A short story that popped into my head. At least I can keep up with my life. So I can start on other projects.

A VenusXOC story.

Ch.1 Undercover Mission

Crystal Tokyo, a place where her majesty Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion rule. A place where peace and prosperity grows, where there are no worries. The Guardian senshi keep its inhabitants safe from harm. Well that was supposed to be the perfect paradise in this new age. So why was a certain blond woman wearing a ladies trench coat instead of her uniform? Why was she in what was considered one of the most dangerous parts of Crystal Tokyo? It was an order from the Queen herself. Minako Aino could remember when she got her mission.

Sailor Venus stood in front of Neo-queen Serenity. The queen sat in her throne looking at her Guardian with worried eyes. Venus wondered what was troubling her queen. She held her pose in front of her; it was one of those times that she needs to act as a Solider and not a friend.

"Venus, I have an important assignment for you." the queen cleared her voice.

"What are your orders your majesty?" Venus kneeled before her queen.

"There have been some trouble in the Black star district; it would seem that the crime in that area is going out of control." The queen spoke, "when I spoke to the Emperors of the district I wanted them to be at peace. However, even we cannot control their actions and in the end we just let them do as they please. Not everyone will change with the new millennium."

Venus remembered that day, it was just a few months after the queen had taken her throne. At that time three men and a woman presented themselves to the princess. The called themselves the four emperors of Black Star district. They spoke for hours about the red light district, about how they operate, and how things are going to be running now that Serenity was in charge.

All of them were honest people, according to Serenity, and who was she to judge her queens judgment. In the end Serenity allowed them to keep operating with a few rules. The most important rule was to keep the violence to a minimum.

"I am worried Venus." The queen continued, "I want you to investigate what is happening in that area."


"Please Venus, I would have no other."

"Alright my queen."

"And Venus?"


"Please call me by my name."

"Of course Usagi-chan."

An so here she was right in the center of the Black Star district. The bar, Crystal Eden, was one of the most popular bars in the district. It was also known as a place to gather information. Venus approached the bartender. The man who had rich dirty-blond hair and had a shaker in his hand greeted her.

"Good Evening, what would you like to drink?"

"I would like an Alexander, also I have some questions."

"oh?" The bartender took out some rum and chocolate. "What question is that?"

"What is happening in the district?" Venus asked.

"So you're not from around here?" The bartender asked, "No matter I will tell you anyway. Word on the street is that there has been a shift within the Emperors."

"A shift?"

"Yes," the bartender placed a light brown drink in front of Venus. "It seems that one of the Emperors had passed away and now things are falling apart."

"I see,"

"Don't worry, they will solve it eventually and when they do then everything will be functioning back to normal."


"Yeah, so what are you doing in this district?" the bartender asked. "No one from the outside comes willingly, unless they have something to do."

"I wanted to see what it was like in the Black Star district." Venus lied, "Life in the upper areas has become too boring for a gal like me."

"That usually happens in this peaceful world." The bartender agreed. "This place is more intone with the old ways than any other place in Earth."

"So is there anything for a gal like me to do in this town?" Venus asked seductively. "I would love if you could tell me where to go."

"If you want some fun then try the Pluie Casino."


Venus finished the last of her drink and paid the man for the cocktail. She headed out the door and headed towards the casino. Now that she heard information from the bartender all she needed to do was check up on the districts main attractions and she was free to go to the palace once again.


The Pluie Casino is a huge place that stood on top of a lake. True to its name it held the atmosphere of a rainy day. The clouds seemed to want to rain but only the moisture filled the air. Venus headed for the main gate, after paying the entrance fee she could roam around the casino. Venus didn't like gambling so she paid no head to the various booth filled and tables with different games. She could smell the smoke from cigars and pipes throughout the casino. She stopped in her tracks when she noticed various men going through a part of the casino that was restricted to guests.

Venus headed at that direction, just in case someone needed help. She followed the men from afar. This could be something that she might have to report to Serenity later. Once Venus and the mysterious men arrived to the top floor she hid close by while she observed the men.

The leader of the gang knocked the door down with a powerful kick and entered. In a matter of seconds the sounds of gunfire echoed in the halls. Venus knew that going in there blindly would only get her shot so she waited for a minute. Suddenly she noticed that one of the men pointed his gun at her direction. With her reflexes she jumped out of the way the second the man pressed on the trigger. The sound of bullet shells dropping on the floor was ringing in Venus' eyes as she felt an extreme pain flare on her shoulder.

Another bullet passed through her leg, leaving the red blood to ooze out of the wounds. While the Silver Crystal extended everyone's lifespan, by no means they were immortal. If the wound was serous they could die. Even if she did transform here it would do her little good with her leg and her shoulder a mess. She could only pray for a miracle.

Venus heard the pain filled cries of her aggressors. She opened her eyes and saw two dead bodies on the floor and one man standing looking at her with cold eyes. The man had a black suit with a white dress shirt. The man's blue eyes contrast his shoulder length black hair.

Venus tried to back away from the man but her leg was in so much pain. She was at the man's mercy. Instantly she felt that same felling of regret that she will die in this place and no one will know, not even her friend.

"Stupid woman." Was all she heard before it all went black.


The sound of water wasn't what Venus had in mind when her mind entered consciousness she slowly opened her eyes as she looked around. She was now in a Japanese room, a small stream could be heard from outside her room. Her clothes changed to a white kimono and her transformation wand was gone.

'My wand,' Venus cursed. 'Someone took it away!'

The door slide opened and two men entered the room. One of them was an elderly person with green eyes and the other was the same man who she last saw. Venus tried to stand up but the pain in her leg kept her down.

"Please calm down miss." The elderly man tried to calm her down. "You are still injured."

"I have to go back." Venus protested.

"That's not going to be possible." The tall man added, "You are not going anywhere anytime soon."

"What are you talking about?" Venus snapped, "I want to go home!"

"Calm the fuck down woman, if you can't walk then you can't get out of here!"

"That's right miss, I just operated on your wounds and it will take a while to completely heal." The elderly man helped Venus sit down. "I must insist that you rest."

"Where am I?"

"You are in my place." The tall man spoke, "you passed out after I took care of those guys."

"Who are you guys?" Venus asked.

The tall man narrowed his eyes and signaled the elderly man to leave the room. The man sat down and looked at Venus with cold eyes. He took out a pink wand that had an orange crystal on top and light orange wings on the stick. On top of the crystal there was a crescent moon with small wings. Venus recognized that wand, it was her transformation wand.


"I know this is the royal crest." The man continued, "So what is someone with royal status doing down in this district?"

'he doesn't know who I am?' Venus thought, 'I could use this to my advantage.'

"I wanted to see more what this district had to offer."

"Are you insane?" the man asked. "No one from the royal court would be insane to come down here."

"Well I am crazy," Venus countered. "And I know that there is something going on in the district."

"So you've noticed?" the man asked, "you are more that meets the eye."

The man stood up and started to head out of the room. He still had Venus' Transformation wand. Venus tried to stand up but refrains from doing so.

"Wait! Can I have my seal?"

"Your what?" the man asked. Venus pointed to her wand. "No, I want you to get better so that you can get the hell out of the district."


"Things are about to get worse in this district, a lot worse."

The man started to walk away once more until Venus asked one more question.

"What is your name?"

The man turned back and looked at Venus once before he started to walk away. "My name is Shiro."