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No Flames

Ok this story will be a Dark Naruto. NO HAREM. Just Hinata and Naruto. Expect a lot of dark crazy stuff like death, killing, bashing, rape...hmm maybe not sure about that but expect sex. "I am pretty sure I will go all out on this story" so you are warned on the first chapter people. SEE WARNING RIGHT HERE LOL.

Also expect Hinata to be evil and cruel later on.

Forest the time Mizuki tells Naruto.

Naruto stood there looking at the ground, hearing all this while Mizuki just laughed "You see? You are the demon." Iruka hearing him told Mizuki to shut up. Turning to Naruto he watches him tighten his fists with angry. When Iruka saw Naruto eyes, they were red with black slits 'Naruto' thought Iruka watching his student look like this made him take a step back.

"That's right demon. Also all those tests you took over the years? I placed a genjutsu on them when I first started to teach, so technically you aren't an idiot like people think you are" laughing in his face. Iruka is stunned to hear that Mizuki would do something this low to a child for years before he took a step.

"SHUT UP!" roared Naruto, making both chunin stop in their tracks. Both their hearts skipped a beat feeling the chakra he is using "I know about Kyuubi. My own fucking father ruined my life and now you..." pointing to Mizuki who is feeling nervous "Are going to learn a lesson. Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" creating a huge amount of clones, making both chunin shocked with awe.

Iruka watching this wonders how is he able to perform this jutsu at this magnitutde. Mizuki just smiled, thinking they are mere bunshin, not paying attention to Naruto "Get him" shouted the original one. All the clones charged at Mizuki with kunais and killing intent. Iruka feeling this turns to Naruto shocked that he is doing this 'Why? I mean I understand that he learned his truth but blaming his father? What does he mean?'

Iruka watched the clones charge at Mizuki "Stop please. I'm sorry" scared to see so many clones around him he is fearing for his life. The clones all jumped in, stabbing him in several locations "Stop please" shouted Mizuki. Naruto just stood there, hating the man for ruining his academy life 'He is just the first of many I will come for' thought Naruto. Iruka watching in horror tries to run but can't get up "Please don't Naruto. That's enough" stopping the killing intent coming from Naruto.

He watches him pick up the scroll and head back at the Hokage tower to have a chat with the hokage.

Hokage tower

Hiruzen saw everything on the crystal ball 'He killed him' fearing the worst he lets out a sigh wondering how this has happened. Seeing that Mizuki tricked him and he killed Mizuki in cold blood, maybe he can turn it around saying it was self defense. But wondering how he will take the news about his father sealing the Kyuubi inside of him 'What now?' hearing a banging.

An anbu walked in "Sir, the council has gathered and needs to know what charges should be made on Naruto" Hiruzen turning to the cat masked anbu. Dismissing her, she leaves to tell Naruto where to go. Hiruzen has a bad feeling this won't be good 'For Kami's sake what have I done? I just might have unleashed Kyuubi's fury on Konoha, maybe more' thought Hiruzen.

Council room

Naruto was looking at the Hokage, not taking his eyes off of him. Everyone wondered why he hasn't stop glaring at the Hokage "Boy is there a problem?" spoke Danzo, wondering what's going on. He turns to Hiruzen who is deep in thought. Naruto took a scroll out of his pocket, holding it in his hands "How long did you know?" asked Naruto.

Hiruzen closed his eyes, feeling the harsh, hateful, heated glare that Naruto is giving him "Before you were born. It was a precaution" answered Hiruzen.

Everyone wondered what was going on "Meaning what Naruto?" asked Hiashi. Wondering why they are in the meeting and the civilian isnt helping with their demanding his life for killing a chunin "SHUT UP!" roared Naruto. Everyone is taken back that he raised his voice with such malice in it. Throwing the scroll towards Shikaku, he caught it effortlessly wondering what's in it.

He opened the scroll and began to read it, wondering what's in it and why he threw it to him. He stops reading the line about him being his father "Minato is your father?" shocked just reading the first couple of lines. Everyone erupted hearing this, Hiruzen cursing himself for hoping it wasn't that scroll Minato left behind. Inoichi was thinking he is sleep deprived and took the scroll and started to read as he got to a few lines "Kushina is his mother... oh Kami that's right her name was Uzumaki" remembering the redhead kunoichi from Uzu.

The civilian council disbelieved hearing that the demon brat as they call him is their greatest hokage's son. "But how? I thought he wasn't married" screamed Sakiri.

"Since when can children ONLY be born if their parents are married?" Tsume asked.

Hiruzen dropped his head, but Naruto was not going to let this drop that easily. "Answers now. Why me of all people? He ruined my life. The person I looked up to ruined my life and worse he is mt own damn father" slamming his hands on the desk "Answers!" shouted Naruto. Hiruzen never saw Naruto this angry before in his life, fearing this was the breaking point "Naruto, understand this, he couldn't ask anyone else if he wasn't willing to do it himself. He wanted you to be viewed as a hero, he did what was best for the village" answered Hiruzen.

Everyone hearing this looks down, now realizing that they treated the yondaime's son with a horrible life.

Naruto on the other hand spat on the floor "Hero? Tell me this, when has anyone showed real kindness to me? Best interest of the village? What about the best interest of his family? Of his son? FOR ME? No, he isn't my father. I refuse to be a Namikaze, not even an Uzumaki. Where's my mother?" asked Naruto glaring at the hokage. Everyone is stunned he just denounced his heritage.

Hiruzen knew this wasn't going to end well, but looked at Naruto, telling him it was best not to ask about her. The clan heads all thought she died while Homura and Koharu saw where this is going and knew it might not end well. "No, she is alive. She gave a piece of her chakra to help seal Kyuubi, but she went into a coma. But she woke up about ten years ago but refused to come back to Konoha thinking her son is Kyuubi now" answered Homura. Hiruzen sighed wondering how this all started. Kushina was the previous container so you'd think she of all people would not believe that. Losing Minato drove her to the end of sanity, making her think Naruto is Kyuubi.

"Kushina was placed in a hospital to be treated. She left there about five years ago and is currently living somewhere in Hi no Kuni" answered Koharu. Everyone hearing Naruto chuckle thinking how funny this is "So my own father uses me to stop kyuubi while my mother the previous container thinks of me as the Kyuubi? While the village and the people in charge deliberately pretend my father's wish for me never happened?" thinking how funny this is. He glares at Hiruzen with such hate in his eyes, making the poor Hokage's heart break knowing the boy lost his light now and forever.

The civilian council were all talking "Hokage-sama, we should place Naruto Namikaze in the CRA" smiled Sakiri. The moment she said that a kunai flew pass her cheek cutting her face. Everyone turned to Naruto who threw the kunai "NO! Didn't you listen to what I said? I denounced my last names. Since everyone calls me the demon fox, then thats what I am. Naruto Yoko" glaring at the civilian council.

The anbu appeared on Naruto's sides, making sure he wouldn't do anything rash. "Enough. If Naruto doesn't want to participate in the CRA, he doesn't have to, but Naruto please understand you have two great legacys. Are you really going to throw them away because things didn't turn out for the best?" pleaded Hiruzen. Everyone turned to Hiruzen wondering if he can calm down Naruto, the clan heads feel bad thinking how they could make this up to Naruto.

"Minato was a great man, despite what you may feel he did want what was best for you" said Tsume trying to reach Naruto. He turned to her with red and black slitted eyes, making her shiver. "Best for me? Don't make me laugh. He could have sealed Kyuubi back into my mother and I would have had a normal life, but no. The civilian council ruined my life while some of your clansmen did the same thing." snarled Naruto, making everyone look at each other wondering when did this happen.

"But he is your-"

"I SAID SHUT UP BITCH! HE IS NOT MY FATHER!" Naruto screaming at the Inuzuka clan head making her lean back at the chair.

"Naruto stop. This will only make matter worse" said Hiruzen.

Sakiri, recovering from the killing intent, turned to Naruto, still smiling. "Lord Hokage we should announce him being the Yondaime's son. With this out everyone will respect him and be kind to him." thinking about her daughter since he has a huge crush on her. All she has to do is manipulate her daughter, telling her to drop Sasuke and be with Naruto.

"Whatever. I'm still going to refuse him as my father. Everything he has or belonged to him, burn it, send it to hell or to the Shinigami's stomach where he is for all I care." replied Naruto. Walking away from the podium, everyone is stunned to hear him say that. Hiruzen sighed and told him that "Your blood, chakra is the key. Without it we can't gain entrance to the ground" answered Hiruzen.

Naruto smiled hearing this "Really? Thank you Lord Hokage"

Everyone wondered where did that come from and when since does Naruto call him by his title. 'He's gone. The Naruto who hides behind the mask to hide his pain, everything is gone. Now what we have is something much worse, a Naruto that doesn't care if he's hated anymore, and may return the favor.' thought Hiruzen.

Naruto walked out of the room while the clan heads finished reading the scroll. Hiashi now had it in his hands "So what now? Surely Konoha will be at his feet but how will the shinobi react to this?" seeing how the Namikaze name and Kushina being royalty from Uzu can further the Hyuga name 'Hinata has a crush on him. Maybe using her feelings to get the boy to like her won't be bad' seeing how this works he will talk to the Hyuga elders, a chance like this doesn't come often.

"But why did Naruto take the scroll in the first place?" asked Choza.

Hiruzen told them what Mizuki did, shocking everyone "Indeed. So I will change the teams seeing how the scores were affected. I will change two teams around that involve Naruto. I think it would be best for him with a level headed team" answered Hiruzen. Everyone wondered what he means by that, Danzo asked "Who?"

Even Homura and Koharu wondered as well, seeing that many people won't have a problem and having another clan heir to help keep Naruto safe from the enemy villages will be good. But futhermore they can restrict the team's movements with missions, fearing their lives would be in danger. It was a win-win situation for them.

"Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga. Sakura Haruno has showed a lot of negative attitude towards Naruto while Hinata Hyuga hasn't shown any but positive feelings. I think it would be best to have two scouting teams and assault teams as well. Sakura can learn genjutsu from Kurenai while Shino can provide cover and Kiba being assault with Shino as well" explained Hiruzen. Many liked the idea, especially Hiashi who was thrilled. Sakiri however wasn't. She wanted her daughter to be on the same team as Naruto to get to him. "Enough. I will change things due to reasons that are happening now, and for no other reasons." said Hiruzen ending the argument once and for all.

With Naruto.

When he got to his apartment he looked at himself "Never like this. I think it's time for Konoha to meet Yellow Yoko" walking to the dresser stand he takes out black clothes that Hiruzen got for him on his birthday.

That Night Mindscape

Naruto woke up seeing water all around. Wondering what's going on he follows the heavy breathing coming from a distance. As he reached the source of the breathing he looked at the giant golden bars with a Kanji for "Seal" on it. Walking towards it, Naruto looks inside the cage to see if it's the source of his horrible life 'It is' staring at it.

For Kyuubi, he sensed the hate, anger, and all the negative emotions that are going through Naruto "Interesting, what do we have here? Did you finally drop that mask you always used to hide from this village?" wondering why his warden appeared in front of him but seeing that he hates his parents for what they did to him

Naruto watched him "What do you know, it can speak." taunted Naruto. Watching the fox stand on its leg it moved closer to Naruto "I'm interested to know why you are here. This being our first meeting so I'm interested to know what brought you here?" asked Kyuubi. Naruto clenched his fist, wanting to know what happened on the night of his birth. That surprised Kyuubi, but he chuckled and gave his memories to Naruto shooting a red chakra stream at him. "I didn't want to attack your pitiful village. I wanted my freedom" growled Kyuubi.

Naruto getting over the rush, the power he just felt 'Amazing. I need more of this power. With it I can become hokage and change Konoha to my image' setting his sights on Kyuubi. "Power, I need more of it. What can you give me? Maybe there is something we both can do to help each other out with?" said Naruto. Kyuubi hearing this smiles thinking about his freedom.

"Very well. I can give you my chakra, that should be enough. With your healing ability and my chakra flowing through your body you will be a force to be reckoned with" replied Kyuubi. Naruto hearing this raised an eyebrow. 'Yeah, getting chakra from him will always be useful, but I'd rather use it as a last resort.' He wanted more, he wanted a kekkei genkai like how some of his academy classmates have.

He heard about Sasuke's clan having the sharingan since he is the last of his clan and never lets others forget it.

"I want a kekkei genkai. What can you do about that" asked Naruto.

Kyuubi for the first time in his existence raised an eyebrow to hear this. Yes his chakra, immense stregth and endurance with his high abundant of stamina thinks it won't be enough for the boy. For the first time he can remember he chuckled "Well this is interesting. Hmm... perhaps I can give you something if I had their DNA or blood. If you somehow can get a sample of it, stab yourself in your stomach with the seal showing" answered Kyuubi. Naruto hearing this raises an eyebrow and asks will this free him "Why would it concern you?" asked Kyuubi.

Naruto gave a sadistic smirk which made Kyuubi smile "Payback, revenge. I want to be Hokage and make Konoha into my image and with this you can get a front row seat as well. But if you wish to stay here, that is also suitable, but there must be something you want in return besides your freedom. I'm pretty sure you want the person who made you attack gone and maybe the last of the clan. BUT-" stopping, to which Kyuubi was confused but interested in hearing all this.

He would never had thought Naruto of all people would come up with something like this. It made him smile with pride to see a child with such malice and hate like him 'Perhaps the kit is worthy to carry the Yoko name.' thinking about his deal he waves his giant claw to continue. "Why not have their clan or family serve my family for their rest of their lives? A life of servitude to us" smiled Naruto.

Kyuubi hearing this chuckled, thinking how ironic it would be to see the clan who forced him to do this be forced to submit to the clan closest to him. "Kit you are indeed a special one. I will give you a kekkei genkai if you can find one you want. But why stop there? Get at least a few. With this I can combine them to make something more" listening to Kyuubi Naruto nodded "Deal" as the two agreed. Kyuubi summoned the Kitsune contract for him to sign "Maybe someday if you get a mate, she will also sign the contract" chuckled Kyuubi.

"Mate? Haven't thought about something like that. With the way Sakura's mother is, I really don't want to see her pink hair in my life ever again, but I know Kami is going to make it happen regardless" said Naruto thinking about the meeting. He grits his teeth, remembering the many times she demanded Naruto's life but now she knows he's the Yondaime son she worships the ground he walks on, like Sakura does with Sasuke.

"Sasuke" thinking about him. He wonders how this will affect the emo's ego, seeing that many fangirls look and chase him 'Great, with the civilian council revealing who I am, I will have to deal with the fangirls' rolling his eyes, but he smiles knowing the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu will come in handy. Kyuubi smiled, telling him he will teach Naruto jutsu upon jutsu he knows.

End of mindscape


Naruto was sitting in class wearing black jonin pants with mesh armor shirt underneath a black shirt. He also wore a black cloak over it all, making many people wonder what happened to the orange. On his head was the headband Iruka later gave him. Sitting in the back he mostly kept quiet, very unusual for the blonde, Kiba wondering why he is here "Naruto what are you doing here? This is for the people who passed the genin exams, not dead lasts like you" taunting him.

Naruto moved his cold blue eyes towards Kiba, making him stop laughing "Shut it mutt or I will shut it for you" threatened Naruto, his voice like ice. Everyone hearing this turned to see him standing up and leveling himself with Kiba. Others are wondering why Naruto is in the classroom seeing that he failed but they also wondered why he has a headband on "What? Say that-" Kiba tried to sound tough, but he felt a jab in his face and was knocked on the ground by Naruto.

Everyone watching this wondered what made him do that. "There, I shut your mouth mutt" Sasuke watching this raised an eyebrow seeing all this. Wondering what happened to Naruto 'What's going on? He's different. Naruto would usually just keep talking, not actually make a move like that. Gotta admit that was the better choice.' watching Kiba get up. "Jerk" charging towards Naruto.

He put his hands together, making five clones appear, shocking everyone. Kiba just thought it was an an academy style bunshin but he should have paid attention "Big deal, now he made some bunshin" big mistake. Kiba never saw the five clones hitting him at the same time, making the poor Inuzuka fly towards the wall and crash. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. A jonin level jutsu which needs high chakra reserves to use. Reason why I fit that category, my reserves are almost kage level" explained Naruto.

Kiba slowing got up, hearing all this wonders if this is true.

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow "That would explain why you can't make a simple bunshin. Too much chakra and without the right chakra control you can't do the simple jutsu. But the higher jutsu for you will be a snap. Hmm... Naruto you sure are troublesome, seeing that you alone can use as many ninjutsu as you can" everyone turned to Shikamaru explaining all this. Sasuke hearing this can't help but be envious the class clown has kage level reserves 'Damn, if I had that I could use more jutsu than Itachi' thinking about his brother. Then again when doesn't he?

Naruto told everyone what Mizuki told him about passing. "Yeah, he made me steal the scroll of seals and learn a forbidden jutsu. Who knew the jutsu I picked would be the one that would fit me perfectly?" smiled Naruto. Everyone hearing this talked among each other, hearing something that happened yesterday at the hokage tower. But to hear it was Naruto who stole the scroll and learned a forbidden jutsu was outrageous.

Kiba slowly got back on his feet and glared at Naruto "What? More?" taunted Naruto. Making more clones appear in the room, shocking everyone "Give up Kiba. You won't be able to beat me. I can make a one man army all day and not get tired" smiled Naruto. Everyone wondered what he meant until Shikamaru told them "They can use ninjutsu, another added bonus" shocking everyone seeing Naruto alone actually is a one man army.

Iruka now walked in, seeing all the clones "Naruto, please dispel them. I've got to assign the teams" watching the clones poof in a huge amount of smoke. Hinata walked in, wondering what happened, seeing that her father spoke to her before she left the compound. Taking a seat in the front she looks at Kiba's battered face wondering what happened?

"Iruka-sensei, is it what Naruto said true?" asked Ino, wanting to hear it from a notable trusted source.

Iruka nodded, telling her everything that happened yesterday with Mizuki except for the part with Kyuubi being revealed. "Yes, even though Naruto failed the exam he did learn a forbidden jutsu in just a few hours. Mizuki also admitted to sabotaging Naruto's tests for years and we didn't know. He learned the Kage bunshin no jutsu a jonin level technique and performed a B rank mission" explained Iruka. Everyone turned to Naruto with his arms folded, some impressed and some jealous. Iruka last night got the memo about Naruto's heritage and was shocked, but decided not to say a word on it.

Sakura hearing this turns to Sasuke "So? If Sasuke had his abilities he would be cool as well" everyone hearing her shrugged their shoulders while Naruto let out a chuckle. Knowing Iruka he will read his full name.

Ignoring the other teams, Naruto just wanted to hear who would be on his team "Team Seven, Sasuke Uchiha," by now all the females not already called held their breath, wondering who among them will be on his team "Hinata Hyuga" hearing a scream from Sakura "She of all people gets to be on Sasuke's team?" cried Sakura like this was the biggest injustice imaginable. Iruka rolled his eyes "and Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" the moment he said that everyone shouted.


Everyone turned to Naruto with his eyes closed.

Stunned, no shocked, that is some of the reactions everyone is going through "Yes, it's true. Naruto is the son of the Yondaime, which some of Konoha found out yesterday while everyone else is going to find out today" answered Iruka. Kiba was thinking this had to be a joke so he turned to Naruto then Iruka. "A joke right? I mean, the dead last? Him of all people, the son of the Yondaime? The same man that killed Kyuubi?" before Iruka can speak Naruto snorted getting everyone's attention.

"Wrong, he didn't kill the fox. He sealed him inside of me. Basically I'm a walking chakra force of nature, I can probably do more jutsu in a year than any of you could in your lifetime" smirked Naruto. Everyone was talking about this, many wondered if Naruto is Kyuuubi while Iruka stopped everyone from thinking that. "Naruto is only the prison, not the prison. His will and life keeps Kyuubi locked up, so if he died Kyuubi will be freed. I don't want a single one of you to think Naruto is, has been, or ever will be Kyuubi itself." making a lot of student pale while Naruto chuckles darkly.

"Don't worry, I won't die until after I become Hokage" everyone turned to Naruto hearing this piece of knowledge. Seeing how strong Naruto has shown himself to be, it didn't go too well for Sasuke and his ego or for Kiba's pride and alpha instincts. Both took a major downturn.

"As I was going to say, Team Seven's jonin sensei is Kakashi Hatake" answered Iruka.

Naruto turned to Sasuke. 'Great, he alone will give me problems. But Hinata...' turning to her Naruto raised an eyebrow 'She never bothered me. She turns red when I talk to her or even get close to her. But she does have the Byakugan.' smiling to himself. 'Kyuubi, what could you do with the DNA of the Byakugan and Sharingan?' asking his tenant, who he hears a chuckle from.

"Interesting combination I must say. The sharingan I am all too well familiar with, of all stages. The byakugan on the other hand I don't have any prior experience with. So it would be wise to gain the girl's trust first, but seeing how she likes you that won't be hard" giving Naruto a little insight of things that are going around him. He was confused, wondering what he meant "Like me? Care to explain?" asked Naruto.

Kyuubi chuckled and told him to look at the girl. "Fine" complained Naruto. Turning to her he sees her red face and she is looking directly at Naruto 'Her face is red?' wondering what's wrong, Kyuubi chuckles thinking of the idiot in front of him. "Perhaps it would be best if you two talked alone when you get the chance. Get to know the girl, but her nature is somewhat challenging. She has a good heart but very deep down their is a scar there. Use it to bring her darkness out, and she will be a perfect mate for you." explained Kyuubi.

Naruto hearing this raised an eyebrow while Kyuubi played some of his own memories. Watching it replay in his mind, he noticed Hinata followed him to the academy, Hokage tower, even to his apartment. 'I fail to see what you are implying.' The next memory made Naruto realize something. It was the memory of when he saved Hinata from three bullies, the first time he saw her pretty lavender eyes 'It's her. She was the one I saved, but I never saw her afterwards' shocked that it was Hinata. Naruto suppressed that memory of her for a very long time until he saw Sakura with her pink hair. Thinking it would fill the void that he has in him.

But he wondered why didn't Hinata say anything about this "Remember Kit, the Hyuga who took her told her not to speak to you. Ever." said Kyuubi, reminding Naruto about the male Hyuga who took her. "Right" answered Naruto.

By then everyone got their teams "But why does Hinata get to be with the last Uchiha and Namikaze?" complained Sakura. She didn't believe her mother last night, but now hearing this from Iruka she wonders if Naruto will talk to her. Getting up she sits in the empty seat next to Naruto "So Naruto, how about that date you always ask me for?" this got everyone's attention. Naruto has been asking Sakura for a date since the academy first started, but not once did Sakura act like the idea mattered to her.

"So NOW the idea of being near me doesn't make your skin crawl? Sakura, leave me alone and don't talk to me. You are just like your mother, a self-centered bitch who only watches for herself and wants everything handed to her." bitterly replied Naruto.

No one saw that coming, and I mean no one. They all knew about Naruto's major crush on her and Sakura herself was shocked the most. 'Who does he think he is?' tightening her fist. She glared at Naruto for what he said "Sakura, I just took out Kiba like he was nothing and he's one of the hardest to beat here. What makes you think YOU can beat me?" asked Naruto with a venomous voice, making her stop in her tracks.

For the first time in her life, Sakura had fear in her eyes looking at the person in front of her.

Naruto moved his sights back towards Hinata, who is glaring at Sakura 'So she hates it when people make fun of me. Maybe she won't be that bad, but how will she react when she finds out why I can have a kekkei genkai?' thinking to himself he hears Kyuubi laughing. "Tell her the truth. You would be surprised what she would do to show you how much she cares for you, perhaps even love you" chuckling at the blonde. Naruto raised an eyebrow, wondering what he meant 'Love?' something he thought for a long time.

As everyone began to leave, Team Seven waited two hours in silence while Naruto talked to Kyuubi about the Byakugan and Sharingan being combined. 'So if I do this, there will be changes to my body like that?' asked Naruto. Kyuubi explained to him for this to happen his whole body will be covered in his chakra while he changes his body so he can use the kekkei genkai. When it is done, the kekkei genkai will pass down his kids "But I must change your body so it can be used to it. I will increase your muscle, height, and senses" explained Kyuubi.

Naruto hearing this nods, knowing he would need to get some fuinjutsu to place in his room.

Hinata remembering the meeting the Hyuuga had yesterday that shocked everyone. The Yondaime having a son, but more importantly he is also heir of Uzu, that alone can further the Hyuga name to a status almost like that of the Fire Daimyo. One of the female elders told Hinata to seduce and pursue the boy, hoping she would get a chance to be with him. In the end Hinata was happy but also angry that her clan wants her to do this to further the Hyuga name and her own father wants her to do that. 'But I don't want to do that to Naruto-kun, but I don't want to upset father or lose this chance to be with Naruto-kun' wondering why she has to do it, but also wondering why her mother died instead of her father.

Deep down Hinata wished it was him instead of her loving mother. Since she died, her father started to be cold towards her. Belittling her, always using more force on her during their training sessions, as if he enjoyed hurting her.

"Yo" said a jonin "My first impression of you guys, not sure what to say" This made the genin get an anime sweatdrop. "On the roof, five minutes" as he poofed into smoke. The genin got up, but Naruto made a shadow clone while he goes check something out.

Naruto watched the clone leave, wondering a few things 'The old man said that without my blood or chakra they can't get in my father's estate. So I should find a new apartment and store everything there for the time being.' jumping out the window he makes a dash towards the town, hoping to find a weapon shop.

With Naruto

Looking around he found a weapon shop, he entered, wondering if the owner will be fine with him being here. On the way here a lot of people talked about him while many parents were offering their daughters to him. 'Now I know why the teme acts the way he does, at least a little.' thought Naruto. Looking around he notices the place had shinobi clothes and other equipment as well.

"Hello" said the owner.

Naruto waved to him "I am looking for some black clothes and some sealing scrolls. You know, to seal books, weapons, and clothes" asked Naruto. The owner hearing this placed his hand on his chin. "Don't have that, but I have a fuinjutsu to learn how to make it. Clothes are on the other side, call me if you need a hand, I will look for that fuinjutsu scroll making" Naruto nodded and bowed to the man.

He needs equipment and him acting like a jerk like Sasuke won't help him along the way. Also if he wants to become Hokage he is going to need to get equipment from somewhere. Looking through the clothes he found some good anbu style clothes with simpler vests. 'Not bad. But the mesh armor sewed inside would be good. Looks like I got a lot of sewing to do' grabbing the clothes he walks to the counter where he saw a lot of fuinjutsu scrolls and books.

"Didn't know which one you wanted so I picked up a few" Naruto looked at some of the books while Kyuubi tells him it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn some fuinjutsu as well. "I'll take it all" taking out Gama-chan. He has saved a lot of money over the years, basically eating ramen hasn't helped his diet as much as his wallet, but sooner or later things will be ready.

Once paid for, Naruto created a few clones and ordered them to take the clothes back to his apartment. Getting a weird feeling, he gets the shadow clone's memories from the team 'Well this is interesting, I have to be at Training Ground Seven at nine.' thinking how he knows this. He also remembers what Sasuke said, with his clone and Hinata looking at him about her likes.

Leaving he begins to make his way home. "Things are going to be very interesting for a while" said Naruto