Chapter 3

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Normal POV:

The bank broker started how it was just a normal afternoon in the bank.

Female Bank Broker's POV:

People were coming in others were going out. I was just depositing in some checks for people behind my counter when these six guys came in. I didn't pay attention because I believed that they were here to deposit their checks but I was wrong. They pulled out their weapons and started to threaten the people and our bank workers for the money in the vault. I was hoping they didn't see me, but I was wrong. Suddenly one of the robbers came up to my counter and dropped off a letter. It read: "We are here to rob you, open the vault and surrender all the money or else!" I prepared to press the silent button to inform the police of the situation when I heard one them yell,

"Mark! What the heck are you doing!"

"Sorry Lee, but you know this is my first robbery." Mark answered.

"Don't worry Mark but the boss wants us to come over." Lee stated.

"Why? What does Jose want now?" Mark asked.

"Just move it before he gets violent."

"Fine, I'm coming."

I saw them head over to their leader who was busy kicking a security guard. They huddled together where they were having a discussion. All I heard was one of them say,

"Boss, that is crazy we just came here to rob the place not take innocent lives!" cried one of the robbers.

"David, don't ever disrespect me. You do know what happened to our old member Jack don't you." Jose answered almost in calm tone.

I just saw the robber named David look down on the floor then looked at their boss Jose. David remained silent while their boss spoke.

"Alright, David, take Zeke and Roy with you to the windows and see if the cops are here yet or if the Powerpuff Girls are out there to stop us."

I saw them nod in unison not wanting him to be angry. He continued stating to last two to try and open the vault for the money. All I saw was that the leader goes into a crowd and grabbed a little girl from the crowd. I heard from the robber Zeke,

"Jose, the cops are here!"

"Jose, we know you and your group of bandits are in there. Get out now or we would use lethal force." I heard an officer yell outside the bank with a Megaphone. I was scared because the little girl had a knife to her throat, but she had almost no expression in her face. I just saw blankness in her eyes but something weird started to happen. The little girl kicked him on the shin which he growled at her,

"Why you little… What the…? Where'd she go?" asked Jose.

"Sir! I saw her head over there to the corner." Mark answered.

I saw where the little girl was and saw her kneeling as if she were in pain. I just saw Jose head over to her and pulled out a pistol and pointed it at her.

"This little girl, will end you in a bang for… making… me… ANGRY!" he yelled in a rage tone.

I closed my eyes too scared to see the horrible sight that was about to unfold. I heard a scream and I opened my eyes and saw the little girl scream in pain as she got bigger and suddenly transformed into some massive brute. I just saw her grab that creep with one of her hands and throw him across the bank. He landed near some trash cans and he stood up and ordered his men to attack the girl/brute. The others went in for the attack but she managed to take out at least three of them with her huge fists with a single punch. I saw one of them hide in the corner and stay there throughout the rest of the fight. I saw Jose fire all rounds at her but the bullets were just bouncing off her and not harming her. I saw her fly towards Jose and give him a kick to the gut that sent him crashing out the window and in front of the officers. She took out the last guy with some sonic scream that sent him crashing into the walls. I saw her go to the corner where the other crook was hiding. She was staring at him and just left him without hurting him as if he were of no importance. I saw her turn around and stare at the other people in the bank. She simply replied in a grunt voice, "You're… welcome." and she smashed through the wall leaving behind the hole you girls are now seeing.

End of Chapter 3