Tuesday and Wednesday passed almost completely without any incident. It was really what most would expect for the first week of College.

Tuesday passed by pretty quickly. Sollux once again ate lunch with Karkat, though this time they didn't invite Gamzee. Karkat was all too glad not to have to go near the table of highbloods again. Sollux was afraid that stealing the highblood away from his 'gang' would invite in some rather negative outcomes. He'd have to be careful with it or else he'd be in deep shit, and it was certainly what he didn't want to be in.

Karkat had three classes, none of which, save for Biochemistry, took a total of the normal two hours of class time. Strife passed by pretty quickly too. With another duel, this one between a girl with green blood and another with yellow (the green blooded girl ended up winning) and then another explanation of the styles of fighting used. Karkat had left before Gamzee, or anyone else for that matter, tried to talk to him.

Wednesday was Karkat's busiest day. He skipped lunch, mostly because Sollux wouldn't be able to hound him to eat thanks to his own classes. Though he did end up lying later when the male angrily texted him asking if he had eaten.

He only had two classes Wednesday, but both were double length, and he was stuck in two different classrooms for around four to three hours each. The first was advanced circuit analysis. It was actually somewhat challenging, and he had to admit he did enjoy it, especially since they were able to work each on their own individual projects rather than partnering up, like his next class.

Computer science was just as boring as before, only this time they had done a very retarded, easy-as-hell project that had required them to break up into teams of three each. Karkat had been stuck with a snobby Jade blood and a green blood that just couldn't shut his fucking mouth about anything and everything. Karkat ended up distracting them with a meaningless task, while he finished the project himself.

Both nights he didn't sleep, though he had passed out for a few hours Wednesday night. And nightmares had made him scream himself awake. It was honestly a miracle that no one fucking woke up and came to see if he was okay or to tell him to shut up.

Thursday, he didn't show up for class.

Karkat didn't show up for class.

Beyond every other thing that could be going through his head, that was the only thought that scampered across Gamzee's think pan. The door's to the gym closed behind him, and although Tansis and Jarren were talking excitedly behind him, he didn't hear a word. They had just gotten out of Strife 101. Ever since his defeat, Jarren had been slamming down on training, going on and on about how he'd show 'that crab fucked gnome headed troll' who was the real badass... or something. Tansis had dominated during her duel today. Gamzee himself, hadn't been chosen to do a spot light duel yet, just basic training.

The grand highblood tried to trace back in his mind, if there was anything he had missed the past two days. The hype surrounding his friends' discover of Karkat's connection to him, had slowly died down. Jarren was the only one that even mentioned the Cancer anymore, the others seemed more than happy to pretend to forget him. Though, it was hard to contain that type of conversation, when the object of said words had not been seen near Gamzee in said time frame. One night, the Capricorn had awoken to the sound of screaming, muffled, so it seemed, by the walls of his room. However, as no other sound accompanied the exclamation of terror, Gamzee had summed it up to be another one of his mental fabrications, and had gone back to sleep.

But now that he thought about it. What if...

The Capricorn stopped in his tracks. On Thursdays he had an evening art class, but he had this uncomfortable feeling twisting in his gut. The Karkat he could remember, didn't skip classes unless he had a reason.

"Yo G-Zee, what's got ya hair inna curl?"

Gamzee looked up as Jarren spoke. He and Tansis had stopped walking about five feet in front of him, after they realized that he was not following.

"Yeah Gaaaam, you've been seriously distracted for the entire class."

"Don't get your worry on brother and sis, I just got a bunch of little stars swirling in my head, that I'm having trouble getting a crush over. I'm gonna go slam some wicked Elixir back in HQ," And Gamzee smiled as he said this, hands slipping into the pockets of his black and white striped hoody, as a gust of fall wind blew past them.

"Alrigh' man, text us later an' tuh let us know yer fine."

Gamzee nodded, waved farewell, and then headed towards the off-campus dorms. He weaved amongst the few humans and trolls, stragglers attempting to make it to class on time, before unlocking the dorm doors, and stepping in to the heated lobby. It was getting colder, and while the Capricorn disliked the drop in temperature, he couldn't help but hope that there would be snow.

In silence he made his way to his dorm, casting a hesitating glance towards door 7, before slipping into his own room. Gamzee had started a habit of leaving his door unlocked, something that he did frequently at his own hive. Normally, if the highblood's door was locked, it meant that something was wrong. By now, Gamzee's dorm was beginning to look like his room back at his hive. The first tower of pie pans was at half completion, his horn pile had sent out little horn scouts to litter his floor, and here an there, an empty bottle of faygo could be seen getting it's hide going.

The Capricorn rolled his shoulders, pulling his metallic, triple spike juggling clubs from his side, leaning them against the wall, before maneuvering towards an end table where he had forgotten his cell phone. Now, he flipped it open, skimming over the topic-less, meaning-less messages sent by his friends and associates... but not finding anything from Sollux that would explain his disappearance. So he selected the contact TwinAramaggedons, and sent a text.

TC: HeY MoThErFuCkEr yOu gOt yOuR KnOw aRoUnD WhAt hApPeNeD To kArKaT? He wAsN't oCcUpYiNg cLaSs tOdAy.

And after the message was sent, he sat down and stared at his phone... and stared... for ten minutes he just watched the cellular device. Anticipating the thing to vibrate at any minute, or to sing his text message ringtone. But nothing. Brows wrinkled together, as Gamzee felt that odd feeling twist up again, that notion that something was probably wrong. He crawled over to his refrigeration device, pulled out a slime roll (something he had created for those days when he didn't feel like baking, or didn't have the time), and popped it in his mouth. Then he continued to sit on the floor, stretching his legs out in front of him, as he leaned against the wall.

Sollux was probably in class, that had to be why he wasn't responding right? Or perhaps his cellular device was taking a vacation, getting it's chill on some nice beach... where it got kidnapped by sea dwellers and was being held hostage. Either way, Sollux had not responded, and Gamzee was getting worried.

So it was with little memory or fanfare, that Gamzee found himself in front of Karkat's door, barefoot, with his coat still on, and two faygos in his hand. Then his hand was moving, and the bottle was knocking against the door in replace of his hand.


Karkat was completely unaware that anyone was outside his door, or calling for him, on that subject.

He was too busy being where he had been practically all day, hunched in front of his fucking waste receptacle and heaving his damn think pan out. He had only actually vomited twice, a mixture of stomach acid and what little food he had eaten. But he kept gagging like his stomach was trying to bring up something else, which wasn't there.

The night before, he had tried to eat. And it had proven to be a huge mistake, especially when he fell asleep later, and again woke up due to nightmares. Only he had felt horrible, way too hot and way too cold at the same time, like he was burning on the outside but freezing on the inside. He was shivering too, even though his body didn't seem to be too sure if it was cold or warm.

But he was used to it, being ill was no uncommon occurrence.

He leaned over the toilet again, feeling his stomach twist into an uncomfortable knot, and all of his organs rebelled in a massive heave. A little bit of stomach acid forced itself out of his mouth, and spilled down into the toilet, at which point, Karkat spat any remains out, and flushed it, swallowing deeply as he felt the inner lining of his throat burning.

The door to Karkat's room had swung wide open at just the first couple of 'knocks' with one of Gamzee's faygo bottles. Oh yeah, his bro had broken it the first day he had seen him. So it was with little trepidation that he entered the Cancer's room, the likes of which was surprisingly... skeletal. There were little to no decorations, and everything was spotless, save for a few romcoms placed next to the television. No sign of the room's resident... until a hacking sound caught his attention.

Gamzee's head gave a tilt to one side, focusing on the sound, and slowly connecting the dots. Karkat sounded sick. A frown touched the side of his lips, though it soon flickered back to a lazy smile as he came to the center of Karkat's floor, facing his bathroom door, and plopped down cross-legged while setting the two bottles of faygo in front of him. Then he waited, staring unblinking and patient at the door for Karkat to make his appearance. If he was sick, maybe some of his sweet elixir would make his bro feel better.

After a few moments, Karkat was pretty sure his stomach had finally decided that it was done. He still felt absolutely fucking horrible, but that weird feeling you got when you just knew you were going to vomit your insides out was gone now, thank jegus.

Somewhat shakily, he pushed himself up off the floor where he had been kneeling, using the sink nearby to steady himself as he got up onto his feet. He swallowed harshly again, his protein shoot throbbing in retaliation, but he ignored it, and decided to go and try to drink some water.

He turned towards the bathroom door and flung it open, taking three steps before he noticed someone sitting on the floor, and nearly jumped out of his skin, actually lurching backwards and grabbing the door frame as he blinked, and those bright red eyes focused on Gamzee with the most confused look in the world plastered all over his face.