him looking out his bedroom window. He saw Roxas and Lightning who had came home late because they had to do some things after school and Aqua had gave them a lift home. They had arrived on the scene at the same time as the local authorities. the red and blue lights streaming on the house's walls.

The last memory was of Sora and his family seated in an airplane. Roxas, who was sitting next to him, had already dozed off and his head fell on his shoulder. Sora would have pushed it away but he was too busy watching as the plane flew off the runway and left Destiny Islands, it's next Destination, Twilight City.



A tear fell down Sora's face when the stream of memories ended. He quickly wiped it away as he felt the darkness loom to his heart.

Sometimes he had wondered whether his powers were a blessing or a curse.

He was only eleven years old and that day he killed three people without even knowing it.

He remembered when his dad told him that although he was a scientist, he believed in fate. That everyone was put on this Earth for a reason and that some day they will answer the call to do what they were destined to do.

As he slowly gave himself to the darkness, he stopped convulsing and slowly got up to his feet.

The rogue with mismatched irises chuckled at his feeble showing of determination. "So what now? You can barely stand." Total Eclipse started to vibrate and it was cloaked in a fire that's brightness rivaled that of the sun.

"Are you going to fight me?"

Sora glared at him for a moment then hung his head low and frowned before turning around and sprinting off into the darkness, disappearing without a trace.

Aeon cackled at his cowardice and sighed before turning around and floating over to the pulsating heart in the center.

"I always knew I was better than you."

He pointed Total Eclipse at the core and began to energize it with magic, increasing the intensity of the electromagnetic field outside. And as the field increased, so did the heartless outside the sphere.

The multitude of merciless beasts of all types from big to small lumbered towards the massive sphere mechanically with looks of retardation. They trekked across bleak lands, charred earth, and toxins that normal humans wouldn't dare to walk into. Once they arrived at the complex, the army converged, forming columns that were organized by rank. They all could feel the sphere's desire to eat away at their energy. Some of the stronger, more wiser beasts entered into the sphere and saw Aeon fueling the superintendent and they floated upwards to assist him.

"What are you waiting for?! Power! Give him power!" Aeon ordered hastily.

As the shadows got closer and closer to the core, their antennas started to vibrate intensely. They placed their sharp, black claws on the beating heart and felt their leader's presence. He was calling out to them, telling them that the superintendent's sacrifice was imminent. Upon hearing their superior's request, they didn't hesitate to lend him their energy.

Lightning started to crackle around the core again, providing a light source for them but also casting shadows farther out.

"That's it! Soon it will be complete and the new era will begin! Just keep giving it more power! Don't hold back!"

Suddenly, a black blur passed by one of the Heartless without warning and a second later, the creature was cut in two, it's upper body being separated from it's lower. Instead of the monster disappearing with a black puff, it was instead sucked into the pulsating organ that occupied the center of the whole room.

Aeon fluttered back a bit, surprised by the sudden attack "W-What the hell-" he didn't even get to finish before he heard a whirling sound and was bowled over by an unknown force.

"Ugh!" He grunted when he fell to the floor, landing on his backside. He didn't have much time to rest because when he looked up at the ceiling there was a bright glare there were a pair of yellow eyes rushing straight at him.

"Whoa!" He rolled off to the right, just barely avoiding a black keyblade that would have givin him more than just a lobotomy. He rapidly transitioned into a crouched position and shot a whole wave of fire-bolts straight at Sora, who narrowly dodged them by leaping up to the ceiling.

But no, he wasn't getting away that easily- Aeon had manipulated the fire-bolts so that they curved upward and pursued Sora.

Said boy flashed a psychotic grin, now under the influence of the absorbed dark energy. He launched off the ceiling and evaded the fiery projectiles once again. Once he hit the ground he sprinted towards a group of Heartless that broke off from the sphere to engage him. The largest of the group, the Cyclops, attacked first with his ball-and chain.

Sora simply hopped over the ball and ran along the straightened chain then vaulted over the Cyclops when he had reached the end of it.

The giant began to turn around but was suddenly lit on fire by the fire-bolts that were supposed to be tracking Sora. The beast dropped his hulking weapon and ran around the room, bowling over Heartless and causing all sorts of confusion until an annoyed Aeon stopped him by driving Total Eclipse straight through his head, the beast being sucked into the organ.

An armored Ultima-Shadow that wielded a gigantic broadsword bounded straight at Sora, swinging wildly with great vigor.

The darkness-infused lad smirked and started to backpedal, ducking and weaving each slice nonchalantly. He jerked his head to the right to avoid a stab at his face and grabbed the Heartless' arm.

By the time the shadow had decided to pull away, it had already felt the dreaded pain of a key-blade being thrust right through it's chest.

And to add insult to injury, Sora had pulled up on his key-blade, taking the shadow's corpse with it as he turned around, slamming the blade onto the ground and causing the corpse to hit it headfirst, the boy grinning with satisfaction as the corpse faded away and retired to the central core.

Lusting for more blood, he turned to his right to see a group of Ultimates and Cyclopses in front of Aeon with Neo-Shadows that came from the outside to lend a helping hand. (Or in this case a claw...)

With the catastrophic power of the arcane running through his veins, he stepped forward then broke out into a sprint, blitzing Heartless after Heartless with his incredible agility, all of them sharing the same fate as the Ultima he had killed before. Once they were out of the way, all he had to deal with was the head-honcho.

Aeon snorted and formed orbs around his key-blade again. With one arm holding the blade forth he took aim and let loose with a barrage of bullets, one coming after the other in quick succession- But before they could even hit Sora or the ground near him, he had leaped up into the air, dodging the projectiles along with the series of explosions that came afterwards.

Back in the Nexus he would have trouble dodging these babies but with all the power he had absorbed from this sphere, it not only increased his speed, but also his reaction time.

With great dexterity and grace he flipped through the air and swung his key-blade back and forth, generating devastating violet waves that traveled towards Aeon in a wide arc.

He counter-attacked by swinging Total Eclipse downward and generating his own scarlet wave. The two colors collided and battled for dominance until they canceled each other out and dissipated into smoke which filled the room and limited visibility.

Sora trekked through the fog and searched for his clone. At times he would come to an abrupt stop and turn around to check his back, his key-blade at the ready as he looked left and right, relying heavily on his senses.

He felt a cold chill run down the back of his neck and he swiftly turned around only to see that there was nothing there.

"Gotta stay focused..." Sora muttered to himself, as he took a deep breath he suddenly felt a brief sharp pain in the left side of his chest, wincing as it quickly subsided.

In the distance he noticed a humanoid silhouette with spiky-hair that almost identical to his own.

Sora smirked.

I've got him now...

He sprinted at the silhouette and once he got in range he attempted to gut it with Oblivion but it disappeared.


He heard a whirling sound and he felt a strange impulse in his body. He mechanically turned right and blocked a surprise attack from above.

Aeon bounced off of him, executing a back flip before landing on the ground. As he did, Sora had already sprinted straight at him and overwhelmed him with a volley of slashes, the deadly combination ending with the weapon being sheathed into the floor, causing a shock-wave to ring out and making him fall down.

He tried to get up but Sora didn't let him rest. As he looked up he saw him about to impale him with Oblivion so he rolled backwards and launched up into the air, hurling scarlet and purple orbs at Sora.

Said boy tried to pursue him but when he tried to dodge past the spheres, they exploded like smart-bombs and sent him crashing to the floor, Oblivion being separated from him as it slipped out of his grasp and slid a few feet away from him.

Another loud roar boomed throughout the arena and there was a bright light that shined through the fog like a lighthouse that guided boats to shore.

Changing up his priorities, Sora disengaged Aeon and sprinted toward the core at a breakneck pace, ignoring the clone's shouts of protest.

"We aren't done here! Come back and face me, coward!" Aeon roared, but he immediately calmed down when he had realized what his original was trying to do. ", no!"

He raced towards Sora, accelerating with an attempt to stop him as he neared the core.

The dark knight leaped up to the pulsating heart and jammed his fist into it.

He suddenly felt excruciating pain as the electricity that circuited the organ channeled into him and washed his body.

The fierce discharge of energy had blown Aeon back and made him crash into a wall.

Sora could feel the black matter flowing into his very being: infecting his cells, merging with his DNA, interacting with his molecules, going all the way down to his very atoms. His sable aura was amplified and he was endowed with the power of ten Kryptonians.

The voltage that had washed through his body created a field of kinetic energy that enabled him to have the power of flight once again.

A pair of Heartless riflemen, lead by a massive, hyper-vascular Heartless stormed into the sphere and immediately spotted him. The monstrosity roared at him and knocked the grunts that flanked him out of the way.

Sora responded by swooping down and crashing straight into the beast, knocking it down to the ground.

'Your vitals are dropping, awesome. But this whole thing is going to explode even faster! What the hell are you trying to do?!' - Anti-Sora questioned.

The only thing that I can do...

Outside of the sphere, on top of the wreckage from a research building that overlooked it, stood Kari. Her clothes were rugged and she had an upset red cut on her right cheek and a few scratches on her arms and legs. Her auburn hair blew westward with the breeze and the angle at which the ash fell shifted.

Getting to where she was wasn't really all that hard. She had a couple of encounters with a few Heartless Airborne, plus, all she had to do was go toward the bright column of light that the sphere generated. It would be impossible not to see that thing!

Currently, she was fighting off the platoons of Heartless that were trying infiltrate the sphere. A group of shadows leaped up to her but she materialized a red 50 ton weight above them that came crashing down on their heads, pummeling them into the earth. She smirked triumphantly and allowed the maroon hard-light construct to disappear.

Suddenly, there was a hole torn in the sphere and Sora came flying out of it.

Kairi squinted but her eyes widened when she saw him; she smiled, relieved that her beloved was still alive.

"Sora!" She exclaimed briskly while waving, beckoning him to come over to her.

He had noticed her but instead he gave her a frown and flew to the orb's underside.

Where is he going?

She flew over to the sphere but came to an abrupt stop when she saw the sphere flash without warning and the pillar of light fade away.

Then the sphere started to move...upward.

As it floated up from the ground, Sora could be seen at the bottom lifting the whole structure up. He grunted but with one single thrust, he heaved the sphere skyward, going at hyper-velocities that took him beyond the Stratosphere.

He burst through the black cloud layer, revealing the indigo and scarlet colored skies. He could feel the wind brushing past him, the thrills and chills of his sudden acceleration. It wasn't long until he had passed the Mesosphere and entered the Ionosphere. He kept zooming and zooming until he felt the cold vacuum of space.

Fortunately, the aura of dark magic that circled him provided him with the oxygen he needed so he could still breathe. A few yards away he saw a massive blue and white vessel with a reinforced hull, there was also a lable on one of it in bold black letters that read 'Leviathan'. Multiple panels on the side opened up and huge silver cannons came jutting out.

On the Leviathan's bridge there was high tension among her crew, everyone now being on edge at the sighting of the massive sphere that radiated with electricity.

"Commander! Unknown object targeted! Permission to fire?" One of the crewmen asked while while working the targeting systems.

"Permission granted! Fire all XM-71's on the starboard bow! Don't let that that thing get an inch further!" The Commander ordered.

Back on Earth, on the front-lines of the Human-Heartless conflict the whole battlefield was devastate by the effects of the EMP that surged across the land, the landscape was dotted with fallen aircraft. Pave-lows and Chinooks were smashed nose-first into buildings, jets and Black Hawks lay on the ground, the blood of their fallen pilots spilled all over their cockpits.

Elements of the Army's 212th Paratrooper Regiment, also known as the 'Raging Eagles', were going to drop into the combat zone to reinforce police forces that were defending the bridge- but the Electro-Magnetic Pulse, in all it's aircraft-disabling glory, forced them to jump out of their planes early, some of them dropped out before they even arrived at their target drop zones, causing them to be scattered around the whole blazing city, some even behind enemy lines.

What made it even worse was that all electronics, from radio communication to rifle-mounted optics were shut down, so not only did the Electromagnetic radiation have a severe impact on the Air Force but it also was detrimental to the men on the ground as well.

Paratroopers and Marines alike ran all over the place while under fire, rescuing their comrades from the entrapping rubble while others either tended to the wounded or went to assist in combating the approaching Heartless.

Xintas and Reiji were helped out of the rubble but Jason was nowhere to be found. They didn't have time to look for him or their weapons for that matter because as soon as they were rescued from being buried alive, bullets crackled around them.

They rushed over to some solid cover created by the rubble. Multiple soldiers also hid behind it as bullets zoomed by and then they returned fire, the dreaded crescendo of the battlefield starting up again.



"Mortar round incoming!"


Shrieks could be heard in the distance along with voices from some sound-stricken soldiers.

"Jesus Christ... we need a medic over here! Someone lay down some cover fire!"

"You heard the man! Suppress that fucking target!"

Reiji panted while looking around and watched as the other troops briskly scampered to some cover. One paratrooper in particular was just about to get behind a protective barrier when he was shot in the face and he fell down abruptly.

Eventually, the Heartless were pushed back and a squad of Paratroopers were peeled off to secure the perimeter while others continued what they were doing before the ambush. An ammo bearer trudged around and supplied survivors of the rubble with rifles, sub-machine guns, and ammunition.

Sergeant Yamamoto cleaned his HK-416 assault rifle and checked it for jams while Sergeant Hikari watched the silhouettes of the paratroopers wandering out in the distance. Eventually the blond Marine grew tired of sitting around and arose to his feet.

"Hey, I'm gonna go help out with patrols. Maybe, just maybe, I may find Jason out there."

Xintas quickly got to his feet, "I'll come with you-"

"Nah, I'll fly solo on this one. And if my memory is correct, you were one of the few guys who were actually awake during those boring medical lectures back in boot camp. Weren't you?"

"I guess I did pay some attention during a few of those." The raven-haired man narrowed his eyes at him. "But if you think that for one second that I am going to miss out on any of the action you are dead wrong."

"Dude, I know you and everyone else in this place wants to get even with those bastards but you won't be missin' much. Besides, the EMP fucked up a lot of our guys plus we are a far distance away from the medical units that were stationed near the bridge so we need anyone who has some experience in the art of the red cross to lend a helping hand. And one of those people just happens to be you 'X-Man.'"

"..." X-Man was taken aback by his words of maturity.

Reiji noticed his pause, "What's wrong?" He ventured.

"Since when did you start acting mature?"

"When I first enlisted into the Corps. Its just that your version of 'mature' and my version of it are different." And with that, the blond turned around and walked off into the distance, climbing on top of a half-buried MBT (Main Battle Tank) and vanishing behind it when he jumped down.

The make-shift outpost Xintas sat in wasn't really all that special. It consisted of a ruined church that posed as a medical center, the toppled over skyscraper that almost killed him and Reiji, and bunch of sunken vehicles trapped in the rubble. The tiny base was surrounded by a massive dark plane. Part of the urban area around them was reduced to rubble but buildings could be seen far in the distance. Currently, there were Army Combat Engineers that were building sandbag walls, strategically placing them to face in the direction of the buildings in the distance, also the direction from Heartless attacked.

The raven-haired Sergeant watched a scout suddenly ran by him and his eyes followed him over to the ruins of an old church. Curious as to what was going on, he followed the scout.

Upon entering, he heard a scream and saw a crowd of multiple soldiers in front of three mosaic windows. Xintas bunched in among the crowd and saw a severely wounded corporal who lay on a a stone table, he himself being illuminated by a tactical flashlight. He breathed in and out abnormally as blood rapidly streamed out from his upper thigh.

The young paratrooper that was suffering agony had green eyes and brown hair with a widows peak, on his body armor was a name tag that was labeled 'Wade.'The soldiers kept pressure on Corporal Wade's leg while others tried to keep him calm. (It's a good thing that combat gloves were standard-issue in the military...)

"Pressure on the wound! Keep pressure on the wound!" A medic shouted.

"Ahh! FUCK!" Wade shouted, screaming in agony as one of the soldiers pulled out his canteen and opened it, pouring it on the wound to wash some of the blood off.

"If we don't get this guy to a hospital in the next 30 minutes things are gonna get real fuckin' bad real fuckin' quick!"

An army combat medic looked down at the corporal, "Wade, listen to me. You need to calm down... more movement will only increase the bleeding. But right now have to find a way to stop the bleeding-"

"M-Morphine..." He stuttered, a bit of blood starting to crawl out of his mouth, his lips turning cherry red.

Doc frowned and shook his head in response. "...It would lower your heart rate too low... I'm sorry."

Doc looked at Yuki and motioned for her to come with him.

They walked over to one of the four corners of the darkened room and talked for a few moments; then they both shuffled back to the make-shift surgery table.

Just as Yuki was about to join the men, Xintas had walked over to her and she paused to chat with him for a moment or two.

She gave a weak smile, "Good to see that you're alive and well." The smile immediately turned into a frown as she looked over to Wade, "I wish the same could be said for him though..."

"What happened?"

"He got shot in the upper thigh while helping one of his friends get loose of his parachute during the ambush. Mitchell, the medic, told me that the bleeding is being caused by his femoral artery, which was somehow retracted into his pelvis." She explained while wiping some of Wade's blood off her face. "Hey, is Jason with you guys?"

"No, but Reiji went out to look for him."

"Okay, Wade, I'm going to do something that is going to cause you more pain, but it's to help stop the bleeding." He explained while rolling up his sleeves, taking off his backpack and getting some clamps out of it.

The brown-eyed man looked over to Wade's comrades, "Okay, can some of you hold his arms down? Lieutenant Colonel Imanari and I will operate."

"Okay." Xintas agreed while assisting Wade's comrades in restraining him.

And so the surgery began.

Yuki held the gaping wound open and turned her head away at the sight of the intense gore while at the same time ignoring Wade's screams.

"Oh crap, it's going back in!" Yuki panicked.

"Just hold the wound!" Mitch replied while grabbing the damaged artery again with the clamps and finally getting to align properly. "Move your hand."

She did what he asked, "Did you get it?"

"Yeah...yeah, I feel the pulse..." He confirmed.

The duo managed to successfully stop the bleeding. Wade lay there motionless, his breathing returning back to normal.

"I-Is is out...?" Wade shuddered.

They both gave him a grin, "Yeah, it's out."

Footsteps were heard and everyone that towered over Wade looked to the entrance only to see a youthful paratrooper standing there holding his helmet at his hip, there was a diamond with a blue circle in the middle, indicating that he held the rank of specialist which was just below a corporal but higher than a private first class in rank. He glanced at everyone in the room before walking over to Wade.

"...Is that you, Matt?" Wade asked.

Matt had green eyes and dark brown hair. The brunette nodded and put his hand on his shoulder, "Yeah... it's me..."

"Are you oka-"

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine."

Xintas turned to the brunette. "Are you the one who he saved?"

He nodded in response, "Yeah. When I parachuted in, my chute got caught on a flagpole. I could hear the marching of the Heartless and I didn't think that anyone was coming for me but then I heard someone shouting Wade's name and telling him to come back. And that's when he found me and helped get me free- but then he did those assholes had ambushed us. Next thing I knew, there was this small but bright glare that came from a third-story window, followed by a distinct shot that could be heard for miles. And that's when Wade got hit."

"A sniper. And if there was a glare it must have been the same one that shot Rick and Sanchez... yeah, it must be him because his scope is what causes the glare and he must not cover it up because he wants to make sure it's the last thing his victims ever see." One of the airborne infantrymen inquired. "But when someone finds the spot he was shooting from, they don't find anything but tick marks left in the window sill, indicating how many men he had killed."

"I..." Wade croaked then licked his lips. "I saw him...once... He wore a black trench coat... with scarf and bandages that covered one of his eyes..."

"Hey, try not to talk so much, alright? That artery still is damaged and the pain is-"

Wade flashed him a smile then looked at Yuki, "...LC...?"

"Yes...?" She replied while holding his right hand.

"I want you to promise me something..." He watched her nod her head then he continued, tears forming on his eye lids. "I want you to promise me that... no matter what,those bastards out there won't win... and... when we win... tell my Ma and my Pa that... that I tried... tell them that 'Wadie' says hi to his baby sister-"

"Don't talk like that. You're going to tell them that yourself, understand?"

"Tell them that he's coming...home..." The brunette had breathed his last breath.

The violet-eyed Lieutenant Colonel watched as those once vibrant brown eyes became lifeless and empty, still holding his hand she put her thumb on his wrist and felt his pulse fade away.

"Shit, hold the wound!" Doc said while putting both his hands over the paratrooper's heart and pumping downward in an attempt. Yuki put a hand on his shoulder to stop him but he slapped the hand away and kept trying, not wanting to loose another man to that sniper.

The pumps got slower and slower until he eventually gave up.

One of the paratroopers that surrounded the table started to cry, weeping over the loss of his friend.

Doc walked over to him with tears running down his own cheeks, "I tried, dammit!" He sniffed. "I tried..."

Suddenly, a loud crackle could be heard along with voices outside.

A private stormed into the room abruptly with rifle in hand and a look on his faced that made it look like he had seen the Devil himself.

"H-Hey...remember those guys that ambushed us...? Well, they're back and..." He walked over to the center mosaic window and struck it with the butt of his SCAR-L assault rifle, breaking through the glass layer, ignoring the cold breeze that kissed his face as it came in. Everyone gazed through the opening and saw paratroopers running towards the make-shift outpost.

As they did, a swarm of Heartless appeared over the fiery horizon. The grizzly, blood-lusted Shadows were readying their sanguine hued claws for battle, battle-tested soldiers loaded their rifles and attached bloody bayonets to the barrels of their weapons; and hyper-vascular brutes that towered over them were picking the sheets of human flesh out from their reddened teeth then brought their fists and palms together, making a loud snapping sound and snarling as they marched forth with the flame of primal rage boiling their blood.

But they weren't the only ones who were ready to fight.

Positions in the ruins that provided fortification and protection were eventually filled with Army Soldiers, Marines, and Paratroopers of all ranks. Even a few of the wounded had joined them. (The ones who didn't have or broken legs or arms or severe bleeding problems...)

Before he ran out of the church with some of the soldiers, Xintas noticed M320 grenade launcher and some 40mm rounds lying around on one of the pews. He grabbed it and put the rounds in one of the pouches attached to his vest and attatching the grenade launcher to the back of his armor. Then, he went outside joined the rest of the men at the sandbag wall while Yuki directed the machine-gunner's fire from the church. This time they were going to be the first to open fire.

The infantrymen let loose with gunfire, the first wave of the heartless horde was cut down by the projectiles as they roared forth at great velocities. This only provoked the swarm and encouraged them to charge towards the outpost fearlessly.

Sounds of mortar fire could be heard in the background and a sudden explosion occurred dangerously close to the sandbag wall, knocking Xintas and some of the soldiers backward.

An enrage paratrooper adjacent to him, specifically one of the men that witnessed Wade's death, arose from the ground and pulled out his 45. caliber pistol from it's holster and put one foot on the sandbag wall while firing at the enemy relentlessly, regardless of the intense machine-gun fire that whirled by him.




"You want me?! Fucking take me!"


He had finished the entire clip-


Another explosion erupted right in front of the angry soldier, knocking backwards onto the ground. When Xintas had looked over to him, his face was bloody and filled with shrapnel, his eyes lifeless.

As the raven-haired Marine got up, a rocket was propelled across the battlefield from the Heartless' side and it crashed right into the ground in front of a fallen brick wall that wasn't too far from the sandbag wall. Xintas ducked when he felt some of the shrapnel hit his helmet.

"Who's hit...?!" He asked while while peeking out from his position and shooting at a column of Neo-Shadows. He then moved across the firing line towards the place where the rocket had hit. He looked down and saw three Marines lying prone only a few inches away from the wall, "Are you all okay?!"

"We're good!" They responded while crawling up to the wall.

"Hey! Someone get some 40mm's down there!" A random rifleman called out.

Xintas rested his rifle against the wall and switched to his M320, loading it with one of the rounds he got out of his pouch, "Sendin'!" He shouted while flipping up the rangefinder that was mounted on top of the launcher.

But before he could fire, he noticed a group of paratroopers retreating from the battle, Reiji could be seen lagging slightly behind them.

"C'mon man... get the hell out of there..." He mumbled then aimed slightly upward, launching the grenade out into a cluster of shadows that were hot on their tail.

"Lay down some cover fire! Keep those 240 Bravo's firing! Get more men to cover the left flank!"

Suddenly, there was a bright glare that came from a third-story window from a skyscraper in the distance.

A bright muzzle flash could be seen distinct sniper shot could be heard and it cut through all the other battlefield sounds like a razor sharp knife.

And all Xintas could do was watch as the sniper bullet tore right through his best friend's shoulder, making him crash down into the ground with a loud thud.


"Crap, there's a shooter out there somewhere! Everyone keep your heads down!" An engineer called.

A Marine came out with an AT-4, "I'll take him out!" He said while crouching and taking aim.

But before he could fire-


He was suddenly shot in the chest by the very same sniper he was trying to kill. The sheer impact made him to let go of the missile launcher and fall backwards, causing it to fling through the air and land right in the middle of the firefight.

Angered by the sight of his friend writhing in pain, Xintas glanced at the missile launcher then at Reiji, then at his fellow Marines. "Cover me, I'm going to go get that AT-4." He said while pointing at said object.

"Are you nuts?! It's suicide, man!"

"Just shut up and cover me!" He replied before vaulting over the wall.

Word quickly passed down the line about Xintas' charge and sooner than later, half of the men were blasting at the enemy sniper in the distance.

Xintas flinched as a bullet hit the ground near his feat but he kept on running, brushing past a few shadows before finally reaching the missile launcher. His battle instincts kicked in and he went prone and crawled towards it as the sniper opened fire at him, the bullets just barely missing.

Once he had reached the launcher, he rested it on his shoulder and rose up into a crouched position. Luckily, the launcher had an iron sight but that made it all the much more difficult to fire.

The sniper was a few yards away so he compensated by slightly aiming above his target.

"C'mon..c'mon..." He breathed, calming himself as he steadied the launcher.

Luckily, the sniper was in the middle of reloading so he had time to adjust.

Finally, he took the shot-


The rocket soared across the city-scape until it hit the window that the sniper was shooting from.

He smirked when he saw the explosion but gasped when he looked around him and noticed he was surrounded by Heartless of all shapes and sizes.

But before the shadows could pounce and devour the brave raven-haired Marine, there was a sudden bright flash that erupted in the black sky, the shine from the massive white sparkle was so bright that it nearly blinded everyone in the city.

When the flash had dissipated, the black clouds faded away, only to reveal dark blue and purple skies with the sun setting far on the horizon. All the Heartless, be it on land, sea, or sky, had turned into black orbs with yellow eyes and had been forced skyward. What had been a dark hour for the Twilight Military was actually their finest.

Back up in the cosmos, Sora was panting while observing the thousands of shadows as they streamed into the massive purple and black swirling vortex that was created when Leviathan fired at the sphere.

Aeon floated in the very middle of the vortex, desperate to get out as he absorbed the incoming shadows while fighting the violent current, "That's right... feed me more shadows... it will only make me stronger!" He shouted, his scarlet aura increasing, orange wings coming out of his back.

The intense energy radiating off the sphere had grown to be too much for the Leviathan and the whole ship started to crack.

Once the last shadow floated in took a deep breath and concentrated, pointing Oblivion at the rift in the time-stream. He then channeled all the dark energy manifested inside him into the blade, causing it to glow purple.

With one thrust, a purple beam of light rang out of from the tip and crashed into Aeon, sending him and all the Heartless through the time-space rupture.

"AHHH!" Aeon screamed in terror as he was forced through the time-stream. Just when the emerald-haired boy thought he was about to dissipate, a blurry yellow figure with red boots suddenly grabbed him and they both disappeared with the flash of red and yellow lightning.

And with that, the rupture had closed.

'Woooo! Alright! We showed that lip-dick mother-fucker a thing or...two...' -Anti-Sora groaned then failed to respond.

'Damn... too much power was to... use...light...ngh...' - Aros tried to say but failed to finish his sentence.

Sora fell unconscious and plummeted to Earth. His aura radiated and he left a large purple streak of light behind him as he descended from the heavens.

On the ground there were soldiers cheering and orange flares being shot up into the sky all around the city, illuminating the war-torn urban area. The flares were like shining beacons of hope, although radio communications were down, the soldiers scattered around the city knew that they weren't the only ones that survived, that the military was still one-million strong.

The infantrymen let out cheers as they came out of buildings, fortifications and strongholds to secure the city. As they did, a pair of medical evacuation choppers and Chinooks that were sitting on the aircraft carriers in the sea, out of range of the E.M.P., flew into the city.

Finally, Sora crashed into the city, creating a huge crater in the street block. A four-man team of paratroopers had arrived on the scene and went to investigate. When they saw him laying there, they looked to each other, wondering what they should do.

"Should we kill it?"

"How the fuck am I supposed to know?"

The whirling of rotary blades could be heard and dust started to kick up around them. They looked up and saw a black Chinook descending near them. When the transportation vehicle had landed and the ramp was lowered a man in a black suit with a red tie stepped out, flanked by two men clad in full body armor. They sported grey combat shirts, balaclavas that concealed their faces, black berets, black paramilitary pants, and boots.

The well-dressed man with dark brown hair, dark amber eyes, a mustache, and sideburns, sauntered over to the crater with his bodyguards right beside him and observed the strange boy that lay there.

"Secure him." He ordered.

The one of the bodyguards slid down into the crater and dragged Sora out of the depression while the other one went back into the chopper and hauled a state-of-the-art cryo-containment unit out from it. And with just a push of a button, the clear, glass door flew open and they threw Sora in there before closing it again and hauling it back onto the aircraft, setting it down on the floor of the cargo bay.

While the blue-collars were doing that menial task, a shadow figure trekked over to the side of the Chinook that was obscured from everyone's view and planted a purple and red circular device on the underside of the vehicle before scampering back into a nearby alley.

The white-collar turned to the group of paratroopers who were wondering just what the hell was going on and said, "You saw nothing." And with that, he boarded the chopper and he glared at them until the ramp closed and the chopper took off.

He carefully stepped by his Meta-Human prisoner's pod and sat down in one of the rows of red seats that were parallel to each other.

"Mr. Sharpe, I planted the bomb in the crater as ordered, sir. Permission to detonate?" An operative said while sitting next to him, and fiddling with some buttons on his gauntlet.

"Permission granted."

With one press of a button, the paratroopers that were standing next to the craters were killed by the massive explosion caused by the charges the commando had set in there before carried Sora out. The operator then moved up into the cockpit of the Chinook, leaving Sharpe alone in the cockpit with the prisoner and his secretary, Jessica Hale. Ms. Hale wore a black suit with a white blouse, a black skirt, and black high heels. Her eyes were sky blue and her scarlet colored hair was wrapped into a ponytail.

"Was that really necessary?" Jessica questioned while scribbling some things down on her notepad.

"You didn't think I was going to trust them, did you?" Sharpe remarked while slyly moving over to her side of the cargo bay.

Jessica kept her focus on her notepad even though her boss was a little too close for her liking.

"You and I both know that there are few people in this world that you can trust..." His voice trailed off as his eyes slowly wandered to her lips which had apricot lipstick on it.

Suddenly, he put a hand on her cheek which startled the secretary and made her take her eyes off the notepad. When she had looked at him, he had crashed his lips against hers.

"M-Mmph!" She quickly pushed him away and slapped him in the face, panting and beaming at him.

"Tastes like chocolate..." He divulged, letting the small pain from the slap subside before leaning back against his chair.

Annoyed, Jessica quickly got out of her seat, not wanting to be next to him for another second "I'll go talk to the pilot and ask him what our ETA to the island is." She asserted before walking towards the cockpit.

"Yeah, you do that." He agreed while looking out the circular window to his right and observing the battleships and naval vessels that moved away from the city.

"Where are those refugees being evacuated to?"

"Hallow Bastion, sir." An operator replied, steering the helicopter off the course of the ships and passing by the New Eden Bridge that stood strong throughout the course of the conflict.

"Hallow Bastion?...Interesting... I hear that place has had problems with local Militias and Drug Lords for years... This could be profitable for the company..."

"Profitable?" Jessica asked while entering the Cargo Bay yet again, "How so?"

"The city would be a great testing ground for our... experiments... that are taking place on the island. If they prove successful, it could be a great asset to the government and Department of Defense."

As the helicopter sailed through the air and ascended across the ocean, little did Aaron Sharpe know that Sora's incarceration was observed by First Lieutenant Reimi Nagasuki who stood in an alley-way with a radio bea. Ever since she got out of the sewers, she had trouble finding her team. Recently, she had linked up with a Navy Recon squad but they were all now K.I.A. (Killed in Action). When their sniper had died, she had taken his M39 enhanced marksman rifle and has recently been putting it to good use up until the E.M.P. But, the electro-magnetic radiation was dying away so all electronics were starting to get fully operational once again.

Her built-in helmet communications system was adjusted so that she could listen in on Aaron's conversation with his secretary.

"Meta-Humans...? Experiments...? Oh no..." She muttered to herself.

I could have rescued him but then I wouldn't have been able to see what Sharpe was really up to. The founder, president, C.E.O. of Galaxia Incorporated flying in here unannounced? Black operatives hauling away Sora to some island? Yup, something big is going on here and I've got to find out what. - She thought while looking up and saw Kairi who had just arrived on the scene. When she saw the dead corpses and the black ash in the crater she stared at it for a few moments, tears running down her cheeks.

Suddenly, the auburn ascended into the sky, floating higher and higher until she had reached the cold vacuums of outer space. Luckily, she had coated herself in a red aura that supplied her with oxygen so that she could breathe in space.

But all she saw was the Leviathan, that was torn in pieces. The ship parts floating off into the unknown reaches of the galaxy.

Kairi had looked all over the ravaged industrial district, then she had noticed the purple streak of light that fell from the sky and she had a glimmer of hope but when she checked there, all she saw were dead bodies and black ash inside the crater.

Now, here in the cold dead of space, where her love had made his final sacrifice.

This was his final resting place.

The lamenting redhead then did an about face and was now facing the earth.

The people of this blue and green planet will never even know about Sora Hikaru's heroic sacrifice.

But Kairi Strife will.

Memories of her time with him flashed through her head.

She was about to cry but then she stopped herself.

No... He would want me to move on. He would want me to be happy...

She noticed a glimmering orange spot on the planet. On that spot, thousands upon thousands of people gave their lives for the survival of others.

But in these fatal hours.

In darkest day.

In darkest night.

Victory had come.

At first light.

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