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Summary: Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were friends till fifth year elementary when Sasuke moved away. Now five years later, in first year high school, they meet again under complicated circumstances. Those circumstances being; Naruto dressed as girl in an all girls school?! Even though Sasuke doesn't recognize him at first doesn't mean he can keep it hidden from her for long. What's Naruto to do?

Warnings: Gender Bender. Sasuke is actually a girl. Course Language and occasional scenes of nudity. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Chapter Three

Naruko fumed as she walked down the halls with her new friends. Her head was hung low and her long blond bangs cast a dark shadow over her face that accentuated the rage in that shone red in her eyes. As she stalked down the hall she replayed the events of the previous gym class and muttered curse words under her breath. She knew it was very unbecoming of a girl but at that moment Naruko couldn't care less about her situation.

Sakura, Hinata and Ino stared at Naruko's back and then glanced at each other, worry etched into their faces. Their new friend seemed to be in a world of her own, as she walked down the hall, taking large strides and nearly leaving them behind. Hinata nibbled on her nail as she tried to find the words to reach Naruko but she continued to come up short of an answer. She looked pleadingly at her two best friends and begged with her eyes from them to comfort Naruko. They shied away from Hinata's intense gaze and looked back at Naruko. A dark aura began to surround the girl. Suddenly, Ino spoke up.

"Awe! Come on Naruko. Cheer up. It's not that big a deal. You were really closely matched!"

Ino called after Naruko but Naruko didn't stop. She gave no hint of actually hearing the girl call out to her. Ino looked at Sakura and shrugged her shoulders. Sakura sighed in reply and attempted it herself.

"She's right Naruko. You shouldn't worry about it so much. It wasn't even a big loss. It was one point. No one could get that close a score to her no matter how hard they tried."

Sakura waited. But still Naruto never answered. Slowly Sakura's anger began to build. She hated being ignored the most. Especially when she was talking for someone else's sake. As she opened her mouth to tell Naruko off, she was interrupted. Naruko's voice rang out loud and clear and echoed through the empty hallway.

"How could I lose to a girl?!"

Taken utterly by surprise at Naruko's sudden outburst, the girls stopped dead in their tracks. Shock widened each girls eyes and dropped their chins. They stared after this blond girl who couldn't stand losing to other girls. Naruko continued to walk down the hallway a few more steps before realization reached her eyes. Slowly she came to stop. She was shocked she had said such a thing. And on the first day no less. It was starting to look as though her time at KAGS was going to be shorter than she originally thought.

She had no idea how she was going to get out of this. She started stuttering and sputtering, trying to choke out an excuse.

"No. Umm. You see.. uh, back in Suna I used to get challenged by boys a lot and umm... it just kind of seemed like a disgrace to lose to another girl? When I'm on par with guys, you know?" She said, unsure of her lie.

She managed to think of an excuse but even to herself it sounded lame and she really didn't expect the others to believe her. They continued to stare at her and Naruko could feel herself sucoming to the pressure when suddenly Sakura laughed. The other three stared at her, surprised.

"Is that so?" She asked once she regained her composure. "It must have been very frustrating for you to lose then."

Sakura smiled at Naruko and the other two followed suit. Naruko sighed with relief, they had accepted her excuse.

"Hey Naruko-chan. There's really no reason to be upset anyway. You still have the academic challenge. Plus can't you always ask Sasuke for a rematch next gym class?" Ino suggested and shrugged her shoulders, not really caring either way.

"Ino!" Naruko yelled and hugged the other blonde tightly. "You. Are. A. Genius!"

"Yeah, yeah. You're probably the only one who thinks that though," Ino replied.

It took Ino a moment but once she realised she had just insulted herself the girls all broke out into hysterical laughter.

Naruko got a hold of herself first and watched her new friends laugh their heads off. A smile curled her lips as she watched them and thought, 'I'll definitely get my revenge, Sasuke-chan. Just you wait.'

Though my mood had improved since my defeat, I still felt sullen about it. It shocked me that a mere girl could so easily defeat me in a test of strength. Apparently the rest of the girls were too captivated with Sasuke's beauty and grace to notice her real skill. In the just that short game of forty minutes she had examined and taken advantage of my athletic abilities, That last volley that seemed to most a mistake from exhaustion was really a calculated shot meant to catch me off guard. Of course, if this were a sport I played frequently, or at least more than once before, I definitely would not have been so easy to beat.

I laughed lightly, no joy expression in the action and then sighed exasperatedly. I leaned back against my charcoal desk chair, placing my hands behind my head and let my eyes wander the room. I took in the decor - all the smallest details for the first time and was grateful to be alone. Hinata had hung back with Sakura and Ino. I suppose she sensed my distress and desire to be alone.

As my sight danced along the walls, it became painfully apparent to me that Hinata had always been alone before I arrived. All the walls were painted a solid purple which I assumed was her favourite colour (everything of hers seemed to be purple) and matched her bed spread. What little decorations adorned the room were focused mainly on her side and reflected her personality perfectly. There was this especially beautiful oil painting of a forest covered in white snow hung above her headboard that matched her eyes and quiet demeanor beautifully. The room itself gave off an atmosphere of loneliness if one stared into it for too long. It made me depressed as I noticed there was not a single sign that another soul had lived in this room. There was no clash of tastes or differences of cleanliness, not a trace of another personality having had shared this space. Not even one extremely similar to Hinata's.

As I thought about how sad and alone Hinata must have felt, it brought tears to my eyes. I imagined her sitting on her bed after lights out, her long dark hair tied back for sleeping, a fluttery white nightgown clinging to her petite, well-endowed body. I could see her clutching her chest, trying to chase away the shadow of loneliness that pained her heart as she listened to the girls in the next room whispering loudly to one another. The wish in heart shone like a bright light in her pale, violet eyes and begged me to join her. She silently cried out for someone to join her at night and chase away the loneliness that she felt this moment and at a time distant in her past. Her pink, full lips quivered with the sobs she wouldn't allow herself to cry. Her entire demeanor yelled at me to help her and pulled strongly on my heart strings. And then, suddenly a new light lit her eyes as a shy smile spread across her face. I stared, confused with the sudden change of emotion and then I realised I was staring at my own reflection. My pouty, red lips curled up slowly until I was smiling at myself.

My cheeky grin grew and grew and instantly became mischievous with my grand idea.There may not have been anyone before, I thought, but I am here now. I stood up abruptly and with great vigor, knocking my knees painfully against the underside of my unscratched, mahogany desk. The pain shot up throughout my entire body, but my smile did not falter as my idea became an image in my mind. An image of a beautiful painting.

I quickly grabbed my suitcase that had not been touched since I arrived that every Tuesday morning and ripped through it. Female clothes my mom had specially bought for my disguise went flying and laid strewn across the room. Pants and shirts and underwear hung uncouthly on the desk, my chair and my neatly made bed. But I didn't spare the mess even a moment of worry. I dug through my once orderly suitcase all the way to the bottom and finally retrieved my goal. I held six cans of spray paint expertly in my arms and stepped back to look at the wall before me. I admired my next canvas with eyes full of creativity and imagination. I clutched the cans closer to my body with excitement. As I stood there, the cans pressed tight against my padded chest , my devilish intentions were made obvious from my expression. I smiled largely, white teeth gleaming in the fluorescent lights as I planned my assault on the walls.

Graffiti was my specialty. It was originally a pass-time I picked up as a kid that was later perfected with practices. It was a great companion to accompany my everyday pranks. The pranks I performed varied day to day but graffiti was always my favourite. I used my pranks, graffiti especially because it stood out to everyone, to gain the attention and recognition of the townsfolk who hated me. In my first year of middle school I got a new teacher, Iruka-sensei. At first I thought Iruka hated me just as much as, if not more than, the villagers. He was never very keen about me in class. However, one Saturday afternoon Iruka caught me vandalizing the school building. I figured he'd yell at me and throw me into detention like the rest of my teachers without a second thought. But Iruka surprised me.

He gave me a huge, approving smile and said, "Finish your design. I'd like to see this piece complete."

I stood still as a tree, the only movement was the wind blowing my hair 'round like leaves and just stared back at him. I was frozen with pure shock at his kind words. He was the first person to ever call my pranks 'art'. Of course, after I finished it I'd gotten a good earful of lectures and detention that seemed to last forever - that didn't change. But he also suggested I start attending art classes saying I had a talent. He was the first person to praise me and that recognition meant the world to me. After that day, I did what he suggested and focused my pranking energy into producing works of art. I quickly improved and I am now recognized for my artistic talent by many other artists.

My smile turned wicked as I jumped up onto my bed, wrinkling the sheets in the process. I dropped four of the cans onto the mattress and didn't care where they bounced to. Each hand now held its own colour, gold in the right and silver in the left. I took aim at the wall and began my newest piece. I let my imagination run free, long strokes with the left hand, short with the right. I went crazy with self expression and continually changed colours. Black, orange, blue, green, silver and gold coated the walls. The places where I sprayed too much paint dripped colourful drops that ran down the wall and met my comforter. I paused for a moment for dramatic effect, my inner drama queen escaping me, and decided the final touches. Two swipes with my left hand and one with my right and I deemed it complete. I stepped back and off my bed. I got as far from the wall as physically possible and criticized my work but I couldn't hold back the smile of pure delight that came to my face as I thought, Yes. This is me. Joy and excitement exploded in me and I couldn't resist the urge to scream. I ran over to the open window and bellowed my lungs out.

"You'd better believe it!"

My voice echoed out into the inner courtyard. Girls from all grades turned immediately towards me, seeking out the source of the noise. But I couldn't care less. I was high on life and didn't have a care in the world at that moment. My heart swelled with accomplishment and I realised I'd gotten over the Sasuke incident. Who cared about some trivial volleyball game? I laughed out loud, my voice light and fluffy, as I dropped back onto my bed.

"I think I'm gonna like it here." I whispered, talking to my late-grandfather and closed my eyes, content with the universe.

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