Disclaimer – I do not own Bleach. This is a fanfic I am writing for "The Ultimate Fanfic Challenge 200 Prompts" and it is written for #143: Kingdom. This contains spoilers for the Winter War.

Aizen's Kingdom
~ The Ruining of the World ~

Every so often, Gin would hear a dripping sound at the back of his mind, deep from inside his inner world. The dripping sound was of the poisonous waters dripping from the roof down into the deep, cold pool that he kept having to clean out. The man wasn't blind to the fact that he was in fact messed up, but he choose to push it aside as he had brought his mental state on himself.

In his mind, everything was worth the actions he was now going to take, simply because it meant that his life would finally conform to the path that he believed his life should have taken ever so long ago. Unlike Rangiku, he couldn't as easily forget what they had once had and he found himself stepping out of the mire in an attempt to bring back that solitude he wanted.

However, the man now found himself trying to fight off the poisonous worry that ate at the back of his mind. His zampaktuo spoke up, hissing in his head. "If you mess up, then you mess up for not just yourself, but the persons you care for. Don't let Aizen get to you, don't let him think you are backing down. Don't let him win."

Moments later, he found himself with his back on the ground, staring up at the sky, wondering why he had gone the route he had gone. The next thing he knew too, Rangiku was over his body, looking down upon him, tears falling down onto his face. "I made it so that you couldn't smile again, Ran-chan." He then found himself drifting away, into his inner world.

The place was a huge cave, a massive purple behemoth with cesspools down at the bottom, that the poison from the roof dripped into. Gin found himself staring up at the ceiling, his eyes narrowed like they normally were, his mind not even attempting to look for his zampaktuo spirit, knowing full well that he would be in for a major lecture.

"Ichimaru..." The hissing sound came to his ears and the man found himself turning his head to look at the dragon that floated around in the air. The creature was thin like him, but also small and lavender in color. Among the scales were spots where fur stuck out. The head was also not reptilian, but that of a fox. The creature glided down to stand on the cave floor, its tongue sticking out. "You failed."

"I know that I did. I don't need to be reminded of this." Ichimaru glanced up at the ceiling, then folded his arms across his chest. "I choose to erase all emotions that I had, to protect what I most cared about. I kept those poisonous things in here, where no one could reach them, or make me feel them. And yet I failed."

"I don't think you were devoid of emotion. If you were, then the poison would not still be dripping from the roof." The snake like fox dragon suddenly glided over and slid up Ichimaru's shoulder. "That said, do you wish to see the likely progress that Aizen is making out there?"

This caused the man to open up his eyes just as the dragon moved over to a pond. Ichimaru sat down at the edge, looking in to see if anything would occur. What he saw was his body, badly mangled which caused him to let out a hissing sound. "I don't want to see that I've failed. I want to see if that creepy kid has managed to stop Aizen, where I couldn't."

The vision then began to drift around, causing him to catch glimpses of Rangiku and the group of kids who Aizen had tried to go after. He also saw the former captain of the tenth division, Shiba Isshin upon the ground, which caused the silver haired man to raise an eyebrow. "If Aizen took him out, then chances are Kurosaki couldn't pass the muster."

The vision then fell upon Aizen making attacks on the substitute shinigami. What Gin saw cased his eyes go wide and his jaw to drop open. Whether this was real or not, he couldn't help but think the thought that he did. "We're doomed. Aizen is going to alter the world to become something that we hate and loath, a place we can no longer live in."

The pool then began to fill with a reddish blood color, which caused Ichimaru to back away. The earth began to shake and he couldn't help but glance up in time to see rocks falling from the cave ceiling. "I guess Aizen has succeeded in creating his kingdom, one where we are all slaves to his whim."

Author's note – Ch1: 804; Total: 804