Hello, the wonderful world of Fanfiction ~! You guys may call me Eren / Ere, and I will be playing Karkat, as well as some random others including Sollux and Aradia (keeping in character is important, but I am horrible at them, so please forgive me), in this little fan fiction I have created with my partner in crime, Aussie, who will be putting up Gamzee's point of view. For the most part, due to adult themes, this will be labeled M for swearing, violence, and lots of other things, just for you 3

This is also set up a bit differently from most stories, as it was played out more in roleplay format than story format, due to there being two creating parties. Overall, the chapters will switch between Karkat and Gamzee, though at times they will be mixed when it is needed.

We are also having some issues with certain text-characters not showing up at the moment, the chapters will be resubmitted once this is fixed. Thanks for understanding~


Apparently this wasn't obvious to some people so now I am inclined to point it out. This is an AU (alternate reality) meaning lots of things have been changed, the game never took place, and this story is set in a world where humans and trolls both exist simultaneously on earth. Deal.

He turned around, and found his path blocked, and for a moment, he merely stood there, staring in disbelief. Impossible, it had been there just a second ago! Bright red eyes widened, the pupils of them shrinking down in fear. No, it had to still be here, his mind was just playing tricks on him, it always did.

He backed up a few steps, and ran towards the wall, slamming his shoulder into it with all the strength he had, but of course it didn't give any sort of way at all. In fact, it moved towards him, snaking forward, pushing him towards the way he had just come from, the way he had to escape from.

He could hear it now, the laughing behind him, not that far away. Fuck no; he wasn't going to let it catch him again. Please, not again, not again, not again. He screamed wordlessly, beating on the wall, pushing against it in vain.

And then, silence.

Pure, sanity restoring silence.

He froze, slowly turning around as he shook, every muscle in his body, ever nerve and every single cell, begging for him to continue his frantic struggles, his fingers twitching with the urge to continue beating on the stubborn wall. A massive blackness stood there, just inches from him, forcing him to push up against the wall as a shriek died in his throat. Faces began to form in the blackness, a massive orgy of faces, in pain, or rage, from their mouths and from their empty eye sockets flowing a rainbow menagerie of colors. The mouths opened wider, hands that were distorted and twisted reaching out from between all those teeth, hands reaching for him, tearing at him.

The bus came to a sudden stop, causing Karkat to lurch forward a little in his seat, his forehead bouncing off the glass of the window, and forcing him awake just seconds before that horrible creature in his dreams got him. His lungs hurt, and he immediately caught himself and straightened back up into his seat, grumbling under his breath as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, feeling uncomfortably warm.

He felt the WCD in his pocket vibrating, and pulled it out, flipping the small machine open as a single, teal colored message played itself out across the tiny screen.


Dulled eyes stared down at the phone in his hands, before a scowl crossed his face and he shoved it back into his pocket. Sleep, what a fucking joke. Terezi knew damn well he had given up attempting to find any kind of peaceful sleep a few sweeps ago. She didn't have any business in his personal life anyways, not anymore.

He turned those fogged, colorless eyes back towards the window, glaring out it, but not really seeing much of anything. Oh how the sweeps had treated him. He wasn't quite as short as he had been when he was younger, granted that wasn't saying much. He was still on the short side, measuring at a mere Five foot five inches, sometimes Five Foot Six Inches on a good day, the few he had. The darkness around his eyes that all trolls had was more pronounced in him, darker, blacker, almost making his eyes seem as though they were surrounded by a ring of black. His eyes, which should have taken on the red hue of his blood color by this age, remained just as black and dull as ever, maybe even more lifeless than before. But this was with the help of contacts, itchy, uncomfortable human creations that he had been forced to procure. They burned his eyes, and made it a little harder to see, but it was worth it, to keep the true color of what ran through his veins a secret. His hair had grown out a little, but not much, it was still a spiky, messy rat's nest that stuck up at the oddest angles. He was thin and scrawny beneath those baggy clothes he wore, a black shirt with a dark brown jacket, and some simple, loose fitting jeans held up by a belt.

But despite his somewhat ill looking frame, when the bus came to a stop at a certain street intersection, he easily hoisted the two heavy bags in his seat to his side, and proceeded to exit the stinking, filth infested transportation unit. Down the street, and to the right, and then, before him, he saw what he was looking for.

In front of him stood a massive pair of gates, silver and gold painted across the most-likely-iron bars in order to make their intricate curves and swirls even more brilliant to look at, but it was just a stupid, jumbled mess to him. His eyes flickered to the left of the gate, seeing a wide sign planted in bright green grass that stood between the walls of the university and the sidewalk just barely five feet from them.

"Skaia Univserity " he read slowly to himself, blinking before turning his attention back towards the gates, which were swung partially open, and slipped inside.

Better get his shit situated and all that stupid nonsense. The blank look receded from his face, replaced by the perpetual scowl that usually resided there instead. He ignored all the others in the front yard of the university, humans and trolls alike, how disgusting. And to think, it was one of the few places he could get into. Honestly he was surprised he could get into this place at all. But it wasn't time to get into that, not time to go over all the stupid little reasons as to why he was attending a university that accepted both humans and trolls, rather than separating them like most did, and with good reason.

He went in through the main doors, angry eyes searching for signs that might lead him to wherever the fuck the dorms were. But there was nothing, just a lot of numbers that were currently meaningless as fuck to him. He closed his eyes in irritation for a moment, and then turned left, and headed into the office there, which was, thankfully, perfectly fucking marked with a big ass sign near the giant glass door.

He strode up to the desk, digging into his pockets for a second as the woman on the other side, a human, stared at him with a somewhat displeased look. She probably gave all the trolls that same look. He returned with a snarl as he slapped down his registration finalization onto the wooden barrier. She grabbed it, and took an awfully long time looking at it before she began to dig through her files.

"Karkat Vantas, located in Building 205, room seven, here is your room key. Building 205 is located down the west side of the street just outside the University" She spat at him, dropping an envelope on the wooden counter as if afraid that handing it to him would somehow result in contact. He didn't bother responding, merely grabbed the envelope, fished out his keys, turned and left.

It didn't take long to make his way, relatively unnoticed, towards the gates once more, ignored by troll and human alike. He turned in the direction indicated, and quickly located that stupidly located dorm building, before stalking inside the front doors, using the building key to get in as it was constantly locked. This was to prevent would-be burglars from stealing campus or student property. The room keys apparently automatically came with the building key, as he had found both on the same, small chain inside the envelope.

Good thing his room was on the first floor, he located it relatively easily, and then dropped his bags down on the floor in front of the door, momentarily forgetting which key was which, and began to toy with the lock to his room, attempting to get it open.