Chapter 15. United

Once he was a safe enough distance from the demons, Sesshomaru took the girl from his arms and put her on her feet on the ground. His flashing green whip came out of his two fingers and waited for the stepped in front of Rin, protecting her from the battle. Slowly the demons came. Sesshomaru twirled his whip with an elegant sense of grace. Rin watched as the demons to slain one by one. After the last demon was slain the thick mist that surrounded the two people disappeared.

Rin stood still, staring at her lord. Caught up in the moment, The young girl rammed into Sesshomaru hugging him close to her body. She pressed her head on his chest firmly just to make sure he was real. Tears slid down her face for she knew at that very moment the true reason why she made all those sacrifices. It was for the angelic creature in her very arms.

Sesshomaru, taken back by Rin's sudden actions, became rigid and uncomfortable. He was unsure of how to react. The Lord of the West, with all the self control he possessed, calmed himself down and put his hand on Rin's delicate head. The adolescent wanted nothing more, but to hold onto to her angel just a bit longer. She, however, felt his muscles tighten underneath her and hesitantly release him from her grip. Sesshomaru, however, unconsciously held her head in place close to his chest.

This action shocked both the demon prince and Rin. Sesshomaru did not know what to think at his display of affection. Part of him like the way Rin gingerly laid her head on top of his armor. He, of course, would not admit nor show it. Eventually, Sesshomaru let go of the young woman. She stared deep into his ember eyes and flashed her stunning smile, one that hasn't been seen in a long time. Sesshomaru's eyes softened, but reverted back to its usually stoic look when his sensitive ears picked up on a soft thrumming.

Rin looked down at her feet and picked up Tenseiga. It was now pulsing with life and glowing a bright neon blue color. "Lord Sesshomaru," the girl whispered, holding the sword in her fragile hands.

"Tenseiga thrums with the desire to save," said an elegant voice appearing from the shadow. Rin's chocolate orbs gazed upon the creature with a sense of curiosity and intelligence. This man with silver snow hair and burning golden eyes had to be connected to her lord somehow, that much she new. There was something about him, however, that Rin could not put her finger on. His smile had something hidden within it's depths, like a secret only he knew.

The creature's gaze flicked toward her instinctively. It appeared that he was studying her as much as she was studying him. "Hello." The man stated simply with a deep and eloquent voice. He did not appear to be a threat and Sesshomaru certainly wasn't acting hostile toward him. In fact, her lord faced away from the demon standing in front of them. If the young adolescent didn't know any better, she would of said that her lord was indeed slightly pouting, perhaps even sulking. She, however, knew better for Sesshomaru shows no such emotion. Unless...

"Hello," she replied back at the man gifting him with one of her smiles.

"May I see that sword?" he asked quite calmly. Rin looked over to the Lord of West to look for signs of any disapproval, but he showed none so she stretched out her long, slender arm and gingerly handed over Tensiega. The demon took the sword from her and closed his eyes. The sword was almost just as he remembered it to be. There was something, however, that was slightly different. Tenseiga had a new master and with that new master it had a new affection. The sword of healing cared for Sesshomaru and it wanted to protect him.

This is what Inu no Taisho wanted. He wanted Tenseiga and Sesshomaru to become connected. With this sword, came Sesshomaru's transformation. "You have proven it to me Sesshomaru," the dog general declared to his son. The Lord of the West said nothing at these words. He knew what his father spoke of. With this, Inu no Taisho drew the sword of healing from its sheath.

Rin looked at this man with curiosity. Who was he? He seemed very familiar. In that moment, Rin remembered where she had seen him before. The day that S'ounga threatened the world, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha joined forces to stop him. When they finally won, a figure appeared from the cracks of the underworld. It was him, the man standing before her. If Rin's memory served her correctly, the dog brothers had called him father.

'This is Lord Sesshomaru's father?' Rin questioned to herself. Her lord did take after him in many ways. The creature turned toward Rin and stated, "You are the key. Do not ever doubt that. You have more power than you know of." Without waiting for the young girl's reply, Inu no Taisho sliced the air before Sesshomaru with Tenseiga. The same blue light that cloaked the sword now engulfed Sesshomaru. The dog general turned and moved his hand in a circle. A black portal appeared. Within its depths came two familiar figures. Ones Rin thought were forever lost.

Inuyasha burst force from the portal with Kagome safely in his arms. Dazed and confused, Inuyasha came to an abrupt stop, studying the environment around him. His eyes landed on his father. Inu no Taisho came up to his younger son and stated, "Do not hold anger within your heart. You would have done the same." With this, both dog demons glanced over to Rin, who hid her eyes beneath layers of her onyx hair. Kagome who was still in her husband's arms stepped down. The priestess looked toward the young girl and understood the dog general's words.

Inuyasha was too stunned to speak. He never truly stood before his own father face to face. Inu no Taisho turned toward the darkness of the underworld and spoke, "Step into the light of Tenseiga and you will be returned to the realm of the living." Kagome went close to Inuyasha and pulled him toward the light. She knew what this moment meant for the half demon, but she also knew that there was nothing that he could say or do. When everyone stood in the bright blue light the dog general spoke one more time. His words echoed within the ears and hearts of his sons. He stated, "I am proud of you. Both of you." The gang then vanished from the dog demon's sight.