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Beck wanted to go to the big showcase.

Jade did not. Jade won.

So they stayed home, talking about rock bands and what they were doing at the weekend. Andre called Beck a couple times, Jade rolled her eyes and said she couldn't wait to see the video of Trina Vega on the Slap whenever it aired. That talent less moron was always making a fool out of herself and it was always Jade's pick me up to watch fools, making even bigger fools out of themselves.

"Andre said to check the Slap, right now" Beck hung his phone up and pointed to the lap top, "He said there's something we need to see right now" he watched Jade open up a new tab on her laptop. He sat next to her and leaned in, eyes widening slightly as he saw the homepage. It was dedicated to the showcase but to only one girl in particular.

And not Trina.

"Who the hell is Tori Vega?" Jade sat up, interest and annoyance in her voice, "Oh my god, she's related to Trina? This must be priceless, bet that family has no talent at all" Beck said nothing as she played the video. Jade's face began to fall… Tori was actually amazing, she had an amazing voice, amazing confidence and there was something about Tori that made Jade want to know more.

"She's amazing" Beck commented when the song was over, "What do you think?".

"She's alright" Jade sighed. Beck pointed to another video relating to Tori Vega. Jade clicked on it with an irritated sigh and watched as someone pulled the curtain back to reveal an arguing backstage. Then Andre asked the audience if Tori was good enough to go to Hollywood Arts… Jade's jaw dropped when everyone began to clap.

"So she's really gonna go to our school?" Beck took a sip of his drink, "That's pretty cool".

"Why do you care?" Jade gave him a pointed look and he backed away mockingly with his hands raised.

"Come on Jade, I know you, you like anything with a pretty face" Beck sat down on the computer chair.

"Guess that makes sense why we're dating then?" Jade smirked, closing the lap top over.

"I'm being serious Jade" Beck added, "I know you… If you want out of this to go chasing after other people you need to let me know, because if the group were to catch us 'cheating' on each other, it would look extremely odd and both our secrets would come out. It would be better if it looked like we just broke up".

"Beck" Jade stood up and walked over to him, "I made you a promise and you are the only person I can trust in my entire life, I'm not gonna do anything to mess your life up. Besides, I still need a cover, my mother was getting really suspicious before I started 'dating' you, she kept hinting I should go to Christian Camp and then I googled it and it turned out it was an Anti-Gay club, meant to suck all the gay out of you".

Beck couldn't help but laugh, "I know what you mean though, my parents weren't happy all my posters were of guys and not girls, and even though your such a bitch to my parents, they still love you because you're a girl".

"Yeah" Jade agreed, "This isn't even that hard to maintain either, we used to hang out alone together all the time, nothing's changed".

"Apart from the fact we need to make out around our friends occasionally" Beck chuckled, "I keep hoping one day I'm going to look up and see Andre, looking jealous or something, I know it's stupid".

"It's not stupid" Jade walked the distance between them and leaned down to hug him, "You have a crush… Maybe it'll go away, maybe it won't… Unless…" she paused, "Do you want to come out to everyone?".

"No" Beck snapped his head up sharply, "I can't Jade, I can't, my parents would-".

"It's okay, I'm sorry I brought it up" Jade calmed him down, "As long as we keep talking to each other about what we want then this can never go wrong, you know? If we're always on the same page then our cover will be fine".

"Got it" Beck sighed, leaning backwards. He ran his hand through his hair and looked up to Jade, "The same applies for you as well, the moment you want out or you meet someone or…".

"I know" Jade smiled back, sitting on the bed.

"If you were more like this Jade with the others I'm sure they'd like you more" Beck said suddenly grinning.

"I don't want to be liked" Jade crossed her legs over, "I love to be hated".

"And on that note" Beck stood up, picking up two DVDs on his desk, "Mr and Mrs Smith or Men in Black?".

After a moment of debate Jade and Beck said simultaneously, "Mr and Mrs Smith".


Tori met her Hollywood Arts friends in this order; Andre, Cat, Robbie and Rex, Beck and then… Jade.

Saving the best for last, Tori's inner voice whispered inside her head. However, the first one of her friends she saw was Jade. Jade was sitting at a lunch table outside at the school when Tori walked by. She noticed the girl immediately. She dressed with attitude and intent and was probably somebody Tori would stay away from. But she didn't want to stay away from her. She wanted to be near her.

Before Tori could introduce herself, Jade grabbed her bag and walked off, giving Tori nothing but a glare.

And then later on…

"Dude, why you rubbing my boyfriend?" were the first words Jade ever said to Tori. Tori swallowed. She had no idea the girl she was staring at earlier was the girlfriend of the guy she clumsily spilled coffee over.

"Oh, I, I, just, I spilled coffee on him-" Tori began, trying to keep her cool.

"Get away from him" Jade commanded as Beck walked towards her, giving her a specific look.

"Relax" Beck smirked. He leaned in, kissed her cheek and whispered, "Told you you'd like her" into her ear before pulling back.

Tori looked away as Jade continued to stare at her. She could still feel eyes on her, even after she'd turned around.

"Oh my god, there's a huge fire!" a balding man wearing tatty and old fashioned clothes barged into the room. Tori couldn't help but notice he was shoeless. The class went into mayhem.

"Kidding! Kidding!" the man cried suddenly, "Just wanted to get your blood pumping which I did! Ha!" he seemed overly pleased with himself. He shut the door as the class took their seats, still looking frazzled. "Right now let's get started, rumps in chairs" the man took off his bag.

"That's our teacher?" Tori asked Andre nervously. Tori couldn't help but feel ever more nervous at sitting in front of Jade.

"First I'd like to introduce our new student, Tori" the crazy looking man gestured at Tori. The class gave a pathetic clap, "And I'd like to thank Tori for her generous gift of two dollars which she handed me outside this morning, not necessary but much appreciated".

"Why'd you give him two dollars?" Andre asked Tori, frowning.

"I thought he was homeless" Tori whispered back.

"Now today, we're going to continue our study in group improv" the teacher began, "Tori I assume you're familiar with improv?".

"Uh, well… yes and no" Tori blurted out, forcing a smile on her face.

"What does that mean?" the man asked bluntly.

"No" Tori confessed.

"Okay" the teacher replied, "Crash course in improv; acting without a script, which means the actors must make up their own actions and dialogue, as they perform the scene, understood?".

Tori raised her hand but the teacher shouted, "Excellent!".

"Jade you will Captain the first group today, choose your actors" the teacher announced as Jade strode by Tori and walked onto the small stage. Tori shivered as Jade passed her, a scene of rich honey and peppermint wafted into her nose.

"Cat" Jade pointed to the red-headed girl, "Eli, Beck" she grinned even wider at this but it was directed at Tori, "And Tori".

Tori's stomach dropped. She knew why Jade hated her. Jade thought Tori was making a play for her boyfriend. What she had no idea was that inside her head, Tori was trying to suppress the image of herself making a play for Jade.

"Okay let's give them a place" the teacher added.

"Home!" Robbie cried.

"Home!" the teacher shouted, "And now we need a situation" he frowned.

"Big news!" Andre suggested.

"Andre nobody wants to see big nudes" the teacher shook his head disapprovingly at him.

"News!" Andre corrected him.

"Ahh! Well that's different" the teacher smiled, "Big news!".

"Ah, why don't you go wait in the hall?" Jade walked over to Tori and said.

"Uh, okay" Tori could feel every bone in her body was telling her not to go but she didn't want to piss off Jade even further so she walked towards the door and stepped out into the hallway. As the scene began, all Tori could do was stare at Jade. She had never felt this way about anyone before, especially not a girl.

"I went to the animal shelter today" Jade walked over to Tori and pulled her back into the room. Tori snapped out of her thoughts and looked over to Jade, "And got us… a dog! Jade finished happily.

"Uh yep, I'm the new family dog" Tori forced a smile, feeling a knot tie up in her stomach, "Woof".

"Sikowitz" Jade stepped forwards. Finally Tori found out his name! "Will you please tell this amateur that dogs can't talk? And that they don't walk on two legs? Sikowitz?".

Sikowitz pulled the coconut away from his mouth, "Oh I'm sorry I was sucking the milk out of this coconut… But it's true Tori, if you're going to play a dog, be a dog".

Jade looked over to Tori with a satisfying look and Tori sighed as she got down on her hands and knees, "Woof" Tori barked bitterly.

"And action!" Sikowitz cried.

"I went to the animal shelter and got us a dog!" Jade re-did her previous line, with more mocking in it than before.

"Wow" Cat and Eli's characters crowded Tori, pretending to pat her.

"Can the dog sleep in our room?" Beck asked slyly, smirking over to Jade. He knew from the moment he saw Jade watch Tori's video that Jade would be enticed towards the gorgeous brunette.

"No honey, it can't" Jade glared at Beck.

Tori tensed up when Jade reached down and put in her fingers in her hair, "Uh oh, looks like this dog has bugs in her fur!".

"Uh Woof!" Tori's eyes widened with annoyance.

"Ew, gross!" Eli and Cat's characters moved backwards.

"Oh it's okay" Jade smiled, "I read on the internet that coffee works great for getting rid of fur bugs" she walked across the room, picked up someone's cold coffee and walked back to the stage.

"Maybe you shouldn't uh…" Beck put up his hand but Jade strode past him.

"Jade" Andre called out.

"But it was too late. Jade took the lid off the cup of coffee and poured it over Tori's head. The class stared shock. Tori stood up, mouth open in shock as she looked at Jade.

"What's the prob… dog?" Jade smirked at Tori.

And that was it. Tori gasped and ran off the stage and out of the classroom.


Jade didn't expect Tori to come back after her first day. Jade couldn't explain it but when Tori was around her, it made her not want to be who she was supposed to be, cold, judging, conflicted… Beck's 'girlfriend'. Jade wanted to be someone who was free to talk to Tori and beat down every guy and girl that wanted her to be near her as well. She remembered Beck's scolding yesterday as they walked home together.

Beck knew Jade only went after Tori like that because she thought Tori was into Beck. Even though Jade knew Beck was gay, she still couldn't help being jealous of him, that it was him who Tori was talking to and not her. And Classic Jade came roaring out into the surface. Bitch Jade.

Sikowitz was just starting the class when the door opened and there she was… Tori Vega. Jade couldn't help but feel… happy? She slid up her chair, eyes wide, trying to suppress a smile.

"Tori, you're back" Sikowitz acknowledged her, "Ever thought about coming in through the window?".

"No" Tori frowned.

"Think about it" Sikowitz shrugged, "Now sit, sit".

Tori sat down, ignoring Jade's questioning look at her. Beck smiled at Tori and then over to Jade. Sikowitz was explaining what Alphabetical Improv was but Jade tuned out. All she could do was stare at Tori and feel her lips go dry. What was this girl doing to her?

The only thing that snapped Jade out of her daydreaming was Tori standing up and saying, "I do!" she walked to the stage and smiled, "Okay, Andre, Cat, Beck and… Jade" she paused, "Yeah you".

Jade looked down and got up, walking to the stage. On impulse, she leaned down to Beck and pressed her lips onto his, making sure Tori knew that Beck wasn't for her. Tori couldn't help but feel like she was being stabbed. Then she immediately felt stupid. She had only known Jade 24 hours but for some reason, it was hard for her to watch Jade kiss her boyfriend.

"Robbie give us a letter!" Sikowitz cried.

"P!" Rex cried, "Damn it I was going to say P!" Robbie added.

"Okay the scene can be about anything you want, the first letter of the first line is P, Tori, action!" Sikowitz replied.

Tori turned to Jade and said "Please go take a shower".

Jade replied; "Quit telling me what to do".

Beck jumped in; "Relax girls let's all try to get along".

Cat's dreamy little voice floated in with "Totally".

"Ah! Cat your line had to start with an 'S'" Sikowitz intervened.

"Salami" Cat cried, desperate to stay in.

"It's too late cat" Sikowitz replied.

"My life's the worst!" Cat screamed.

"Here's a piece of candy" Sikowitz held up a red wrapped for her.

"Yay I love candy!" Cat bounced off the stage.

"Alright Andre, letter 'S' to you!" Sikowitz pointed.

"Something just bit my toe!" Andre said.

Tori replied, "Turtle! That turtle just bit his toe".

Jade couldn't help but smirk, "Unbelievable that your even here".

"Very immature of you to say that" Beck gave Jade a look.

"Come on Andre, W!" Sikowitz cried.

Andre looked at his toe, "What if the turtle bite broke my toe bone?".

"X-rays are the only way to find out" Tori replied.

"You should shut up" Jade rolled her eyes.

"Zap I just healed your toe with my magic finger" Beck interrupted.

Andre smiled "Thanks!".

"Uh! Andre your line had to start with an A, sit down!" Sikowitz jumped up.

"Ah, I just got my toe bone fixed" Andre sighed as he walked off the stage.

"Aliens are the only people who can heal toes with finger zapping" Tori looked at Beck.

"By the way" Jade walked forwards; she stuck her tongue out at Tori and made a noise.

Beck added, "Correct I am an alien".

"Don't hurt me, please" Tori replied.

"Even though she's extremely annoying" Jade added cheekily.

Beck pretended to stumble backwards, "Fainting… because I cant breath your Earth's air" he fell to the floor.

Tori gasped, "Gosh it fainted".

"Hey why wont you jump off that cliff down there?" Jade asked happily.

Tori nodded, "I think you should".

"Just where did you come from?" Jade glared at her.

"Kangaroos" Tori smiled back.

"Lousy animals kangaroos, their awkward and dirty" Jade put her hands on her hip.

"Maybe they learned from you" Tori replied.

"No-one talks to me like that" Jade gaped. This was something new. The new girl was showing she wasn't just a push over.

"Obviously someone should" said Tori.

"Please run in front of a bus" Jade retorted.

"Quite obnoxious of you to say that" Tori was really getting into this game.

"Really?" Jade questioned.

"Sure was" Tori grinned.

"Thanks" Jade glared.

"Up your nose I see boogers" Tori added.

"Very clever" Jade commented.

"Wish you'd thought of it?" Tori replied.

"X marks the spot I'd like to punch!" Jade cried, pointing her finger at Tori's face.

"Your finger smells weird!" Tori cried back.

"Zero is what you are from scale 1 to 10" Jade growled.

"And back to the letter A!" Sikowitz cried.

Tori rolled her eyes, "As if I care what you think".

"Better watch yourself" Jade warned.

"Can't take it?" Tori smirked.

"Don't push me" Jade shook her head.

"Eat your pants" Tori winked at Jade.

"You eat your pants!" Jade suddenly screamed, lost in the heat of the argument. "Wait!" she suddenly realised her mistake.

"Sorry Jade, the next letter was…" Sikowitz began.

"F! I know!" Jade screamed, storming off stage.

"Hey the alien's moving" Andre said from his seat.

"Keep the scene going!" Sikowitz clapped his hands.

"Get up alien" Tori helped Beck up off the floor. "Head, feel's dizzy" Beck mumbled.

Suddenly Tori got an idea. An idea that would shock Jade. If Tori couldn't make Jade feel the intense spark between them she had to know, "I know what could make you feel better…" she smirked and didn't notice Jade's eyes widen.

"Jumping jacks?" Beck asked.

Tori took a deep breath and grinned, "Kiss me".

"Little weird?" Beck frowned, "Lets do it…".

Tori looked over to Jade before Beck leaned in. As Beck's lips meshed with Tori's, she saw Jade's eyes. She was furious, raging! So much anger and… Was that something else? Was that pain? For Beck... Or for her?

Tori pulled back from Beck and smiled over to Jade, "Man I love this school!".

And that's when it all began.