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The prologue is short, but hey it's the prologue. The rest of the chapters will be way longer. And speaking of which, if possible I will update weekly (reviews encourage this ;D). Anyway, I hope you will all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. (:


"Your Majesty." The Pope stepped forward, his face dark and eyes narrowed. "The Sylvaranti should not be allowed to live. We must dispose of them before they become a threat to us! To let them roam around freely in our world will only serve to hinder our kingdom!" he insisted agitatedly, his fingers tightening anxiously around his staff.

The King frowned at his brother's words but saw reason in them. Although he felt uneasy about killing the young girl and her companions in cold blood, perhaps that would be for the best… He frowned in consideration, glancing at the Tethe'allan Chosen, who looked far too carefree about this discussion.

"Zelos," the King addressed him. "What do you make of this?"

Zelos looked surprised he had been asked for his opinion, but responded truthfully. "It would be simpler if we just got rid of them," he agreed easily with a nod, before shrugging. "Their intentions appear to be honest, though. Killing her or saving her, both options lead to Sylvarant's destruction in the end, right? Personally, I wouldn't want a cute girl's blood on my hands." Zelos flashed the court a flirtatious grin to emphasize his point.

The Pope shot the redhead seething glare before turning to address his half-brother again. "As long as the Sylvarant Chosen lives, our world teeters on the brink of destruction!" he protested once more, and would have continued his rant had the King not halted him with a wave of his hand.

The King looked pensive as he considered his options. He had no real desire to kill the blonde girl but her continued existence could prove to doom his kingdom. However, Zelos was right. The Sylvaranti looked honest enough about their intentions…

"…I will allow them passage throughout Tethe'alla." The King decided after a moment of silence, ignoring how his brother hissed quietly in anger at his words. "Chosen One." The King addressed the redhead somberly. "It is for your own benefit that the Sylvarant Chosen does not complete her Journey of Regeneration, and so it will be your task to keep an eye on them."

Zelos sighed quietly, having expected something along these lines to happen. He bowed outlandishly to his King. "As you wish," he said simply before straightening up and turning to leave.

"There is one more thing." The King stopped him, nodding grimly to the Pope, whose expression swiftly changed from irritated to smug. Zelos tensed as he noted the tell-tale smirk on the Pope's face.

"And what would that be?" Zelos asked smoothly, his face blank before them both, not wanting to show his apprehension.

"This." The Pope's smirk widened as he held out his hand. On top of his palm was Zelos' Cruxis Crystal.

Zelos' eyes widened. "Why do you have that?" Zelos murmured quietly, angrily.

The Pope ignored his question and narrowed his eyes. "This is just a precaution. After all, there is still a chance that the Sylvaranti are lying." the Pope taunted the Chosen, wanting to rub in the fact that this could have been avoided has Zelos agreed with him earlier.

Zelos snatched his Cruxis Crystal from him angrily. "Where is my sister?" Zelos asked again, lowly and threateningly, his hand tightening on his Cruxis Crystal.

"She is fine, Zelos." the King assured him.

"And she will be fine as long as you release the seals, Chosen One." the Pope whispered lowly, so only Zelos could hear him.

This time when Zelos bowed, it was through gritted teeth that he mumbled, "As you wish."

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