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Summary: Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were friends till fifth year elementary when Sasuke moved away. Now five years later, in first year high school, they meet again under complicated circumstances. Those circumstances being; Naruto dressed as girl in an all girls school? Even though Sasuke doesn't recognize him at first doesn't mean he can keep it hidden from her for long. What's Naruto to do?

Warnings: Gender Bender. Sasuke is actually a girl. Course Language and occasional scenes of nudity. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Konoha All Girls School


Naruto's POV

"As upset as I am that my grandfather, Jiraiya, passed away, I mean I did cry for like 24 hours but seriously, what's with his final wishes? Why the FUCK do I, a full grown male, have to go to an all girls private high school? SERIOUSLY! What is wrong with that old man's head! Is that damn Pervert trying to pass on his ways to me or what? And to make it worse why the hell did my Dad agree to this so damn easily?" I screamed to my friends, exasperated. My face was red from anger and loss of oxygen. We were all gathered at our old tree house as I explained to my friends that I wouldn't be joining them at Konoha All Boys High School next year. Rather, I'm going to the sister school for girls. GIRLS!

I was huffing still as Kiba said, "mah mah. Look on the bright side man, at least your surrounded by girls all day."

Shikamaru yawned, then pointed out, "Yeah, but he's supposed to be a girl so he can't do anything idiot."

"Yeah Kiba, don't be such an idiot. Though I get where your coming from," added Chouji.

"Grr. But you should have seen how for it my father was! Saying that it be good for me and crap like that!" I was so angry, I was starting to go blue in the face and my shining blue eyes were becoming red.

"Well it will probably be a good learning experience for you. Why? Because you will learn the ins and outs of a woman's daily life." Shino divulged, totally serious.

"It's youthful!" Lee added. Like that made it any better. I just shook my head. Why was anyone against this? Rather than agreeing with me, it sounds like they all want me to go. Ugg, I'm going to hell and no one cares. I guess I'll try father again once I get home.

"This is pointless. You guys aren't even trying to help me get out of this." I stated with a look of dread on my face. "Let's just get food."

"YES! Let's do that!" Chouji announced, determination complimenting his features.

After eating ten bowls of ramen at Ichiraku's, the walk home sounded pleasant. I really need to learn to hold back when it comes to ramen. Walked through the market, with my hands behind my tan neck in my usual position. Ahh... What a nice feeling. I thought to myself. I loved walking through this town at night, with the paper lanterns that lite the way home. It was gorgeous. Wood shops lined both sides of the road selling food to clothing and just about anything else you needed. A smile reached my face, causing my blue eyes to shine even brighter and my pearly whites to peak out from my lips. I was almost home when I notice my father walking the towards the house. Perfect, I thought. Now I have a chance to talk to him again. Without my mother getting involved. A shiver ran down my spine when I remember how she reacted last time.

"Hey Dad!" I called out to him.

He turned around at the sound of my voice. His features, hair especially, reflecting that of my own. "Son." He smiled, looking down at me. He was still taller than me. A trait I really hated.

"Hey Dad, I was wondering if we could talk about high school again... Without Mom this time?" Smiled shyly, knowing i was asking a lot.

"Hmm..." He thought for a moment, then answered. "Sure Naruto. But I can't give you a final answer. Anything you ask me, I have to discuss with your mother first."

I smiled brightly. "Of course Dad!"

We sat down on the retaining wall outside our apartment. "Well Dad, I really think this is a bad idea. And I realize it's Pervy Gramps' last wish but an all girls school? Dad come on! That's crazy! How can you agree so easily? Even Mom didn't think twice about enrolling me!"

"Hmm.. Well son, your mom actually knew about this for a while before we told you. She thought about for a long time and thought it would be a good experience for you. I think so as well. Why are you so against it?"

I hadn't thought about that. Why am I so against it? It's not like it's going to be hard for me to keep my cover. I still have a really young face. Some even say it's girl. And once I'm discovered, I can transfer back to the all boys side. Plus, the dean is one of my grandfather's closest friends so nothing will go on permanent record. Hmm..

"See? You can't come with an answer, can you, Naruto? And your grandfather said you only had to stay for a year. So just try it, okay?"

"..." I guess I could. It's not like its going to harm me or anything right? "Okay, Dad."

I spent four hours this morning packing before I realized I can't take any of my clothes with me, being that I'm now supposed to be a girl. Damn this is annoying! But anyway, here I am standing at the gates of Konoha All Girls School at 10:00am, the day before classes start. The school got this old Victorian look to it. Maybe they're trying to be British? And this long ass driveway. Which I would totally hate, if not for the sakura trees lining both sides the whole way up. It's quite pretty. And on any other normal day -and I stress the word normal here- I would totally enjoy the view on the way up. Expect it like 15ÂșC out here and I'm in a skirt. A FUCKING skirt. I'm pretty sure on any normal day I'd be freezing my ass off in this. But it's actually cold out here and I'm in a bloody friggin' skirt! To make matters worse, it's pink.

Actually I'll just explain the whole damn uniform I'm wearing. My mom picked it out, just so you know. So here I am standing at the bottom of the hill wearing black over knee socks that ended about two inches from the hem of my skirt which is pink and purple plaid that ends mid-thigh. I'm wearing a white sailor top with a purple long sleeve sweater that's too long over top of it and a yellow bow tie that's loose around my neck. But to top it off -my eye brows just started twitching- I am wearing white female panties and a lacely bra thats been paded. How humiliating!

Now that I'm so angry I'm no longer cold, I start trudging up the hill. Passing girls as I go. Most of them are pretty cute so I start sneaking side glaces at them. But still, this is pretty awkward. I haven't been to school with girls since elementary school. And to be honest, with the women I have as a mother, I'm kind of concerned for my life. Which reminds me, I wonder if my mom left a kiss mark earlier when she sent me off. Kissing my forehead like I'm some elementary school kid. I rummaged through my bad seeing if I had a mirror or something. Yup, there's one. Of course, I'm a girl now. Pukes.

I still can't get used to looking like this. The blond wig I have to wear makes my hair go down to my chest, and my mom lined my blue eyes with black liner and mascara. Though I doubt I'll be able to do it properly for myself. Whatever, I'll worry about that later.

Finally, I made it up to the main building. The front doors were huge! The arch was at least 24'' by 16'' and the double doors themselves were about 12" by 8". This place was crazy fancy. I pushed the heavy door open and found myself standing in what looked to be a castle. The hallways were wood half way up and the rest was glass, letting in as much natural light as they could. I followed the old rustic signs to the residency office where I found Mrs. Matarashi.

"Excuse me."

Mrs. Matarashi looked up from her work and smile at me. A really creepy smile. "How may I help you sweetie?" she asked.

After getting my room number, I went to the dorms as quickly as possible and crashed on my bed. Figures I never noticed the other side of the room. Totally decorated in purple.

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