Robins POV

"she wasn't there." I mumbled softly as we walked down the streets of france. We had traveled all of this way, to find nothing. I felt my self fall into a deep sense of desperation. I needed to find maria. I needed her now more than ever. But she could be anywhere.

"Don't worry Rob, we'll find her," Garth tried to reassure me. I just grunted in response. If I was to say anything, I'd sound weak. I knew that I'd never find her. Mrs. Heliotrope said she ran away months ago. If only I had come sooner. Those six words kept repeating themselves in my head. If I had come sooner like I wanted to I could have stopped her. I could have held her in my arms and told her that everything was going to be okay. But I wasn't there and she is gone.

"The girl I love is gone. Maybe I just have to accept that," I explained miserably. Garth started to answer me, but stopped and just stared at something behind me in shock. I gave him a confused look before turning around to see what he was so shocked about. I saw a lady, very rich and intimidating. She wore fine clothing which told me that she was a woman of high class. She walked with her nose turned to the air, like she was better than everyone else. But that's not what was so shocking. What was shocking, was the two girls that she was currently yelling at. They were dressed in rags, and their hair and faces were a mess. They looked exausted and fed up with the woman. I studied one of the girls more closely, and I recognized the girl almost instantly.


Maria's POV

I heard someone shout my name across the cobble street and turned curiously to see who it could be. I didn't know that many people around here, and the ones I did know barely spoke English. As the car that was currently in the road passed I saw someone standing across the street, wearing leather and a black bowler hat, waving their arms frantically. A big smile made its way onto my face as I raced across the street without a second thought. I wrapped my arms around robin's neck as I clung onto him for dear life. I felt happy tears run down my face while I embraced the man I love.

"Its really you. You're really hear. You really found me," I said shakily. His arms tightened around my waist as he whispered;

"I will always find you Maria."

And it was in that moment hat I realized that nothing else mattered to me. It was if every bad thing that has happened to me these past few years didn't matter anymore. All because Robin had found me.

If someone had told me all of those years ago that Robin Denoir was going to save me when I needed him the most, I wouldn't have believed you. He is my secret hero, and he always will be.