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Fukai ninshiki

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'Thinking or thought'

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With the rumors of Kiba betraying Konoha and a team sent out to bring him back. The sand siblings from Suna are reporting to Tsunade letting them know on what happen with the mission on their part.

"That's good to hear" reply Tsunade. Writing some key information down she smiles at the sand siblings "Again thank you for helping us on this mission all of the sudden. I know Naruto would have appreciate it".

Seeing Gaara smile and nods his head. Tsunade learned that Naruto and Gaara became friends and help the Kazekage son to find a purpose in his life. She had heard the rumors on how Gaara was in Suna. But now Gaara doesn't go around killing the people of Suna or the shinobi. In fact she has also heard that Temari is talking to Shikamaru quite a bit.

"Is there anything else Lady Hokage?" ask Gaara.

"No and again thank you" smile Tsunade. Dismissing the group from Suna she sighs and turns to Fu and Torune walking into the room. Leaning back on the chair she watches the two stand in front of her. "Reports?" ask Tsunade.

"Everything went all Lady Hokage. We were able to kill the last two members of the sound four that Orochimaru had" said Fu.

"Hai. We have sealed there bodies for studying in hopes Lady Kushina can remove the curse seal" said Tourne. Placing the scroll on the table, Tsunade checks the reports and skims through it for a few minutes. Seeing the same thing on the report about the curse seal Tsunade is happy with all the information she got from the anbu.

"Excellent. You two are dismissed" order Tsunade. Reading the reports she hopes Naruto and Ibiki comes back to Konoha soon with Kiba back. Hoping Sasuke is having a easy time at the Inuzuka compound. Tsume came by early asking for a update.

"Lady Tsunade. Naruto and Ibiki have returned and Naruto is at the hospital" said Shizune. Tsunade cringe while Shizune nods and dispels revealing it to be a shadow clone.


Naruto groans staring at the white walls of the hospital. Wincing a bit he closes his eyes feeling a slight pain in them. Wondering why did this happen he gets up and walks to the bathroom. Passing the mirror he stops and looks at his eyes.

"What the hell happen?" scream Naruto. Staring at his eyes seeing a whirlpool like affect he blinks and notices how chaotic his eyes are. "What happen to the Fukai ninshiki?" ask Naruto. Wondering what happen to the slit in his eye he hopes he didn't lose the power of the doujutsu he once had. "Ugh" covering one of his eyes feeling it twitch.


"In here Hinata-chan" reply Naruto. Hinata walking in the bathroom sees Naruto staring in the mirror. "My eyes" looking at Hinata she gasp in shock to see the whirlpool like affect in his eyes. His once blue eyes are now a whirlpool like affect and when he activated the Fukai ninshiki a black slit would appear. But now his eyes are like a whirlpool always spinning never stopping.

"Naruto-kun what happen" quickly hugging him she places her hands on his face and started to do a diagnostic jutsu on his eyes. "You are sending too much chakra into your eyes. Try to stop the flow of chakra" whisper Hinata. Wondering what is going on she never seen anything like this before.

Naruto nods and takes a deep breath. Closing his eyes he soon starts to take low breaths. Slowly pulling back the chakra in his eyes he can feel the chakra slowly fade but he can feel his body fighting him for control.

"I cant" whisper Naruto. Seeing Hinata frowns he gently bumps his head onto her and smiles "Don't worry maybe baa-chan will know what is going on?" answer Naruto.

"Hai. What happen on the mission? I over heard that you killed Kiba did you make him suffer!" ask Hinata. Hoping that Naruto got something in it but also made him suffer till the very end justifying on what he did to them.

"Very much. Ibiki even said I might have broken him in a way where he would never be able to or try" chuckle Naruto. Hinata mouth open and her eyes rolled with pleasure to hear what Naruto said to her. Feeling arouse she places her hands on his chest almost clawing him.

"You have to tell me what you did to him. With everything he put us through I am thrilled he will never bother us ever again" smile Hinata. Naruto picking her up bridal style and carried her to bed telling her everything he did to him the genjutsu. As she laid on the bed she cant help feel even more arouse but also hot radiating from her pussy.

"Than I charged a red rasengan and slammed it into his chest. His head went one way while his body went another" chuckle Naruto darkly. Smiling happy that Kiba is gone once and for all. He turns to Hinata who leaped onto of him shocking him.

"Oh Kami I want you NOW" her finger nails clawing at his chest. She puts more pressure on his chest wanting him.

"So would I perhaps a new addition to the family" chuckle Naruto. Watching Hinata blush he kisses her on the lips "I missed that blush of yours. I missed that shy sweet innocent side of yours". Staring at Hinata he wraps his arms around her bringing her closer to his body.

Hearing the door open they turn around seeing they parents blinking at them while holding the children as well. Soon Tsunade appeared and when she saw Hinata laying on top of Naruto she rolls her eyes.

"Geez one mission and shes all over him" tease Tsunade. Walking in with the grand parents she comes to a stop and notices something different about Naruto eyes right away. "Naruto what happen to your eyes?" ask Tsunade.

"Wish I knew. I just woke up and a slight pain was going through them. When I checked the mirror they were like this" answer Naruto.

Tsunade didn't like what she heard. Turning to Hiashi he activates his byakugan nodding seeing no one is around. Turning to Kushina she passes Kuramamaru to Hinata. Making a few hand seals she places her hand on the wall making a white bubble appear than fade away.

"What do you mean you just woke up with a slight pain? When did this pain start?" question Tsunade. Hoping her theory is wrong she remembers something that her great uncle told her when she was a child but never listened to him about it.

"Hmm the pain started when the rasengan killed Kiba. I felt dazed for a moment like everything around me was spinning. Than I felt sick and passed out. When I was passed out my whole head felt like it was about to explode" explain Naruto. Everyone listened and wondered why Naruto would experience this after he killed Kiba.

"The Mangekyō Sharingan" said Tsunade. Kushina turned to Tsunade shocked to hear this. She has heard about the Uchiha clan Mangekyo Sharingan on how to unlock it. "Yes my thought exactly Kushina. When I tested Naruto's blood I found trances of another person's chakra. I checked Kyuubi's chakra and found out it was his but also another".

"One chakra belongs to Naruto. The other belongs to Hinata. Possible because of the mate mark that this happen. The other chakra I checked seems to have the same nature belonging to a Uchiha clan. I don't know who but this chakra is soaked with Kyuubi's chakra. Like a contract for summoning you have to sign your name in blood. Meaning this person's blood and chakra affected Kyuubi".

"So when Naruto marked Hinata and her chakra came into the picture it must have acted like a bridge to give him a doujutsu. But seeing how different the Sharingan and byakugan are. I assume his body or chakra must have refused some qualities of it keeping the only strong traits from the doujutsu" explain Tsunade.

Everyone listened to Tsunade explanation shocked to hear this. They all turned to Naruto whose whirlpool eyes seems to spin uncontrollably. Thinking of the possibility of this happening.

"So what does this mean?" ask Naruto. Seeing the adults turn to him he sighs "I mean will my eyes be like this forever? I mean can we go to Sasuke about this and ask? Theirs probably a few things even he is keeping from me or perhaps of all of Konoha. Every clan has there own right to their privacy. Even though we learned the truth about his clan but they must have done something to warrant the attention".

"Unfortunately Naruto you are right. We cant go to Sasuke about this but if this is like the Mangekyō Sharingan you will be able to control it at will. Unless this replaces the slit when you activate your doujutsu" said Tsunade.

Naruto sat there thinking about it. Kushina on the other hand turns to Naruto and bites her lip. Shaking her head she turns to Tsunade hoping she knows about this as well. Seeing Hiashi shock reaction she sees that the Hyuga clan head didn't know about this of the Sharingan.

"Tsunade I know that the Mangekyō Sharingan grants the user special abilities" ask Kushina.

"You know about it" grunted Tsunade. Kushina nods her head sadly learning about these abilities from her father when she was a young girl before she came to Konoha. "The Mangekyō Sharingan grants the user a few powerful abilities from what I remember my grand uncle tell me about it. It various from person to person".

"How did the user activate this Mangekyō Sharingan?" ask Hinata. Wondering if she can unlock a stage in her byakugan seeing her byakugan was affected by the mate mark.

"The Mangekyō Sharingan is awakened through the trauma experienced from the death of a person very close to the Sharingan user. With the user normally having to witness or experience this first hand, Uchiha throughout history have killed those closest to them in order to expedite this process. To obtain the Mangekyō Sharingan, one must feel the emotion of losing a friend or family, as merely killing them or watching them die will not activate it." explain Tsunade.

Everyone listened to her wondering where she learned all this from. Its not everyday secrets from another clan is told by another person. But Hinata felt disgusted to hear this. To kill someone that close to you to gain more power would anyone do it.

"Kidding me right?" said Hiashi. Wondering if its true he notices Tsunade serious stern look making him think twice. "Where did you learn all this from. I mean this is a huge clan secret" ask the Hyuga.

"My grand uncle wasn't all to fond of the Uchiha clan. Even though my grandfather viewed them as equals but granduncle really didn't trust them what so ever. In fact he always warned me about them" answer Tsunade.

The Hyuga clan head remained quiet listening to the Hokage but it wasn't the Hokage he wasn't listening to. It was more of Tsunade Senju the person who she belongs in the clan. Listening to what she said to him made perfect sense. The Senju and Uchiha clan were known to be the two most powerful clans during the clan wandering era.

"What did the Uchiha clan do to earn the attention of the Nidaime?" ask Hinata. Watching Kushina pinch her nose while Tsunade rolled her eyes painfully but not physical pain but more like a headache of pain.

"Well form starters the Uchiha clan almost started a war with Iwa well mostly Madara. He attacked Iwa telling the Nidaime Tsuchikage at the time they will listen and obey Konoha. The list goes on and on but mostly before Konoha was even founded" mutter Tsunade.

Naruto and Hinata are shocked to hear this. Now seeing why Iwa hates Konoha for several reasons but the bitter hatred even started before they were even born. It started with the clan head of the Uchiha clan when Konoha was founded.

"Were getting off topic here. So you think I activated some type of level with my doujutsu?" ask Naruto. Wondering if that's true he cant wait to test it out but now seeing his eyes changed. "Well with the way it looks. I'm going to name it Uzu no Kaosu" smile Naruto.

Hinata giggles while Hiashi merely shakes his head and Kushina she grins liking the idea. But Tsunade on the other hand cant help wonder about it. Leaning towards Naruto she places her glowing hands on the side of his face.

"Interesting" said Tsunade. Everyone is around her watching her work while Naruto looked at Tsunade eyes waiting for a answer. "Stay still for a moment Naruto. I think this might help" pressing softly on the side of his head. She adds some chakra blocking off his chakra. Hinata watching this with her Byakugan sees the chakra being cut off.

"There back to normal" said Hinata. Tsunade nods and moves her hands back to Naruto's face and pinches another nerve opening the flow of chakra back into Naruto's eyes. "Now their a spiral. Is it because of the chakra going through his eyes that he needs to adjust through it?' question Hinata.

"It must be. The mangekyo Sharingan requires the person to activate the next level. But for you Naruto it seems the doujutsu evolves giving you more power. You don't have to go through the stages meaning the power will be available to you" said Tsunade. Seeing how the Byakugan is and the Sharingan having stares perhaps the byakugan domain trait of not changing made this happen.

"Ok that's good and all but what abilities will I get?" ask Naruto. Folding his arms not liking this one bit he notices everyone confuse faces "I have two children to care and if these abilities are dangerous I don't want them near me when I practice them" reply Naruto. Pinching the bridge of his nose already seeing the headache coming to him.

Tsunade nods while Kushina looks nervous a bit wondering about a few things.

"Naruto I know for sure you will control what ever new abilities you have. But my question is this to Tsunade". Hiashi gave a serious look to Tsunade and than to Kushina who should also be aware of this. "The Rinnegan. Look at the way his eyes spin for a moment. What are the odds of it mutating to the Rinnegan. I mean is this all coincidence?".

Kushina turns to Naruto and wonders the same thing as well. Seeing the whirlpool like iris she turns to Mito who yawns and soon whines for her mother. Walking to Hinata she holds her daughter and slowly rocks her to sleep.

"Who knows I mean where did the origin of doujutsu come from?" said Hinata. Everyone nods agreeing with her minus Naruto who scratches the back of his head a little nervous. "Naruto-kun what do you know?" chimed Hinata. All eyes went to Naruto even Kuramamaru mumble something making everyone nod. Even his son is siding with Hinata.

"Hmm well if you want to know the Sharingan last form is the Rinnegan. Underneath the Naka Shrine-".

"Stone tablet" interrupted Tsunade with a groan. Naruto blinks and nods his head wondering how Tsunade knew about that. From what he expected it a clan secret that the Uchiha probably kept hidden from the other clans of Konoha. Perhaps since the founding of Konoha itself.

"Why didn't I listen to my grand uncle when he told me about this. Even my grandmother warned me a few things but told me to trust my judgment". Having her palm on her forehead wondering why this is coming back to bite her in the ass she sighs. "Well gaki go on. Tell us what was on the stone tablet. Even Oji Tobirama didn't know what was on it" mutter Tsunade.

"Ok fine. From what Kurama er... Kyuubi told me the stone tablet has the history of the Rikudo Sennin. From the start of his mother and her two sons down to his own two children his sons. One started the Uchiha clan with the curse of hatred. The other was the start of the Senju clan which started the Will of Fire" stated Naruto. Everyone around him is shocked to hear this while Naruto nodded.

Continuing the story explain to everyone how it all started. Tsunade seems the most interested to hear this while Kushina looks puzzle on a few things. As she heard the story but in a different point of view. Hiashi listened to Naruto seeing how much difference is between the Byakugan and Sharingan. Even though the Byakugan can follow high speed movements.

He listens to Naruto's words and carefully thinks on each detail that Naruto is telling everyone. But to hear the mother of the Rikudo sennin to possed the Byakugan but also the Sharingan abilities later on after eating some fruit. Thinking its best to ask Naruto questions later alone in the compound.

"Jubi" interrupted Tsunade. Seeing Naruto nod Tsunade looks at everyone remembering what Jiraiya told her. "A giant beast will emerge and the once dead will return to help us or destroy us". Thinking what the meaning of those words means she looks at Naruto. "You think the Jubi is this beast that will emerge while the dead are our loved ones?".

Naruto remained silent and looks down not knowing the answer. Everyone around him is also thinking on what Jiraiya said to Tsunade and seeing Naruto doujutsu already evolving into something more powerful. What Hidden Village will be destroyed. But who are the loved ones that will come back to help or destroy.

"What do we do about Sasuke?" ask Naruto. Kushina and Tsunade both turn to Naruto wondering what he means. "I mean his clan kept this from everyone and his clan was the reason for this curse to happen. I mean I just told you the story and how it continued down from generation to generation. I mean he's my best friend but with what you told me about the mangekyo Sharingan. I have to look over my shoulder with him now".

"But also on what his clan was doing or did. I mean even if they were or weren't really plotting a coup de tat I mean they must have done something huge to warrant all that hate. I mean look at what the Nidaime try to do. He was protecting Konoha but yet the Uchiha clan was going against there Hokage. Even after all these decades they continue to do so while the Sandiame along with Danzo".

"Finally decided to eliminate the whole clan because they believe they someone from the clan was responsible for Kyuubi attack. But we also don't know if Itachi didn't kill the person responsible for the attack. I mean they destroyed a whole clan to make sure Kyuubi wasn't under there influence. We know the history about the great battle Hashirama Senju had against Madara Uchiha".

"I mean this started way before the Clans era. Even started before the Hidden Villages were established. This goes so far back to where the clans were just starting I mean this scares me. What can we do to stop this from going any further if the Rikudou Sennin couldn't stop it. What makes us think we have a chance to stop this curse of hatred from continuing".

Kushina frowns and thinks back of her childhood remembering the constant of war always going around. Wishing that peace would finally come.

"I know what you are saying Naruto. I really do and so does Hiashi and Tsunade. We grew up during times of war and its not easy but someday your children might find that peace" answer Kushina.

Tsunade looks down and sighs while everyone hears her mumble something.

"He sees two children who will lead the shinobi world through a time of peace. The efforts of their father and mother who did this didn't go in vain but made it possible. Many lives were lost for the sake of peace. Dark days loom ahead and the children are key to the world's peace" summarize Tsunade. Looking at Naruto and Hinata she wonders what those two are going to accomplish.

But seeing their children in there arms she cant wonder how they are going to lead the shinobi war through peace. Everything that Jiraiya told Tsunade is almost coming to true and what scares her the most. How can she prepare her family to fight a war that is coming.

"Akatsuki" said Tsunade. Everyone turns to her wondering about he group of S rank criminals wanting the biju for there own plans. "How do they fit in all this I mean they want the biju. Do you think they are the ones wanting to revive the Jubi. I mean it would make sense".

"Perhaps but for now you need rest gaki. I will allow you to leave the hospital seeing you aren't heavily injured. Hinata and I will take care of you while you watch the kids" smirk Tsunade. Naruto nods and holds Mito in his arms while Kuramamaru yawns and mumbles towards his sister. With both children in his arms he looks at Hinata smiling at her.

Inuzuka compound

Sasuke reading a book yawns and looks over to Koga. Seeing the Inuzuka nin chained up and his chakra sealed he looks at his ninken growling at Sasuke. Ignoring the other two Inuzuka males and there ninken. Sasuke yawns loudly and cracks his neck.

"Boring much" said Hana walking in. Sitting in a chair she looks at Koga, Hakkaku and Ginta who each have different facial expression. Seeing Koga angry and serious face glaring at her. She notices Hakkaku confuse and dead dull look knowing its over for him. Ginta facial expression was creepy he just smiled and smiled.

"Its the first time I watch criminals" answer Sasuke. Reading his book he yawns "Just trying to pass some time and read this book". Turning the page he stops and notices some of Hana's ninken sitting around him. Shrugging his shoulders he continues to read his book.

"You know most guys would be worried seeing my ninken around them" said Hana.

Sasuke stops reading and looks at Hana and lets out a soft chuckle.

"No offense but have you seen Naruto's summons. He can summon foxes ranging from kits to full grown kitsunes almost the same size of your ninken and even bigger or the same size of the Hokage tower. One summons name Kyibi that Hinata likes she has a bad temper she literally burned down a whole shop because the woman used her broom on her wanting her out of her store" Sasuke shivered at the memory while the small kit got her revenge.

"So that story was true" giggle Hana. Seeing Sasuke shiver he soon started to whimper "Come on she cant be that bad?".

"Have you seen Naruto's temper. I mean even though he doesn't have red hair his temper makes it up for it. With what has been happening between those two and now, you know" not wanting to name the person's name.

"Kiba" said Hana rolling her eyes. "First he lies telling my mother he and Hinata are great friends. Than tells a few members about burning his home down. I don't know where it all went bad?" ask Hana.

Sasuke frowns seeing Hana upset. Closing his book he leans up from the chair and sighs.

"All we can do was try to help him. But he didn't want the help, I mean he literally killed two nurses and still wanted to rip out Naruto's kids out of Hinata. The brother you knew died when he refuse to give up on Hinata. Why was-".

"Dam right. We should always stake our claim" shouted Koga interrupting Sasuke. Trying to break free of the chains, he watches Sasuke pick up a squirt gun filled with water.

"Bad dog, bad" squirting the water on the Inuzuka nin. "Naruto was right this does work" watching Koga growling at him.

Hana watching this bursts out laughing and falls on the floor laughing. He three ninken watches Sasuke and soon moved closer to Hana afraid of the squirt gun going to be used on them.

"Geez someone loves to laugh. But seeing how things turned out I cant really blame you. Seeing that you need it" chuckle Sasuke. Seeing Hana nod and wiping the tear from her eye. Its been a long day for the new Inuzuka clan head and trying to keep the clan under control. She is on damage duty trying to show everyone she can do it.

"Well after tonight I'm going to need a drink" huffed Hana.

"Have fun and don't do nothing that you are going to regret. Kakashi sensei and Anko are sure enjoying each other company after drinking" reply Sasuke. Hana nods knowing about there relationship. In fact it shocked many people that those two are very open about their relationship in public.

"You read the report about the park bench" question Hana.

Sasuke stopped reading and drops his head with a long sigh.

"I think Naruto and Hinata wants to find a bench themselves and mark it" answer Sasuke.

"HA" covering her mouth quickly trying to suppress her laughter. "With what those two have done I mean you would think having kids already would make them think twice" giggle Hana. Thinking back at the gate she remembers seeing the two babies and how much they look like there parents.

Sasuke nods knowing that Kakashi's pervert behavior has infected those two and plus Anko revealing Nature. No doubt Hinata has started to become more bold into wearing something for Naruto. Hearing a knock they turn to the door to see Tsume standing and watching the two talk.

"A anbu dropped by and told me what happen" frown Tsume.

Sasuke gets up and leaves the room knowing its something for mother and daughter to discuss it about.

"So where's the mutt" huffed Hana. Watching her mother look down and sigh she has never seen her mother this vulnerable in her life. She always seen her mother a strong independent kunochi but now those days are gone.

"Dead" answer Tsume lowly.

Koga struggled with his chains angry to hear this.

"It probably had to be done" Hana on the other hand looks down and nods. Turning to Koga she smiles making the older male nervous.

"Get the clan ready I want everyone to know how and why. I want them all to see this execution to show everyone what happens when you are out of line trying to claim something that isn't yours and will never be yours" gritted Hana. As far she can remember she has seen some male Inuzuka always want to show their dominance onto others. It has embarrassed the clan many times.

But with what Kiba did to Naruto and Hinata but also betraying the village wanting to find someone to help him gain what he thinks he deserved. The Inuzuka clan suffered greatly and a reputation that might takes years maybe generations to repair.

Tsume is sadden to see Hana not care about Kiba being dead. As someone removed those emotions from her mind telling her not to care about Kiba. Letting out a sighs she walks to out of the room.

Once everyone was gathered and outside. Tsume explained what Kiba did and used a juinjutsu that Orochimaru placed on him. The same juinjutsu that he used to kill the nurses but also to fight Naruto at the Hyuga compound. Now everyone is watching three Inuzuka males to be executed for what has happen to a civilian girl whose father was trying to protect.

As they watch the anbu deliver the killing blow to each member. Their bodies drop down to the ground while everyone turns to Hana.

"For the past six months things haven't going well for the clan. Kiba is dead yes its true he betrayed Konoha because he thinks someone belonged to him not to another. He was given many chances and he choose poorly and now he paid the price. I'm tired of some guys claiming this on us. It ends TONIGHT" shouted Hana.

Many of the clan members looks around nodding there heads. Some of the older males around Tsume age didn't like what they saw. But they understand the position Hana is in but also the clan. Many people in Konoha are looking over their shoulder on the males and with Kiba behavior being that factor but before him his father, things wasn't looking good.

"Do it" turning to the anbu, Hana looks at the Koga, Hakkaku and Ginta with a frown. "Good bye and I hope you three will find redemption in the after life". Taking a deep breath knowing how hard it is. She has known the three since she was a child. They are a few years older than her. "Good bye".

The anbu nods and quickly slits each of the Inuzuka throat. As they collapse on the ground bleeding to death, Hana takes a deep breath. Looking at the clan members each of them nods while Tsume is sadden. She lost a son and now looking at Hana seeing how cold and shut off she has become to some people.

"I lost my family" mumble Tsume.

"No you haven't" said Sasuke. Getting the former clan head's attention he walks towards Tsume "You still have Hana. She just had to grow up and take responsibility much quickly from before. Its something you had no control over. But you also have a clan that also needs guidance. The younger generation will always look to the older ones" stated Sasuke.

Tsume listened to Sasuke and sighs seeing how true it is. Even though her days as a shinobi is long gone. She can still help shape her clan to become what they meant to be. Hoping that the future shinobi of her clan will redeem what the others did. There is still hope.

Short chap. Took me a while to get this done but with the new info on the Rikudou sennin it gave me a few more ideas.