Aizen's Kingdom
~To Have the World~

Ichimaru found himself waking up again. Sitting to his left side was a young boy with white hair and teal eyes, bright and filled with a great deal of life. This time around, he had more energy and could remain awake. However, while the person looked strangely familiar, something felt off about the boy.

Finally, he placed his mind on the problem.

"Shiro-chan?" The silver haired man spoke up.

"Yes?" The boy stated, moving his hand to touch the man's shoulder.

"What the hell did you do to your hair? It's changed since I last saw it." The man stated, frowning at the boy.

"That is the first thing you want to talk to me about when you wake up?" The boy suddenly had his own frown plastered across his face. "So what if I did decide to change my hair style while you've been comatose. It has been a long time you know."

Ichimaru let out a deep sigh. "I wasn't sure if I had woken up in another alternate world or not."

"That would be interesting, wouldn't it. Instead of a world where I am captain like this one, or a world where I couldn't walk, what kind of world do you think you would be in this time?" The boy stated firmly.

"Then the dream you were talking about with Rangiku wasn't a dream, was it." Gin stated, watching the boy carefully.

Suddenly, two bright teal eyes glanced away. "A little after the Winter War, I made myself really sick and lowered my immune system so that I was asleep for a couple of weeks. I at first thought it was just a simple dream, but then I found out things that I had learned things that I shouldn't have known. Like the fact that Ichigo's my former taicho's son."

"About the truth between you and Rangiku..." The man watched the boy carefully.

"The only person I've told was Unohana Taicho, and she's only told Yamamoto and he only told the forty-six. They thought it was some big joke that had come about because I was sick, but Unohana requested a DNA test be done which confirmed the fact you were my father. "

A wistful look spread across Ichimaru's face. "I guess when I get better, I am going to go on trial."

"When you get better, you'll be facing your official acquittal of all charges against you." The boy suddenly turned back, and to the man's surprise, he had a smile on his face. "Some people believe you were pardoned because you were a child, like Ukitake and Kyoraku Taicho. Others believe it was done because you planned on turning on Aizen the whole time, like oka-san."

Gin shook his head at the boy. "Shiro-chan, Soul Society doesn't work that way. They don't just hand acquittals like this."

"Soul Society has changed because of Kurosaki." Toshiro still smirked at Ichimaru, as if he found the entire situation hilarious. "I honestly believe this to be true, because the reason they acquitted you was because you were trying to protect your family and your actions reflect this."

"That is true... but..." Gin suddenly closed his eyes in frustration. "Now I really think I am dreaming."

"Rangiku doesn't know about me being the two of your child. I sent her back to the tenth division to rest, because I was hoping to speak with you before you spoke with her. I think you are the person to tell her. I had thought about telling her first, because we all thought you were dead, but Unohana had been keeping you here because the forty-six was still deciding your fate. So, my plans changed."

The silver haired man let out a deep sigh. "Would you be willing to help me sit up?"

To his surprise, the boy quickly complied, though it was honestly a struggle for him to help the man to sit back up. The boy then rattled off some more. "Unohana wasn't sure if you would be waking up. She reattached my limbs from when Aizen cut me with his blade, but she never had to work with the mangled mess. She really didn't want to let Rangiku know that you were still alive, because she had already made it clear she had said goodbye."

"Let me guess. She let you know that I was comatose because you hadn't had a chance to say goodbye." Ichimaru shook his head, his body completely weak, his hand wanting to reach up the now strange head of hair.

"I wasn't going to say goodbye. I told her that you would get better in one week, tops." Toshiro bubbled out.

"You do realize that is impossible, right?" Ichimaru sighed.

"I know it is now." The boy stated. "While I woke up soon after you killed Aizen, I kept going back at night when I slept for awhile. Momo's living in that world, but not herself. You became blind from the attack Aizen used on you, and you slipped between this worlds memories and that. Ichigo disappeared... and no... I doubt he will remember, because this is Kurosaki we are talking about."

"I like how you've grown up." Gin stated, a true smile suddenly spreading across his face. "I like how you are bubbling over with energy and more open to the things going on around you."

"I get that trait from my mother actually." The boy's smile suddenly grew. "I don't drink like she does and I doubt I'll pick it up."

"What about Ichigo's sister?" The next question caused a sudden change.

"Karin and I are not dating." Toshiro's face fell into a deep frown.

Ichimaru shook his head. "Where did that one come from? I was simply curious to know what kind of friendship you have with her. You never were able to make friend easily."

"She's easy to be friends with." Hitsugaya's face suddenly brightened up. "When I go to the world of the living, she invites me to play soccer with her and her other friends. She's also invited me, when Kurosaki still had his powers, to come and stay at their place while I was in the living room. Their sister Yuzu is kind of... I know Isshin Taicho was... is weird, but I think she takes the cake."

Gin let out a laugh. "Looks like I am going to have to tell Rangiku the truth, huh?"

Toshiro opened up his mouth to say something, only for both males to suddenly freeze, the looks on the face knowing full well that they didn't want to deal with an angry female. "Tell me the truth about what?"

Author's note – There is the final chapter of Aizen's Kingdom. I couldn't answer where everyone was and I couldn't show Toshiro getting the ability to walk again, but then... if I had shown it, it would have chocked up the story.