My secret hero

Chapter 1 marias p.o.v

Its been a month. A month since I plunged myself into the ocean and saved the valley. A lot has happened this past month. The manor has been restored to its original state and looks more beautiful then ever. The room where the piano is has beautiful flowers spread across the entire room. Its one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen, another is… oh damn there I go thinking about him again, ive been doing that a lot lately and I tell myself to stop. I cannot be thinking about that boy anymore. Ive done things to make sure that I don't , like for instance I haven't seen him in two weeks. At first it was hard to keep myself from wanting to see him but I knew in my heart that it was best for me that way. I wasn't about to let myself fall for him. I knew that If I continued to spend time with him I would. I couldn't fall for him. If I did i`d be letting uncle Benjamin down because he has arranged for me to be married to a gentleman in London. In three months time I shall be sent to London to meet him and if I view him as a gentleman and someone id be able to spend the rest of my life with I would stay in London. I have known about this arrangement for a while. The day I found out I went to see robin directly after. "robin." I said to him as we walked through the woods. "do you believe in arranged marriages?" he stoped and looked at me for a moment then continued to walk. "well princess." He said "I view them as any person my age would, there garbage. Pure trash. The only person someone should marry is the person they love, no one else." As he said this I decided not to tell him about my arrangement. "why do you ask?" his question caught me off guard. I guess I shouldve expected it but I didn't. I was speechless I didn't know what to say so I decided to tell him the truth. "well, my uncle has arranged for me to go to London in 3 months to meet a gentleman who I might marry if I find him suitable." Robin stopped walking.