It had been a month since Jean suggested they hangout. They 'd been in constant contact ever since texting each other and hangout in his dorm room. But they'd yet to really go out yet. Jean had made the first move in texting him so it was a bout time he made a move. She mentioned that most of the people on her floor went clubbing Thursday nights so she watched TV in the common room. Getting into a different building wasn't that hard so Drake decided to keep her company for the night.

Taking the stairs two at a time Drake ran up to the fifth floor. Panting by the time he got there, he sat down on the stair. He wanted to look cool when he saw her not a sweaty mess. Regaining his breath Drake casually made his way to the common room. Jean was there all right, but not like he expected. Through the window he could see her sprawled out on the couch. As he walked into the room he could hear her deep breathing over the television. Approaching her Drake couldn't help noticing how venerable Jean looked. Her small mouth parted and her face slightly upturned. Now standing beside her Drake couldn't help but imagine what kissing her awake would be like. Would she respond with slumberous passion and pull him closer? Or worse would she push him away and shut him out? No kissing her was definitely out of the question, but still the temptation to touch her in someway was overwhelming. Kneeling down he was able to get a closer view of the skin he so desperately wanted to touch. The soft curve of her cheek and the shadow her lashes made on them, both of which pale in comparison to the perfect bow of her mouth. Unable to hold himself in check any longer Drake allowed the tips of his fingers to trace her lips. His rough fingers barely able to register their softness. Groaning in frustration he cupped Jean's cheek.

"Jean. Wake up," Drake urged. Only receiving a moan that tested the limits on his control as a response. Not sure how much more he could take Drake decided to take a more direct approach. Firmly taking hold of Jean's shoulders he shook her abruptly. Her body immediately went rigid and her eyes sprung open.

She could feel someone's hands on her face. Their touch was gentle and light, and almost reverent in a way. The only person who has ever thought about touching her in any non-perfunctory way was Drake. In which case she was more than happy to let him continue, within reason of course. His touch trailed the length of her eyebrows, and down the side of her face. When he began to trace her lips however it took all her willpower not to open her eyes and kiss him in earnest. When they finally kissed she wanted him to initiate it. An old-fashioned notion but still it was her first kiss after all. Drake let out a groan and cupped her cheek his thumb lightly brushing across her skin. Through her blissful haze she heard him tell her to wake up. Considering he said it so sweetly she would have but at that same moment she felt his breath across her chest. Instinctively arching her back Jean let out a moan had she been fully aware would have embarrassed her. She regretted her out burst immediately because Drake then removed his hand from her face only to place it on her shoulder and shake her unceremoniously waking her. Instantly opening her eyes Jean was welcomed to the sight of Drake's face eclipsing her view. Not a bad way to start an evening Jean thought to herself.

"Welcome back" Drake said looking down at Jean.

"It's good to be back" Jean replied as she reached up and toyed with the collar of his shirt.

Looking down at her Drake knew that there would never be a better time than now to kiss her. Slowly bringing his head down to give her time to change her mind he brought their lips together. Her lips were warm and smooth under his. This was their first kiss so he wanted to keep things light, but his good intentions were quickly forgotten when she nipped his bottom lip.

Positioning his body so that he blanketed hers Drake assailed her mouth with voracity he'd been trying to avoid. Had it been any other girl he wouldn't have lost his composure, but Jean wasn't like every other girl he'd dated. Sure she was smart, but he had dated smart girls before. No, this was different; she made him want to be better. Not just in school but in general, as a person. She encouraged him to want more than just parties and girls, and she didn't even try.

With a moan Jean wrapped her hands around his shoulders pulling him closer. Grinding his hips against hers Drake ran his hands down her sides. Coming to the waistband of her jeans he snuck his hands under her shirt. Working his way back up her smooth skin until a most unwanted interruption.

"New girl Drake," the new voice asked.

With a groan Drake sat up moving Jean's legs so that he was between the two girls. He knew that voice it was Connie, they hooked up at a party freshman year. Next thing he knows she's knocking at his door pissed at him for flirting with other girls. Needless to say what happened between them was a mistake, but really how was he supposed to know she was the patron saint of crazy.

"So how long have you been with this one Drake? A night? Or a whole two days?" She said as she walked further into the room.

"Why are you here Connie?" Drake said with a groan. His head falling back so he wouldn't have to look at her.

"Now Drake what's got you so riled? Afraid I'll tell the truth about you and ruin your date?"

Drake began to respond when Jean interrupted "Are you going to introduce me to your friend?" Looking at her to gauge her reaction to the intrusion he was surprised to see amusement in her eyes. Releived that nothing Connie had said worried her Drake made the introduction.

"Jean this is Connie."

"We dated," the girl added.

"Allegedly," Drake said under his breath.

"As you can see we didn't part on good terms," Connie said ignoring his comment.

"So I see. So what brings you here Connie?" Jean responded friendlily.

"I'm looking for Calista. Do you know if she's around?"

"Sorry the only people here are Luis, Airiane, and I. Everyone else went to Hip Notic. But if you hurry you could probably catch them before they go to another club." Jean replied.

"Cool thanks. By the way every other Tuesday me and other girls Drake has dogged get together to Drake bash you can join us after he breaks your heart," Connie said sailing back out the door.

With the mood officially ruined Jean took the time to really look at Drake. He seemed annoyed by the intrusion but that wasn't all she saw. No, she also saw heat there. Heat meant for her along with a tenderness that in all her short nineteen years had never dreamed would be aimed at her. They hadn't been together long and haven't officially been on a date (unless you call having coffee in Barnes and Noble a date), but she couldn't help but feel they were connected in such a way that was entirely new to both of them. Maybe it was just wishful thinking but even so it scared her. She had never clicked so well with another person and for that person to be Drake a guy with a relationship history a mile long, it was terrifying. End the end it didn't matter though, because she wasn't about to let this pass her by. Not when it could be so special.

"What happened you came by?"

"I wanted to surprise you. I knew you'd be alone tonight and I wanted to keep you company," Drake said unable to look her in the eye because he sounded so uncool.

"That's really sweet D, but for the record if I'm sleeping next time you have permission to kiss me awake," Jean said leaning her into his side.